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Sissy Feminization - Exposing His Secret (Scarlett Steele)

Sissy Feminization - Exposing His Secret by Scarlett Steele


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Dressed in a pink lingerie outfit, James is caught red-handed by his wife as he applies her crimson red lipstick while admiring his curves. And within a matter of hours, the blushing crossdresser is transformed into the petite maid his wife has longed forÖ...

James leaps at the golden opportunity while his successful lawyer wife is away on a two week long business trip as his inner sissy takes over and he starts to explore Kathrynís vast array of silky thin lingerie.

The world becomes his oyster as the stay at home husband rolls his wifeís pink delicates up his thighs, slips on her strapless bra, sinks his teeth into her red lipstick, slipping his feet into her 3 inch pink heels and saunters around the vacant house exploring his hidden femininity.

And just like that, James finds himself slowly transforming into his new personaÖÖ Jennifer

His own little secret.

That is until Kathryn returns early from her trip and catches her husband pink handed robed in her undergarments pirouetting in front of the mirror admiring his curves.

Shocked and intrigued, Kathryn seizes the opportunity to slowly transform her embarrassed husband permanently into her own personal sissy maid, tending to her every need both behind closed doors and in front of their new neighbours.

This 12,000 word short story erotica contains explicit scenes of sissy feminization, femdom bdsm , female domination , male humiliation, pegging, ballbusting, first time sissification and a dominant and cruel wife slowly transforming her crossdressing husband into the sissy maid she has longed for and should be enjoyed by adults only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 08 / 2017

No. words: 12000

Style: Feminization, Erotic Domination - F/M

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Oh my, I donít believe I have this freedom all week. James smiled as his reflection in his bathroom stared back at him, teasing him to push his limits while his wife was away.

The silky touch of Kathrynís pink panties had sent an involuntarily shiver of excitement from the first moment it grazed his thighs, but itís only now while his wife was away on a week long business trip did he have the luxury to explore this thirst for her underwear in their home all alone.

James grabs some more tissue and stuffs it down his wifeís bra and thrusts his chest out, excited at the prospect of finally dressing in his wifeís clothing. The stay at home husband adjusts his wifeís bra to find a comfortable position to contain the mountains of tissues rammed in the 36D sized bra. He admires the valley between his chest cupping both sides of the bra and giving himself a naughty squeeze.

James heads back into the coupleís bedroom towards the chest of draw dressed in nothing but his wifeís pink bra and yanks open the second draw down, staring down into the treasure chest of his wifeís underwear draw. The young male struggles to control his emotions as he rifles through the various undergarments, gently massaging his fingertips across the variety of fabric and types of underwear neatly folded in the draw. His eyes hungrily scan the full contents absorbing the various shades of pink, spoilt for choice, taking his time as he absorbs the freedom of the house to himself.

The horny male scoops up a silky lace piece slowly unfolding the undergarment, holds it against his nostrils and gently inhales the aroma exuding from the pair. The sensual fragrance of Kathrynís underwear ignites the space around James, cloaking him with the unforgettable scent of his wifeís pussy. Jamesís cock slowly starts to twitch, aching for his attention and warmth. He continues rummaging through the draw, impressed with Kathrynís level of co-ordination, every pair of panties has a colour matching set of bra. Every. Single. One. James gently shakes his head in amazement. It was Kathrynís secret obsession, colour matching, the moment he laid eyes on his wife 10 years ago, her impulsive nature to colour coordinate clothes was apparent, and it didn't stop on the outer garments. Every single piece of underwear Kathryn wore, always matched, top and bottom.

James riffles through the garments until he finds a lighter shade of pink panties, he holds it against his bra and smiles as the colours appear almost identical. A soft tingle of arousal tickles his fingertips as he holds the fresh panty to the light and wonders if he will fit. His wifeís trim figure meant every item of clothing she had was tight and more often that not a showcase for her large breasts and breathtaking ass.

The sound of his mobile phone vibrating momentarily pulls his attention away from the crowded underwear draw. James quickly glances over to the bed watching the phone light up vying for his attention but chooses to ignore it. Probably Kathryn calling me to catch up, James smiles making a mental note to call her back once he has explored his crossdressing adventure for the day.

The curious crossdresser slowly guides his legs through the opening in his wife's silky panties and gently eases the pink fabric up his thighs. The smooth touch of the material sends an army of goosebumps sprouting across James's thighs as he pulls the flimsy pair up, tucking his raging hardon inside the see through material. He looks down smiling at his package neatly encased in his wifeís used panties, every inch of his manhood wrapped snugly inside a small pink piece of material into a tiny cute package.

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This story has been self-published by the author

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