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The Cumslutís Secret (J.S. Lee)

The Cumslutís Secret by J.S. Lee

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Robert has a dirty secret: he loves being dominated by other men. He gladly pleasures men at the theater, but when his daughter's fiance comes to stay with them, his dirty little secret is exposed, and he is extorted for money and sexual favors. He gives up all of his holes to his son-in-law to keep his secret safe.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 8 / 2017

No. words: 5000

Style: Feminization, Open Minded - Gay or Lesbian

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The Cumslutís Secret:
Caught Sucking Dick and Fucked By His Son-in-Law
J.S. Lee

Copyright © 2017, all rights reserved.
This is a work of fiction.
All characters are 18 or older.

His pulse was racing from the moment he got in the car and as he got closer, he could feel the vein beating in his throat. The rush was indescribable and always had been, nothing else would satisfy and when he had the urge, no matter how he tried to fight it off, he knew that he would succumb eventually.

He gave the man cash at the door and noticed that his hand was trembling as he passed the bills. The man always asked with a smirk, ďcash or credit?Ē as if using his card was an option here. Anonymity was crucial and in the dimly lit theater, faces were almost impossible to make out, thankfully. Anything that could identify him here would be terrifying.

Robert walked into the changing room and quickly disrobed, his wallet and all of his personal belongings would be locked away, the only thing he would wear was the band with the key attached around his ankle. His identity would stay a secret along with his predilections.

He wasn't interested in the movies that they played here, the only thing that he cared about was getting to the play area upstairs. The sticky, greasy residue that seemed to cover the entire theater was on the handrail as he made his way upstairs. As Robert, he would find it disgusting to even touch it, he'd have a facial tic just imagining what the substance was, but now, none of it mattered; as a cumslut, this was what he deserved.

He opened the brown paneled door and looked about the room to make sure that it was unoccupied. The tattered green carpeting on the floor was familiar, the flickering fluorescent light overhead made a humming noise, he was sure that he had been in this room time and time again but that didn't matter now either. He just had to be ready.

On his knees, he peered through the hole. It was the middle of the afternoon and the theater was fairly quiet, however, it was still perfect for his purposes. He heard a noise coming from the room that he was staring into, he never understood why he looked or tried to see what was approaching him. It didn't matter, the only thing that he cared about was the inevitable noise of the zipper and the flesh that would appear shortly thereafter.

The first cock that was thrust through the glory hole was short and thick, the pink erection wagged at him and he noticed the liquid that dripped from the slit before he lapped it up into his mouth. The precum was bitter and salty and he knew that the man's cum would taste vile as it coated his throat, it was all a cumslut like him deserved.

He opened his mouth and slid his lips down to the dark bristle of thick hair that covered the base of the man's cock and worked his way back up slowly, moving his tongue in soft, kissing motions, as he imagined that the beautiful girls in the movies he watched did. Robert felt the spittle run down his chin as he sucked harder, but slowly, he heard the unseen man moan on the other side of the wall.

ďOh yeah, you suck my cock so good, take it all the way in your throat,Ē the man directed him and he did exactly as he was told. All that mattered was that he was the best whore possible and when he felt the head of the engorged dick enter his throat, he relished being used so well. He could taste the man's juices mix with his saliva and run down to his stomach and he tightened his lips as he thought of taking every last drop inside.

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Mistress J.S. Lee runs a sissy-centric blog and writes sissy stories with lots of BDSM, cuckold, and big black buck, and hot wife action!


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