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Sissy Feminization - Controlling His Life (Scarlett Steele)

Sissy Feminization - Controlling His Life by Scarlett Steele


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James nervously fastened the pink straps on his high heels and blinked as his sissy persona stared back at him in the full length mirror.

Within minutes, his wife was going to parade him across the Beach Beauty Contest, showing off the feminised and emasculated husband.

James watched nervously as his wife submitted the completed form at the front desk.

The curious cross dresser had been caught red-handed in his wife's underwear and she'd been eager to parade him in front of their new neighbours, smiling as she watched him sweat in his maid's outfit.

The once confident husband had been transformed overnight into an obedient sissy maid, tending to his wife's every need.

Kathryn pulled James into the lingerie shop, coercing him to try on various outfits as his alter persona sissy, and when the dominant wife stumbled across a Beach Beauty Contest, she leaped at the chance to enter the highly anticipated weekend content

The late evening Saturday beach contest was the state's biggest, presented in front of crowds of thousands and various photographers scattered across the audience capturing the beauty on display.

James's sissy persona Jennifer is stretched far beyond any limits he ever imagined as his cruel and dominant wife showcases her sissy in the skimpiest and most revealing outfit to the thirsty crowd,

This 15,000 word short story erotica contains explicit scenes of sissy feminization, femdom bdsm , female domination , male humiliation, pegging, ballbusting, first time sissification and a dominant and cruel wife slowly transforming her crossdressing husband into an obedient sissy and should be enjoyed by adults only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 08 / 2017

No. words: 15000

Style: Feminization, Erotic Domination - F/M

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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“What kind of panties would you like to wear” Kathryn turned to her husband and gently squeezed his hand asserting her dominance in their newfound dynamic in their relationship.

Kathryn smiled gleefully as she observed her husband nervously shuffling his feet in the lingerie shop, a sharp tingle suddenly coursed through her body, racing down her spine before it rested between her legs, gently stroking her pussy as she relished the public embarrassment she had planned for her faithful husband.

“Come on then Jennifer” the busty young wife grabbed her husband's crotch and gently pinched his testicles as she whispered her new feminine name for her him.

Jennifer hesitantly looked around the busy lingerie shop, confused at the sudden hive of activity wondered if shops selling women's underwear were usually this busy on a Friday afternoon. Jennifer nodded towards the display in front of the couple, a matching set of pink frilly panties and a 36DD soft padded bra were on display. Both the waistband of the flimsy knickers and the straps of the bra were embroidered with a silver lining.

“I think this would fit perfectly on you” Kathryn discreetly slipped her hand inside her husband’s jeans and wrapped her fingers around one of his testicles, squeezing the trapped orb with a hint of aggression “but we’ll have to do something about your manhood, we wouldn't want your erection ripping through the material”

The dominant wife applied greater pressure on her husband’s isolated ball before quickly slipping her hands out and playfully slapping his cheek as he winced in pain.

Jennifer watched his wife as she sauntered towards the helpdesk, approaching a brunette assistant who was all too eager to help. His wife whispered in the brunette’s ear and the couple suddenly broke into fits of giggles occasionally glancing towards him. Jennifer held his held up, struggling to remained unnerved, certain his wife was sharing the intimate details of his journey into sissification, every sordid detail of his transformation from James to Jennifer.

“It has been just over twenty four hours since James found his life had slowly transformed unexpectedly into one of a maid. A maid called Jennifer. A maid who was destined to be at the beck and call of his now dominant ballbusting lawyer wife. James had spent an innocent afternoon robing himself in his wife’s underwear while she was on a business trip, but she had caught him off guard when she had arrived several days early. Kathryn was all too eager to push James’s limit as she discovered her beloved husband of ten years prancing in their bedroom in her used underwear. A dark and evil thought entered Kathryn’s mind as she forced her husband to dress himself in her fancy dress maid’s outfit and dive in between her legs, pleasuring every inch of her hungry pussy with his tongue, casually discarding any use of his throbbing cock. The evening thrust the couple deeper into an unknown fantasy of theirs as Kathryn had entertained their new neighbours with James dressed as Jennifer, her faithful maid. And when the neighbours had left, Kathryn bent her sissy husband over the garden bench and violated his untouched backdoor with her huge and unforgiving strapon, all while the neighbours eagerly watched a woman deflowering her husband’s tight anus in front of their very own eyes.

“Let’s try these out” Kathryn grabs her husband’s hand and yanks him towards the changing room, she quickly grabbed three hangers of outfits from the brunette assistant and mouthed quietly “Fun times”

The busty wife quickly scans the thin corridor and eyes up the three makeshift changing room, each separated by a thin wall. Each dressing compartment had a full length mirror on the back and drapes on the front for individual privacy.

“Drats, they are full” Kathryn mutters under her breath as she noticed all three drapes were pulled shut,

“What are they?” Jennifer enquired as he observed three outfits wrapped around his wife’s arms.

“Well you can’t wear the maid dress all the time, can you” the wife shoots her husband a cold glare and she feels her thighs clench involuntarily as she notices her husband nervously look around, concerned of anyone overhearing.

“What do you mean” Jennifer whispered under his breath hoping to encourage his wife to lower the tone of her voice in public.

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