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Box Bangers - Volume 5 (Will Buster)

Box Bangers - Volume 5 by Will Buster

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Will Buster brings us another anthology encompassing eleven hot, steam tales, including multiple-partner sex, interracial sex, and covering a whole range of sizzling adventures.

This volume contains:

Anal Milf
Constant Adultery
Doing Tammy Outdoors
Felicity Needs More
Felicity Loves Summer Frolics
Hot New Skills
Hot Tub Cheating
Instant Heat
Interviewing Skills
Linda In The Park
Tammy Learns Rimming

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 7 / 2017

No. words: 43900

Style: Erotic Anthologies, Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Anal Milf

The loud knocking jarred him awake. For a moment, he did not realize where he was. More pounding drew his focus to the door. He slowly remembered. He was at the Dew Drop Inn. He looked for the clock on the nightstand. It read 7:30 a.m.!
He staggered to the door, not bothering to put on any clothes. He opened the door a crack to see who was there. All he saw was long blond hair and a flash of bright red as someone pushed past him and into the room. Caught off guard, he turned to see Candy staring intently right at him. Candy from last night; Candy, the mother; Candy, the cop’s wife; what was she doing here? Her long blond hair looked just washed and was still a little damp. This morning instead of the tiny yellow swim top that barely covered her massive boobs, she had a little bright red one that seemed to cover even less. Below she had on a pair of bike shorts that hid not one iota of her spectacular curves. Trevor’s mind raced for an explanation as to why she was here. Had her husband found out? Was he coming with a gun to kill him?
“What’s happening? Is everything okay?” Trevor asked as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.
Candy’s face broke out into a large grin and she brushed her hair back off her face. “Nothing is wrong! I am sorry to wake you up, but I don’t want to waste any time.”
The confused look on Trevor’s face indicated that he did not understand at all what she was saying.
“John and the boys left to go fishing, and I have about three hours before they come back,” she explained as she moved toward Trevor and grabbed his large, swinging cock in her hand. “Mama wanted some more of this.”
The anger started in his feet and slowly worked its way up his body. She had awakened him at 7:30 a.m. because she wanted to fuck him again on the side? “Look, I am happy that you enjoyed last night, but it is fucking 7:30 in the morning! I was sleeping,” he growled at her. However, the sensations that she was causing in his rising cock tempered the irritation in his voice. She was holding him with both hands, now stroking and caressing him, and his prick was responding to the stimulation.
“Hang on, Tiger! You are about to have the best morning you ever had,” she cajoled. Knowing the direct correlation between the dropping of his annoyance and the rapid growth of his cock, Candy pushed him back toward the bed, still stroking him, already victorious. The edge of the mattress caught Trevor right behind the knees and he fell back onto the bed. Candy looked down at the surprised, naked stuntman. He was sprawled out in front of her. He really was very pretty. She loved his great body, and he was very handsome. She worshipped that amazing giant cock. The very idea of it sent a shiver through her entire body, and moistened her vagina just a little bit more.
Trevor gazed up at her still groggy from sleeping, but even his confused and addled brain could make out that the hot MILF wanted another round with him. He watched as she grabbed her tiny red bikini top and pulled it over her head, revealing her incredible rack. Then Candy slowly peeled the skin-tight bike shorts down her curvy hips and stepped out of them. She had been very sexy last night in the dim lights of the hot tub, but with the sunshine streaming in the window, she was mind-boggling. She was in her thirties and had given birth to two kids, yet she was still in terrific shape. Her body, while very lush, was taut and firm. Her large ripe breasts were natural and still seemed to defy gravity. Her trim waist flared out to wide hips that were just made for fucking. From his vantage point, she reminded him of the Venus De Milo, only more spectacular.
While Trevor was captivated by Candy’s marvellous body, she was enthralled with the thick slab of manhood that was rising from his groin. She dropped to the floor between his outstretched legs, and gently took his balls in her hands. As his sexy companion tugged on his full sack, Trevor gave himself over to the carnal situation.
“Suck my cock,” he groaned.
“With pleasure,” she murmured as she waggled his stiff shaft in the morning air and ran her hands up and down his length. Leaning over, she drooled spit onto his shaft and began to work it into his skin. She opened her mouth and took his throbbing cock head into her mouth. She was literally salivating as her tongue played over the spongy knob, rivulets of saliva trailing down his pole. She continued to jack him while working her mouth up and down his cock. Trevor’s hips began rolling has Candy worked her magic on the giant cock.
“So hot, and so big,” she whispered. Candy turned her head to the side and began running her pursed lips up and down his throbbing cock. “I want you to shoot a big load in my mouth.” His cock jumped in anticipation. Candy opened her mouth wide and managed to take about half of his cock into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing around his tube as she begins sucking voraciously. Trevor opened his thighs wider, allowing her to sneak closer. Reaching out, he tangled his big hands in her thick blond hair and began to guide her sweet, sucking mouth back and forth on his giant rod. The slurp of her wet mouth filled the room. Her eyes were fixed on his face as she submissively allowed Trevor to face fuck her. Looking past her face, the sway of her massive tits mesmerized him, her hard nipples accenting her lush flesh. He closed his eyes with a loud sigh in wonder at the pleasure her talented mouth was giving him. Long minutes went by as she worked his cock like a professional, sucking, licking, jacking his rock-hard prick, playing and squeezing his large balls. She had him on the verge a huge climax when with a slurp; she drew her mouth off him.
Trevor opened his eyes as he felt his overwrought pole encased in soft, warm flesh. Candy had wrapped her boobs around his cock, and began to raise and lower her tits. They are so big that his normally huge cock was rendered almost inadequate. Only the head protruded slightly as she bottomed out at the end of each long stroke. The combination of his precum and her spit ensured that there was lubrication to spare as she expertly worked her mams up and down with just the right amount of delicious pressure. Amazed that he had lasted that long, Trevor knew that she would soon be rewarded with what he was sure was going to be a gigantic, ball emptying orgasm. She was bouncing her massive tits rapidly up and down his shaft and he could feel the first rumblings of climax deep at the base of his balls.
“Oh God, I’m going to shoot!” he moaned loudly.
“Fucking give it to me,” she growled as she released his cock and sucked him deep in her mouth. Trevor grabbed her head, pulling her down on his thick peg until she coughed, his cock head brushing the back of her throat. He let her pull back, but quickly brought her back down. His hips were moving in short quick strokes over her twisting tongue. Her eyes were wide and pleading, hungry for his load. With a roar, he arched his back and began to fire off in her mouth. Jet after jet of white jizz shot down into her gulping throat. Big globs of spunk slid down her gullet. Her hungry mouth was like a vacuum cleaner that sucked up every last drop that his aching prick could provide. The cum just poured out of his churning balls and down her eager throat. When he had given all he had to give, he fell back on the bed, gasping for air. At the end of the bed still on her knees, Candy smiled and looked at the heaving chest of her new lover. Watching his still jerking cock move back and forth in the air, she looked like the cat that had just swallowed the canary. “Hmmmm, that’s a good start, Tiger! Now it’s fucking time!”
She stood up and made the tired Trevor scoot to the middle of the bed. Climbing on the bed, she straddled him and reached between her thighs, positioning his still hard cock in the mouth of her wet pussy. With a sharp intake of breath, she dropped her full weight down onto his mighty pole. Her slick channel opened slowly as he slid deeply inside of her fiery hot box. Her skilled pussy walls began squeezing and milking his thickness just like the night before as she rose and fell on his sword. On each down stroke, she rotated her hips before bucking back up, her experienced muscles continuing to squeeze him the entire time. Soon her ministrations had his cock back at full mast and ready to fuck her good.
“Oh lover, that is so good,” she moaned loudly, as Trevor reached up and grabbed her swinging tits. At the same instant, he hunched his hips up impaling her on his thrusting rod, slicing up into her juicy hole, his balls smacking up against her taut butt. “Uggghhh,” she cried as she dropped her hips at the same time driving his staff balls deep into her searing cunt. “Ohhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me hard. I’ve been dreaming about this all fucking night!” The slut wife whimpered as she started to bounce on his raging prick, up and down, faster and faster. Her eyes tightly closed and an unending stream of groans and curses pouring from her lips as she rose and fell on his rigid cock. Placing her hands on his chest, her pace quickened as she worked herself up to her next climax. He could feel the heat pouring from her spicy snatch, while her nipples grew large and hot in his hands and the unending squeezing and milking motion of her cunt pulling at his powerful cock. For ten minutes, she rode his monster with her large tits flouncing back and forth, and her body shaking and shuddering as she twitched above him. Her pussy throbbed, stretched open, strained around him. As his muscle of love drove her to new heights of pleasure, she panted and moaned, sweat pouring down off her swinging breasts and her thighs. Her whole body seemed to tingle and throb, her nipples feeling like they would burst from her body. She dropped her fingers down to her swollen clit, and began to rub franticly. She was fucking herself senseless on his cock. Her cunt felt like it was about to explode!
“Oh fuck, you fucking monster,” Candy moaned, humping savagely. “Give me that giant cock ... oh ... you ... oh ... I’m gonna cum baby, oh God! Oh ... I love your ... BIG FUCKING DICK!” Candy screamed as she went over the edge, so loud that he knew the other cabins could hear. A fire erupted in her convulsing guts. Screams of intense pleasure highlighted the fire of her orgasm as she continued to inwardly shudder, craving more of this incendiary fucking to continue. She drove her cunt down fully on his steel hard dick, her climax tightening her already tight tunnel. Cunt juice poured from her leaking hole down over his balls. The hot bitch bounced and moaned loudly, her hips still twitching and her pussy still writhing. Trevor just guided her bouncing hips until she fell forward onto his chest, spent and covered in sweat. He cradled her to his body, his hot meat still lodged deep within her. “You sure do good work, you hot slut.”
Trevor was wide awake now, and ready for more action. She had awakened the beast, and now he was hungry. His cock was still rock hard, this woman challenged him and that excited him. She had tried ordering him around last night, and he had not let her get away with what must be her usual shit. He had asserted his dominance, fucking her savagely to two wild climaxes before cumming in her beautiful ass. That’s why she was back this morning, because he had won the war of dominance. Even now, she was still trying to dictate how things would go, but he would have the last say.
For a few minutes he let her rest until her breathing calmed down. He gently rolled them over onto her back. Forcing her up on her knees and turning her away from him, he moved in behind her upturned ass; her swollen pussy glistening invitingly. Holding his demanding cock by the base, Trevor guided the large mushroom head between the lips of her sopping pussy. Placing only the tip just inside her neither lips, Trevor did not move at all. Candy impatiently began to wiggle and bob her ass trying to get more on his giant dick in her overheated gash. He laughed and slapped her ass hard. He watched her ass muscles tense, so he slapped her again. She was going out of her mind struggling trying to get more cock.
“Oh please, put your big prick in me,” Candy begged, her body desperately bouncing and shaking, trying to take his massive cock in her cunt. Trevor stood still, not pushing his cock in further, only using his hands up to caress her ass and thighs, teasing her with his length. She strained to be able to push back and take more inside her, but he just continued to tease her. After what seemed an eternity, he relented and eased his powerful penis into her succulent slit, slowly forcing her body to take it all.
“Oh fuck,” she cried, pushing back, “you bastard ... oh ... oh ... fuck ... oh God, oh God ... that ... that beautiful cock.” Trevor smiled and began fucking her in long slow strokes as his hands reached beneath her to grab her big free-swinging tits. It did not take long before she was grinding her ass back against him, begging him to fuck her harder and faster, which he was all too glad to perform.
Trevor knew that Candy had not only come to fuck him again because she craved his huge prick, but because she needed to dominate, and to be dominated. For a powerful woman who was used to having her way because of her beauty and her body, it was difficult to find a male that could withstand her force. When she found a man that she could not control, she was both attracted to him, and needed to command him. It was her drug, and her high. She craved being dominated, but she also needed to take charge. When she found a man like that, she would work him and fuck him until he finally caved into her desires. And, then many times, she would suddenly be gone to the next guy. He had seen a lot of women like her and knew the secret. It was simple. Fuck them like a demon, and never give up a piece of yourself. It was part of what made him such a success with women. They desired him, craved him and could never get a hold on him. He was unobtainable and they kept coming back for more. And he kept giving it to them, hard deep and fast.
He moved his hands to her hips and began fucking her for all he was worth. Long, powerful thrusts that drilled deep into her sweet, tight snatch, his giant cock feeling like a steel pole as it reamed out her overheated slot. She came twice in long shuddering orgasms that had her screaming like a banshee as she felt his thick rod plow deep into her gushing hole. Without giving her any pause, he flipped her over on her back again. Using the copious juices leaking from her cunt, he lubed up the head of his cock and slowly inserted it into her tight, but willing asshole. With her legs hiked upon his shoulders, she moaned as she felt tiny puckered opening of her ass spread as he nudged his cock head into her ass. Candy felt the walls of her ass being stretched as his prick moved deeper into her bowels.
“So tight! So fucking tight!” Trevor groaned as his cock began to piston in and out of her humid butt. Candy began to move her ass, slowly at first, and then more and more, until she was finally shoving her hips back at him, rotating it in circles as she tried to capture more of his long cock up her rear. She was going crazy as Trevor fucked her long and hard! Her body bucked and jerked beneath him as his cock slammed into her ass. She began to babble total nonsense, not caring what she was saying. All that mattered was that her amazing lover was fucking her ass with his beautiful magnificent cock, making her experience feelings she had never thought possible.
For twenty minutes, his cock ploughed into her, driving her wild with desire. They fucked, they rutted, and they battled each other, neither giving any ground as he drilled her ass into the bed. Slowly, the tide turned in Trevor’s favour. She could not withstand his powerful cock, and the magic he worked with it. That massive prick had turned her into a screaming cock-whore last night, and all night she had dreamed of more. Candy had fucked John twice last night after she put the kids to bed, but it was not enough. At 12:30 a.m., her poor husband had collapsed completely exhausted, while she was almost vibrating with desire for more sex.

Author Information

I’ve been writing erotica for almost ten years now. I enjoy bringing in all kinds of settings from ancient Egypt to the distant future. I attempt to put more in my books than simply sex encounters. To me the story is of paramount importance. I will never insult the reader by assuming he or she is only purchasing my book for a few cheep thrills.

My interests vary widely from classical music to major league baseball results to reading many kinds of fiction including movies. My all time two favorite producers were Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrik. I’ve tried to incorporate the realism of Kubric and the suspense thrills of Hitchcock whenever possible. So I hope you will be greatly entertained when you read my novels.


Publisher Information

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