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Exhibitionist Hot Wife Adult Theater Confession:  (Jennifer Lynne)

Exhibitionist Hot Wife Adult Theater Confession:  by Jennifer Lynne

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For her birthday, Abi treats herself to a hot, sexy adventure at a local adult video store/theater - arranging to meet her husband, Cole there, although he is to be there as an anonymous voyeur only.

There she meets Jack and has some incredibly sexy fun entertaining other guys in the glory holes before indulging in an unbelievably hot DP three-way with Jack and a huge, black BBC guy.

An incredible 8,400 word story featuring sizzling FMF and public exhibitionism as we join Abi and her husband Cole on their amazinng adult theater experience.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 7 / 2017

No. words: 8400

Style: Swingers Erotica, Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Exhibitionist Hot Wife Adult Theater Confession:

MFM Public Ménage


Jennifer Lynne

Jack followed my gaze and a filthy smile spread across his lips as he saw the long, fat cock that poked through the glory hole, pointing at us both in eager anticipation.
“Wow,” Jack gasped as he took in the delightful sight. “That really is one awesome cock.”
“It certainly is,” I replied, “and I really think that I ought to do something about it.” To emphasise my point, I stroked the intruding dick with my fingers, caressing it lightly and gently running my manicured fingernails over its entire length. The cock twitched and I heard a soft moan from the booth next door. I returned my hand to my breast, giving my hard, jutting nipple a firm tweak that took my breath away.
Jack smiled at me, his eyes daring me to follow through with my bold comment, his bulging pants giving away his advanced state of arousal.
Needing no further encouragement, I sank to my knees, spread my luscious, scarlet-painted lips and took that huge cock into my mouth like a champ.
I felt my vagina walls tighten as that magnificent member slid into my mouth, its broad, bulbous head stretching his lips wide as its blue-veined shaft made its way towards the back of my throat.
The guy in the next booth – the cock’s owner, of course – groaned loudly, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he thought it was my tongue lapping at his meatus and he was imagining me with my breasts jiggling and quivering and my hard, jutting nipples pressed against the wood partition as I sucked and slurped noisily at his dick.
As I worked away at my anonymous friend’s length, I slipped my panties off, casting aside the sodden sliver of black material onto the small wooden bench that sat to one side in our booth. I decided to leave them there for some lucky man to find, and the thought of some guy jerking into them whilst they were still wet from me drove me crazy with lust. I snuck a couple of fingers up into the freshly-waxed, fleshy folds of my vulva, relishing the wet heat that they found there, I wriggled two into my tight entrance and rubbed firmly against the erect, bulging nub of my clitoris with my thumb.
My head bobbed up and down in time to that of the guy on our TV screen. In the movie that played there, a young, impossibly muscled young black guy and his best girl were sharing an incredibly hot chick who had huge fake tits, slurping on a nipple each with hungry mouths like they were some rare delicacy. My mind spun to the nice black guy I’d seen in the parking lot, and I couldn’t help but imagine his cock in my mouth – or better still, buried deep inside my tight, hot hole.
The man in the adjacent booth grunted and yelled out something incomprehensible, his body slamming hard against the thin wood that separated us as he thrust hard into my mouth as he climaxed. I pulled away from the guy’s cock as it went off, its shaft and fat head glistening wet with my saliva – I just knew Jack would want to bear witness to the fruits of my labor - and the thing jerked and twitched like an angry snake in my hand. I rubbed at my clitty with one hand, pulled on a stiff, jutting nipple with the other and watched with sheer delight as the stranger’s dick spat its thick, creamy load into out onto my almost naked feet. I moaned in unison with the cock’s owner as my second orgasm of the night rippled through my sweat-dampened body.
Jack smiled at me as he watched the guy’s cum spray onto my tanned skin, the pearly droplets running down between my petite, red-painted toes like some kind of sexy rain. And when finally the guy quit cumming (I thought he’d never stop!), I released the dick and it slid back through the glory hole and away into the anonymity of the darkness.
“Thank you, bitch,” I heard the guy grunt through the thin wall as he vacated his booth and I felt proud that I’d just treated him to him such a mind-blowing BJ.


Author Information

Jennifer Lynne is a lifelong advocator of all things hedonistic, and a writer who loves what she does - writing exactly the type of steamy erotica stories that get her personally hot under the collar.

In her objective to provide intelligent, wonderfully written and thoroughly engaging tales with something for everyone, Jennifer Lynne leaves no subject untouched and no taboos unbroken!

Every story is lovingly crafted with a beginning a middle and an end, with believable characters and and engaging plot that explores the most sensual, erotic and often sometimes darkest fantasies.

Jennifer comes from a varied career in the sensual pleasures, having organised hedonistic parties for the rich and famous, run an agency that catered to the bespoke fantasies of an exclusive clietele (some of which feature anonymously in her tales of debauched sex and lust) and toured her native England as the burlesque striptease performer Peachy Derierre.

Jennifer sincerely hopes that you absolutely love her stories - they are for ladies, for gentlemen, for couples to read together - and if there she always loves to hear from her fans... www.jenniferlynneerotica.com


Publisher Information

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