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The Futa Lovers of Club F (Ashley Berry)

The Futa Lovers of Club F by Ashley Berry


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Autumn felt completely lost after her lover betrayed her with another futa. But a chance gloryhole encounter at a female- and futa-only nightclub teaches her that love can be found in all sorts of crazy places!

THE FUTA LOVERS OF CLUB F is over 15,000 words of both romantic and hardcore sex between futanari, with a dash of hot threesome action thrown in for good measure.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 07 / 2017

No. words: 15000

Style: Open Minded Erotica - Cross Gender, Open Minded - Science Fiction

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“No more,” the stranger pleaded. “No more, please. I need it inside you. Now.”

To suddenly have the upper hand over the victor was not bad at all. In fact, it helped Autumn to finally realize that yes, she wanted this. Really wanted it.

Slipping her black, lacey panties down until they fell to her ankles, Autumn stroked her still-sensitive cock as she bent over and pressed her eager butt to the gloryhole. She could sense the other futa’s presence against her exposed pussy. Biting her lip, she readied herself for the full black experience.

A long-nailed finger slipped between her lips, and she moaned through her teeth as the simple touch made her moist. Her sensitive lips tingled as the futa drew circles around them, before pulling back and licking her fingers. Autumn heard her purr appreciatively. “Baby, you’re so sweet and ready.”

Autumn giggled. “How about you stop teasing me back there and fuck me already?”

The stranger laughed that melodic laugh that made Autumn’s heart flutter. “How can I say no when you ask so nicely?”

Before Autumn could reply, she felt pressure against the wall as the other futa pressed her body against it. Then, a thick black head parted her lips and pushed inside her.

“Oh fuck!” Autumn screamed, gritting her teeth, pressing her palms against the far wall and hissing as she accommodated the huge cock. “Too long...”

“Sorry, hon, I can’t make it any shorter.”

“No,” she gasped. “I mean, it’s been too long since I’ve let anyone inside me.”

“Oh! Well, aren’t I lucky tonight? Want me to be gentle?”

Autumn laughed. “No! Not at all.”

“I guess I’m very lucky, then. Well, you asked for it!”

The stall shook with Autumn’s screams. Her ass bounced against the white wall, desperate to feel as much of that black futa cock inside her. She could barely remember the last time she had taken a dick, let alone one this big. Hell, how long had her sexual identity revolved around the fact that she was the giver?

How many girls had begged for her dick, just like she was begging for this stranger’s now? How many orgasms had she given just by knowing how to work her cock?

Now the tables were turned.

And words couldn’t describe how much she loved it.

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