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The Challenge (S Guyy)

The Challenge by S Guyy

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Two strangers meet and challenge each other to a sex-off, an Olympic event of pleasure where they try to out do each other for the gold medal.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Grown Folks Books    Published: 6 / 2017

No. words: 7988

Style: General Erotica, Erotic Short Stories

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Their story was a version of the Olympics with a Sexual twist.
Kel was cocky and felt that he couldn’t be tamed. Many women had tried but few could actually claim “victory” over him. His last “loss” was so long ago, that the fond memory of that day had begun to fade and he was looking, no, HOPING to find someone to “lose” to again. Still, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Maybe she could be his Sexual fantasy realized.
Sexual, sensual and insatiable, Andresia felt she had just the skills to have him “on his knees” begging for mercy. She too felt that none had lived up to her expectations in a while and was in search of someone with that special SOMETHING. That bold nature, stamina and stroke that would leave her weak in the knees.
They met by chance. An errant e-mail sparked the curiosity that sparked the communication that sparked the interest that sparked their desire to meet. Sexually, they felt they may have been on the same wavelength but each also felt that they had what it would take to have the other screaming, “No mas! No mas!”
In the back of his mind, Kel knew he wanted, no NEEDED someone to bring him down a notch or two. He felt he would get complacent and start to lose his edge if he didn’t get “broke off” right. He was tired of not receiving his “fair due.”
To him, it seemed that the ladies weren’t going that “extra mile.” Even worse, some were actually content to “get theirs” without making sure his needs were taken care of. Yeah, things were getting frustrating.
Andresia had a couple of “itches” that needed to be scratched and those “scratches” came VERY few and far between. She could keep those “itches” at bay for only so long before she felt she’d go out of her mind. Maybe, just maybe he could be the one to do it. As bad as she wanted to be the one screaming out in ecstasy, she was damn sure not going out without a “fight” either.
Kel thought to himself Well, she talks a good game and she seems to have that adventurous quality my more recent “episodes” lacked. Still, the reality of it all was that they always seemed filled with promise-and made promises-but he’d been so often left unfulfilled. Was it perceivable that he’d find in her what so many others lacked??
Andresia thought to herself Well, he writes a good game and he seems to have that ravenous sexual quality that had been lacking in my life, but could what he writes transfer into the physical? The sexual? Guys always talked big with little to back it up and she wasn’t about to deal with not being satisfied again. Could he measure up where so many had fallen short?
She had grown tired of pleasing herself. Reading his stories made her wet, but not quite to the “soaking” point. She needed someone live in the flesh to do that. Sometimes she’d find herself remembering parts of his stories and closing her eyes as if to place herself in them. She’d find her hand wandering and exploring the part of her she was so familiar with. She had never been afraid to go there and some men found that hot while others found it intimidating. She knew what she wanted, how she wanted it, and she was to the point where she'd accept nothing less.
Kel made her smile. They had never met face to face and yet he had cast a spell on her. How would it be when they finally laid eyes- and hands- on each other.


Andresia was to pick Kel up from the airport after an evening flight.
From emails to phone calls to the web cam, she wondered if the chemistry they seemed to have hundreds of miles apart would carry over to their meeting.
That day she'd laid out several outfits before deciding on something casual: a blouse that accentuated her breasts and a skirt that was sexy but comfortable. On her way to the airport, her mind was going in a hundred different directions as she pondered scenarios of how the night and the weekend would go. She was in a daze while waiting impatiently as his plane eased into its allotted spot. About five minutes later, people started exiting the tunnel and though she wanted to move closer, wanted to be able to see him the moment he stepped into the airport, she stood transfixed unable to move. Her heart fluttered as he came out of the tunnel from the plane, looked casually about and smiled ear to ear when he saw her.


Kel was nervous. The flight had been perfect but as the pilot coasted the plane up to the connecting tunnel, his hands felt clammy and were shaking. He'd never done anything like this but he had to see her, touch her, be with her. Had to know if the woman he'd fallen so deeply in lust with over the last few weeks could really turn out to be “The One.”
He literally jumped up from his seat once the ok was given to disembark. He snatched his bag from the overhead compartment and headed toward the door, weaving around other passengers who he guessed weren't as anxious as he was to see what awaited him in the airport.
As his eyes locked on hers, he felt a sense of calm swept over him. He felt like he was walking on air as he glided over to her. He was no longer a bundle of nerves and as they embraced tightly, he could feel her heart as its beat raced his own.


Andresia wanted to run to him, arms open to hold him as if she'd never let go but she couldn't will her legs to move. All the emails, chats and conversations had culminated into this moment and she was unable to take a step. But once he held her, once she touched him, the spell of immobility was broken. Her heart pounded in her chest and she wondered if he could feel it as they held each other close.


“You're here...you're really here...” She whispered softly and kissed him. He returned it just as passionately.
“And I know already I don't wanna leave...” he said as he pulled away just enough to look into her eyes.
A single tear of joy escaped her eye and raced down her cheek.
After embracing for what seemed to be hours, he reluctantly let her go, grabbed his carry-on and her hand and they headed to the baggage claim.
“I have a wonderful weekend planned for you... for US!” she said excitedly.
“I know you do!” he replied with a smile.
From the baggage claim to the parking garage was a blur filled with conversation about the flight and how nervous they had been about the meeting but they'd both calmed dramatically and anyone seeing them together would never guess this was the first time they'd actually met.
She'd made reservations at a casual but intimate spot and it gave them time to relax and enjoy each other's company. There was no question that they were just as perfect for one another in the flesh as they'd been electronically. They talked and laughed about finally meeting and the wayward email that had led to that very moment. Their food was left wholly untouched as they snuggled in the booth she'd requested.
With his arm around her waist, her hand was free to roam his body under the table and was not at all surprised by the growing bulge in his pants.
“I'm not wearing any panties,” she said coyly and felt his dick jump at her touch.
“It's time to go...” he said breathlessly as he tried to ease his growing member into a more comfortable position. He'd known she wasn't about games and he was getting anxious to have her prove it.
Once the check was paid, she made a quick call as they made their way to the parking lot. After an abbreviated make out session against the car, she handed him the keys and he opened the car door for her. She looked up to him, staring into his eyes and he was sure she could see his soul. She kissed him again, gently and softly and he was certain he’d never felt lips that soft, or his knees that weak. He slid into the driver’s side, buckled his seat belt and they were off.
“I don't know where I'm going...” he turned to her, her beauty slightly illuminating the dark car.
“Home!” she replied trying to hide her growing excitement of being so close to the body she'd longed for over the past two months. “Just listen to the GPS.” She cued up her home address in the navigation system and they were on their way.
The conversation in the restaurant was light and airy but now they both seemed to be at a loss for words or deep in thought as to what the night would bring.
After almost a minute of driving in silence, she unbuckled her seatbelt saying, “I can’t wait another second to feel you.”
She ran her hands over his leg and brushed his growing, throbbing dick with her palm. It seemed as if the three miles left to her house were thirty. The anticipation of what the evening held in store caused her pussy to become drenched and it pulsed to the point she was certain she could feel her own heartbeat in it.
He unbuckled his belt while she unzipped his zipper and eagerly slipped her hand into his pants. A new surge of wetness erupted within her as she gripped and stroked his thick hardness. They were not far from her place but she knew they’d never make it inside.
He had barely parked in the driveway when, in one quick motion, she hopped the console of the car, pulled up her skirt and slipped onto his lap. He moved his seat back to allow her unrestricted access and his dick was there, rock hard and aching to greet her. She gripped it again, rubbed it on her dripping pussy and slid slowly down on it feeling every inch as it opened and filled her. She had missed that joyful mix of pleasure and pain and smiled as his thickness formed new memories for her to cherish.
After she took as much as much of him as she could, she moved her hips in a slow circular motion to allow him to reach depths that had never before been reached within her. She moved her pussy up and down slowly, feeling her tightness grip his dick. They stared into each other's eyes, his filled with enjoyment, hers filled with desire. He loved the way she attacked him with unbridled passion and an animalistic lust. They shared a wet tongue tasting kiss.
“Your dick feels so good inside me…” she whispered; he could only moan in response.

Author Information

S. Guy is an underground erotica writer.


Publisher Information

Grown Folks Books started in January 2005. We started compiling erotica in Word and PDF formats and started looking for publishing venues. This is a union of unknown and very little known writers who want to express their sexual desires and dreams for the world to enjoy.

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