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Selyna The Elvenymph (Kelly Addams)

Selyna The Elvenymph by Kelly Addams


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Banished from her father's home Selyna must journey to the forests of the west to join her mother. For some she is an abomination, a taboo mix of species, her father, a sober and sensible Elf, and her mother a wanton and insatiable nymph. For others she is a fascination... and a temptation. So she must leave the sensible Elves and live in a place where her kinky character cannot cause further problems. But headstrong Selyna has no intention of living with her mother, she has turned from the western path and headed north, to the great river and the mountains... her goal, to reach the Northern Kingdom, a trek that will last months... and bring her into contact with races beyond her imagination... races that will also find it impossible to resist her charms. (Please Note: This story involves sexual activity between mythological races. Reader Discretion is Advised)

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 08 / 2017

No. words: 8120

Style: Open Minded - Creatures and Monsters, Open Minded Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Once upon a time... as these stories always begin, the world was a much simpler place, a magical place without industry and technology. A world inhabited by peoples that today have been long relegated to myth and fantasy, Elves and Goblins, Dwarves and Wizards, Nymphs and Sirens. It was a time before the ascent of man, a time when Dragons haunted the mountain peaks and Trolls delved beneath the same mountains roots, Goblins and their kin kept mighty fortified cities at the mountains heart and small minded, dim witted Ogres roamed the slopes. At the mountains feet stood forests, vast swathes of evergreen fir and conifer, and there in the wild borderland between stark cold rock and warm green pastures lived the creatures of shadow, wolves and bears, Imps and Pixies, the Satyr and Faun and Centaur, creatures and peoples not wholly bad, but certainly not to be trusted. And finally, beyond the great river that dissected the great Southern Kingdom opened the pleasant lands, meadows; a riot of wild flower colour in the spring and summer, woodlands of oak and beech and elm that offered dappled shade and rest beneath their eaves, and the dales; a gently rolling ocean of verdant pasture, home to dainty antelope and the mighty Auroch.
And it is on the southern edge of these dales that our tale begins, in the magical city of Elvenholme, the very centre of Elf-kind, and home to a much loved, and much mistrusted young female...
The Elvenymph.
To some she was seen as an abomination, for even enlightened peoples such as the Elves are not immune to prejudice and bigotry.
To others she was seen as a menace and a distraction, some would even go as far as call her dangerous... a temptress capable of great harm.
But to most she was seen for what she was. Young, beautiful, irresistible... a half bred intoxicating mix of sober and sensible Elf... and wanton, insatiable, woodland Nymph.
In those days such union was not forbidden per se, but it was frowned upon, and considered taboo. Elven youth, filled with the spirit of rebellion would on occasion journey to the distant oak forests drawn by tales of the beauties that lived beneath the green leaves, some travelled simply because they had been forbidden, some felt drawn... and some simply wished to turn away from the Elven way of doing things, these were the wanderers, the colonisers... the adventurers.
Nymphs lived there. A race of immortals, born at the beginning of time their race had but a single gender. Female.
Slim and nubile and wanton, they were a living fantasy for many. Possessing beauty that could enslave with a single glance they lived solely for their own pleasure and gratification. As a race they thought only of themselves, and this was the reason that many Elven parents begged their sons not to wander, because it was their destiny to lose their souls to perfection. Their love would live eternal in broken hearts, where love had flickered for only hours within the object of their desire before she discarded to move forward to her next fleeting fancy.
Selyna was the result of one such union. A rarity, simply because of her existence!
The Nymphs rarely conceived, and when they did it was because their hearts had reached out and embraced another soul, in Selyna's case, her father a High Elf of considerable standing, he had managed to withstand her mother's charms, he had remained aloof, and in doing so he had captured an eternal being. The woodland Nymph had knelt at his feet with her head bowed and vowed herself into a life of fidelity as his concubine.
And so Selyna had come into the world, a beautiful, healthy girl with the delicate refined features of her Elven heritage, and the deep green eyes and outstanding beauty of the Nymph that would come to control her as she reached the age of maturity and consent.
And so it came to pass that Aeothur, her father, called his young and very promiscuous daughter to his private chambers, and with a tear in his eye carried out the orders of the Council of Elders, as he banished her.
Her orders, to leave the city and journey to the woodland home of her mother... to a place where she could do less harm.
And so we have reached the point where our story can begin, Selyna the Elvenymph leaves the city behind her along with a hundred broken hearts.
And her crime; her beauty.
The son's of two powerful Elders drew blades for her heart, blinded by one sided love they had drawn blood to win that which they could never achieve. Had they been the sons of common Elves their duel would have probably passed unremarked, but Selyna had a taste for the finer things, especially when it came to her lovers...
And so, to avoid further scandal and bloodshed it was decided at the top that the Nymph must leave... and leave she did... but unknown to her father she soon left the well travelled track that led across the rolling dales to her mother's distant oak forest, and turned toward the river, and the mountains of the north... and beyond, the Northern Kingdom, a land rarely visited, a land of wild and savage creatures...
A land filled with adventure!

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


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