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Damsels and Dungeons (Powerone)

Damsels and Dungeons by Powerone

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After two years of brutal war, King Richard's soldiers return home victorious. These virile sons of the Kingdom have been missed, none more than Prince Edward and his knights—for whom the royal families' eligible daughters have been carefully prepared. While the war raged on, these young women had been taught all the skills and attitudes necessary to secure themselves a knight: the art of seduction, the ways of submission, the ministrations necessary for a man's pleasure. Fathers will gladly give up their daughters to these men, not just to provide them with status and security, but to grant a promising and glorious future to the whole family. Daughters understand that they’ll have to sacrifice everything for their family, even if they can't yet imagine what that immense sacrifice will entail.

As King Richard parcels out rewards to the knights—vast land holdings and royal titles in the defeated northern provinces—the most fearsome of these recipients, Thomas the Terrible, will take his mastery over his new lands to the absolute limit, claiming their women as his own. But one catches his eye for her brazen behavior, and when Thomas sets out to teach her a lesson...will she succumb to him or fight back?

In the dungeons beneath the castle are the defeated, men and women alike, at the mercy of the victors. The men will be executed or put to work, but the knights have other plans for the women—plans which no one today would refer to as "merciful". Will complete submission make their stay in the dungeons tolerable...or, in some cases, pleasurable?

Powerone brings submission and bondage to the printed page as only he can, with his inimitable style and sparing no detail. He’ll take you inside the story; inside the mind and body of the ruthless knight as he commands his lady to perform, or of the imprisoned damsel—be her prison a rusted iron cage or a gilded one; be her submission impeccably performed in thrall to her new master—or secretly relished.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 6 / 2017

No. words: 74000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Historical Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1
End of the Rebellion
King Richard lay in bed for the last month. He knew he was deathly sick, and he didn’t have long to live, but he tried to sound positive when his healers told him that he’d be okay. What choice did they have? Not many healers lived after telling their king that their medicine couldn’t heal him, so they all feigned miraculous cures that would heal him soon enough.
Richard hoped to stay alive long enough to see the return of his son, Prince Edward. Richard had sent him to lead Richard’s army to put down the rebellion of the northern provinces, but that was two years ago. He didn’t think it would take this long, but the French were eager to invade his kingdom, so they helped the northerners financially. If the rebellion were successful, Richard’s kingdom would be weak enough that the French could be successful in an invasion.
The news of the day before brightened Richard up. Riders came to the castle with news that Prince Edward and his army were only days away, returning in triumph. The last of the northern strongholds had fallen, and the leaders had been taken prisoner. Those that weren’t killed were being transported back to fill the tower with traitors. The most powerful earls were brought back with their wives and children so no one would be left to resurrect the rebellion in the future.
London was relatively safe from attack, but it wasn’t a very joyous city until news of Prince Edward’s return rang out with the bells tolling. The rebellion had taken its toll on the young, virile men of London and the surrounding cities. Most were conscripted into the army and the last year had the least number of births in decades. It would be a time of celebration.
The dust kicked up on the road as Edward and his army moved toward London could be seen for miles as though it was a storm. Four thousand soldiers marched triumphantly. Two thousand soldiers still occupied the northern provinces and would do so in the future to make sure that the rebellion was truly dead. New earls would be assigned by King Richard to the provinces to make sure their allegiance to King Richard and his successor would remain steadfast.
At the front of the march rode Prince Edward, a handsome man of twenty-six with long brown hair, sunburned complexion and bursting muscles as he sat proudly on his white steed. His horse pranced victoriously. Edward was tall, but he paled in comparison to the only man that was allowed to ride next to him, Thomas the Terrible. He stood six feet six inches and three hundred fifty pounds of pure fighting muscle. Not only was he ferocious, but he was also a wise strategist. One would look at him and suspect that he was all brute, but that would be the person’s failing, underestimating Thomas was always fatal. Thomas dressed in black, and some said that when they saw his eyes peer from beneath his visor, they were sure they were as black as his armor. He sat on a jet-black charger with tiger eyes. His steed’s nostrils flared as though he was ready to spring into action and propel Thomas to the fight.
Right behind the two of them were Edward’s trusted knights and longtime friends. They’d been with him in the battle for the last two years. Hugh was the archer. He could hit a bullseye at five hundred feet or a person with deadly accuracy. He led the army’s archers that cleared a path for the infantry. He wasn’t big and muscular as Edward or Thomas, but his arms were steady in the face of danger. He had boyish blonde hair, cut short to keep it away from his piercing blue eyes. The ladies loved Hugh.
Next to him was Walter. He was of noble birth, educated with Edward. He was like Thomas, a strategist that could see the enemy’s next move before it was made. Between Walter and Thomas, they were never wrong. He was the shortest of them all, but he could swing a sword with precision, and his small stature had often saved his life when the opponent’s sword swung too high to catch his head. He had a way of sweet-talking the most reluctant damsel into his bed.
The last knight was Simon. Simon was brutal and unforgiving. He was a savage fighter, but you’d want him on your side. It was as if he had no fear and death was always at his doorstep. He was tall, six feet, and muscular. He could wield any weapon, but his favorite was a spiked mace. Even heavy armor was like paper when his spiked mace put all the force of the blow into a small area with devastating results. Women were fearful of him for a good reason. There was no such thing as making love for Simon. There was only hard fucking for pure pleasure.
None of the five were married. Their lives had been consumed by war for too long, but they now had hopes that the long campaign had ended.
There was one lone rider that followed the five, out of place among the thousands of men. It was Mademoiselle Felice, but everyone called her Felice. The French had sent envoys and spies to help the northern rebels. Thomas had captured Felice over a year ago. Edward thought he should kill her as a traitor that she was, but for some reason, Thomas took an interest in her, not as a woman, but to be able to better understand the French leaders that spoiled for a fight with King Richard. She started off as a captured spy, but over the last year, she willingly joined them. She was attracted to Thomas. Underneath all the filth of the march was a lovely body with firm breasts and a firm ass. As far as any of them knew, no one had ever touched her, not even Thomas. She carried a sword just as everyone did, and no one thought of them being in danger from her. Thomas had promised her that once they arrive in London, Edward would give her the choice to take a ship back to France if she so desired.
* * * *
Edward was eager to see his father, but he waited to ride into the city with all of his men. They’d all share equally in their triumph. They made camp one last night, and the excitement in the camp was at its peak. Everyone was eager to return home. Many were married and had children they never saw before. Most hadn’t been with a woman since they left. The triumph would also be in the boudoir the next night. The next day they rode off for the half-day journey to arrive shortly after noon as planned.
It was good to see London once again. It’d changed little since he left except that it was decorated for a grand occasion. There were flowers hanging everywhere on the stone walls, out of place, but festive nonetheless. Even before they got to the city, the dirt roads were lined with the peasant farmers that lived outside the city gates. The green pastures and fields of the peasant farms surrounded the gray-colored castle in brilliant color. The peasants cheered the soldiers as they passed, and many a soldier was kissed by a grateful woman, young and old alike.
Once they passed through the city gates, the people changed from peasant farmers to prosperous merchants. The small shops had open doors with their fragrances filling the street to mask the smell of dirty soldiers and messy horses. The smell of bread, candles and fragrant scents filled the air. Merchants sold hot food from the cart while beggars stayed in the background with their rusty tins. Everyone cheered the conquering heroes.
The soldiers began to disperse into the crowd as Edward, the knights and officers entered the inner castle. There, the noblemen and women gathered to meet them, but they were more restrained, although grateful. They’d no longer have to fund the massive army, and they could put their money to better uses. The kingdom would thrive with commerce once again with the north, and the nobles hoped to share in the victory with the spoils of the northern provinces split among them in retribution.
It was the young women that gathered to see the men. It had been too long since the virile men had been taken from the kingdom to fight the insurrection. These were the men with the brightest future, for they’d served their king faithfully. King Richard would reward them highly with titles and landholdings. Many families had already plotted their strategy to secure the most prized men for their daughters. The young women had been taught the ways of seduction, and the women were ready to be received in their finest clothes as if they were proud parrots flapping their wings for attention.
The men dismounted, and Edward hurried to see his father, unable to get out of bed to greet his son. Edward knew of his condition, and that spurred him on in battle, eager to return to his father’s side before it was too late. The queen had passed before Edward left and his father was too frail and sickly to take a new queen.
Richard was propped up against the pillows. He coughed violently just before the door opened. He wiped his mouth as he saw his son for the first time in two years. He wanted to get up and hug him as he entered, but his body refused to cooperate.
He saw his father, and he looked worse than he’d expected. He rushed over to the bed and hugged him. He could hear Richard’s faltered breathing. “It’s good to see you, Father.”
“You made me so proud, Edward. You did everything that I wasn’t able to do. You’ve brought peace to our land.” Tears welled up in his eyes.
“I did it for you and Mother.” He held his fragile father in his arms.
“Tonight there’ll be a banquet in your honor. I’ll be there even if it’s my last act on this earth. Tomorrow I’ll receive all your knights and officers to bestow the gratitude of the kingdom on them.”
“Rest now, Father. As you can smell, I need a bath, but first, some food.” He left his father as he went to the dining hall. The rest of his men had already gathered there, all of them hungry for fine food and ale. There might be a banquet that night, but they couldn’t wait for it, their bellies groaned for too long to resist the smells that came out of the kitchens.
* * * *
Lord John Compton had a small estate outside the city gates, but he had higher aspirations, if not for him, then for his two daughters. He and Helen had raised them pure, but they were already growing old like the other young women of good breeding. Why, Cecily will turn twenty in a month! She should’ve been married with a son by now. Margaret was eighteen, but she’d have to wait for her sister to be betrothed before she could secure her legacy. To say that John didn’t have high expectations would be grossly untrue. Not only did he want a suitable mate for Cecily, but he wanted Prince Edward as his son-in-law. Hopefully, Edward would make her his queen when he took the crown from his father. With her as queen, his business interests would flourish as he’d be related to the royal family and he could secure influence for the others. He knew other families were plotting the same, but he’d be first to dangle the pleasure of Cecily before Prince Edward before the others could have their chance. It was worth the bribes he’d paid for his plan to have success.
He took Cecily aside before the soldiers would return to the city. “You’ve heard my plan. Your mother has taught you the art of seduction, so it’s up to you. Just remember, you have to retain your virginity until you are married, no matter what. Once you lose that, it’s impossible for a man of breeding to take you as his wife. Why would he when he could take you as his mistress? There are other things you can do to pleasure the prince and keep him interested in you. You must be skillful and imaginative. He’s been without a woman for two years, so he’ll be eager.”
It was as if the next day was the culmination of Cecily’s upbringing. Her future hinged on a few hours at most. Her parents kept her away from any man to keep her pure and innocence, but the next day she’d play a new role. She had the confidence she could do what was necessary. She remembered Prince Edward before he left, handsome and strong, just the sort of man that would inspire her in the boudoir, but first, she had to snare him with her charm.
* * * *
She snuck through the castle with her father until they got to the kitchen. There they met the maid that he’d pay. Monies changed hands. The maid would lose herself for three hours. Cecily never felt as scandalous as she was then. She wore a peasant blouse that was pulled over the top of her breasts, but not before it left room for eyes to gaze at her generous cleavage. She was naked above that, her shoulders bare as well as her upper chest. She could only hope that the blouse wouldn’t pull down by accident and expose her naked breasts. She wore a skirt that clung to her hips and buttocks, and beneath it, she wore a rough cotton chemise, the front of the chemise open for ease. She felt naked beneath the skirt. On her feet were soft slippers so as to not mark the floors. Her long blonde hair was tied behind her, out of the way.
Matilda gave the instructions. “Here’s the hot water. Hurry, you don’t want to keep Prince Edward waiting. It’s up the stairs, the first door on the right. Don’t knock. Just go right in. Don’t be ashamed or look away if he takes off his clothes. They all do that. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. Otherwise, you’ll give yourself away.” Matilda saw the nobles do stupid things, but this one was at the top of the list, but she couldn’t turn down six shillings.
Cecily struggled to carry the heavy wooden bucket filled with steaming water up the stairs. It sloshed on the stairs as she hurried to get to the room. The hallway was empty. She put the bucket down so she could turn the handle on the door. It opened, and she grabbed the bucket. She walked in and saw him sitting in the tub. He was already naked, grateful that there were lots of soap suds on the surface of the water.
“Ay, hot water for you, luv,” she tried to talk like she thought a peasant would speak.
“Come over and put it in the tub. It’s already getting cold. I should spank your ass for making me wait so long.” Edward said it with a serious face as he looked at the wench. She was beautiful, and her cleavage was enticing. His cock sprung to hardness without a single thought in his head, and it throbbed beneath the water as he took in her beauty.
Cecily poured the water in, careful not to push the suds out of the way.
“What’s your name, wench?”
“Gladys, your Lordship.”
“A lovely name, Gladys. I’ve been at war for two years, and I haven’t had a bath like this in a year, so I’m going to enjoy it. Grab a washcloth and lather it up so you can wash me. Your prince shouldn’t have to do any work.”
She struggled not to blush, but it was difficult. Her intended sat naked only inches from her, and he wanted her to bathe him. This would be a test of her resolve. “Yes, M’lord.” She pushed the washcloth in the water and began to lather it up with the soap. She got ready to wash him.
“Aren’t you going to take your blouse off? Otherwise, it’ll get wet. I thought you always did that.”
She hadn’t thought of that, but obviously, he thought it was out of the ordinary for her to leave it on. “Of course, I wanted to get the washcloth ready first, M’lord.” She put the washcloth on the edge of the tub, and she saw him stare at her. She’d never done this before a man before, but she knew that her breasts would certainly inspire him. It didn’t take much to pull the blouse off, and her naked breasts spilled free. She felt her nipples harden, not from the cold, but from something else. He didn’t see her look at him as his eyes were glued to her breasts.
“A nice pair of tits, Gladys.” They were so firm, and her nipples were pointed like a spear. She had lovely areolas that highlighted her perky nipples. They looked good enough to eat.
“Thank you, M’lord.” She didn’t know whether she should acknowledge the lewd compliment, but once the words came out of her mouth, they sounded too formal.
“Get on with it, Gladys.” She knelt next to the tub as she leaned over. “Wash my head first.” She had to lean in closer, and his face was only inches from her bare breasts. They teased him ruthlessly.
Her nipples got so hard that they ached with pounding blood when she felt his hot breath blow on them. She could feel her breasts move as she began to rub the washcloth over his face softly and slowly as if she caressed him. She saw him lean in closer, and she held her breath because she knew what he was about to do. She still couldn’t stop the cry that escaped from her lips, not of surprise but pure pleasure. “Oooohhhh!” She purred softly as his lips enclosed one of her nipples in its soft embrace, but it was his tongue that washed over the very tip that made her shudder with pleasure. She had difficulty washing him as he suckled her breast as though he was nursing from her.
It’d been a long time since he had a tit in his mouth, but that didn’t mean he forgot how good it felt. His tongue drove it to such hardness, but then, he bit softly on the areola to trap it so his tongue could have its way with her nipples. He sucked on her nipple with powerful suction to draw it into the depths of her mouth. He could feel her hand tremble as she washed him. He hated to release it, but he wanted her hands elsewhere on his body. “Now my chest, Gladys. You’re doing a good job.”
His cock almost leaped out of the water when her hand ran down his chest and over his nipples with the washcloth. The washcloth was soft, but that didn’t mean his nipples didn’t react as hers did. She caressed his chest, but he waited with bated breath as her hand went lower over his belly.
Her hand nervously slid over his firm, muscular chest, but she knew where he wanted her to go next. She didn’t know whether him not sucking on her nipple was good or bad, confused as to how it made her feel, but worried that she grew too aroused from his experienced mouth. Then, she felt his hand on hers. His grip was so powerful, unable to resist him.
“Lower, Gladys, lower,” he encouraged her with his words, but it was his hand that demanded her obedience. He pushed her hand beneath the water. “Grip my cock, Gladys. You know what to do.”
She fooled him so far, but would her inexperience fool him any longer. As soon as her hand went below the water, she encountered his cock. She couldn’t believe it was so big or alive as it was. As soon as she touched it with the washcloth, it jerked and escaped her grip. She had to gain control as her hand searched it out. She saw the head of his cock break the surface of the water. It was a dark red, not what she expected. Her hand went to grab it lower down. She could feel it through the washcloth as her fingers curled around its girth. It was so thick her fingers wouldn’t touch together when they slid around it. She felt the powerful contractions of the muscles of his cock when she held it tight as if it tried to escape. She almost wished she didn’t have a washcloth in her hand. She couldn’t feel it very well. She began to rub the washcloth over the length of his cock. She heard his hurried breathing, and she knew that, in spite of her inexperience, she was doing something right.
He felt her begin to explore his cock as though she never touched one before. He spread his legs to give her all the room she needed. In spite of the washcloth being soft, it made his cock jump each time it ran over the soft ridge and the head of his cock. He wasn’t sure he could last very long if she continued to do that. It was time for him to unveil his cock to her.
He shocked her when he suddenly stood up in the tub. She came face to face with a cock for the first time, and it was so much more than she expected. It was so big as it danced in front of him, moving up and down even though neither of them touched it. The water cascaded off it. She started to stand up.
“No, stay down there. Lather up my cock, but use your hand. You don’t need the washcloth.” He wanted to feel her soft touch on his cock, not an inanimate washcloth. He missed the touch of a woman.
The position she was in pushed his cock only inches from her face. She feared that. She knew what some men would want from their wives when the women bled each month. They’d take their pleasure from her mouth instead of between her legs. She hurried to get soap on her hands to stop that thought from entering his mind. She reached out for his cock, and this time, her fingers curled around hot flesh. She could feel hundreds of muscles beneath her fingers move at her slightest movement. The shaft was so long, and at the base of it were thick black hairs. She knew his balls hung below and contained his sperm. The skin on the shaft moved with her tight fingers around it. Her fingers slid easily on the soap. She moved up the shaft to examine the head. It crowned his cock like he was a king wearing a crown. A thick ridge was beneath it, but the head was smooth and the skin tight. Her fingers ran over the head, and she saw something, but she must’ve been mistaken. It looked like a drop leaked out the hole in the tip of his cock, but it must’ve been a drop of water that she missed.
“Lather up my cock real good, Gladys. Then take off your skirt, so you don’t get it wet. I want you to curl those lovely breasts around my cock, and I’ll fuck them.”
She tried not to look startled or surprised by what he said, but she wasn’t sure she heard what he said. Would he really put his cock between my breasts and expect me to cradle it like they were pillows while he used his hips to drive it up and down? His command to take off her skirt didn’t startle her, but it did surprise her. She didn’t expect to get completely naked in front of him. That would leave her vulnerable. She remembered what her father said about the importance of not losing her virginity to him until he married her. She spent more time to lather his cock, but she finally had to do as he requested.
He watched her as she stood up and took off her skirt. He could make out the thick lips of her pussy through the opening of her chemise, but then, it disappeared as the skirt fell to the ground. The chemise was next, and he saw her luscious body in all its glory. He knew he had to get some of that soon. He couldn’t wait until tonight to find a beauty to grace his bed. Her skin was so white and pure, but it was her pussy that caught his interest. Her blonde hair was so fine that it looked like she was bald as a newborn.
She kept her thighs tightly together as she stood naked before him.
“Kneel down again but sit up high enough so you can take my cock between those lovely breasts.” He couldn’t wait.
It was so degrading and lewd what he requested, but she was already naked. She’d gone too far to stop and admit defeat to her parents. They were expecting much from her, and she wouldn’t disappoint them. She put her hands on the sides of her breasts and moved forward until she felt his cock touch her flesh. She had to move quickly as it jumped from her touch. She squeezed her breasts around his cock and trapped it. He began to move immediately as she looked down to see the head of his cock move up and down between her breasts. The dark red head of his cock was in sharp contrast to her white breasts. She felt it rub her breasts but also run over her nipples. It was disconcerting to feel not only his cock rub her, but also his heavy balls slap against her and she felt the wiry hairs on her soft skin.
That felt so good. He watched and felt his cock at the same time as it slid between her firm soft breasts. He slid easily on her soap. He looked into her big, blue eyes. The pleasure was too much for him. He wouldn’t last doing this much longer. He had to get inside her.
He pulled his cock from her breasts suddenly, fearing she did something wrong. “Did I not please you, M’lord?”
“You pleased me too much. Bend over the tub so I can take you from behind, Gladys.”
“No, I can’t do that, M’lord. I’m still a virgin and intend to stay that way. Why don’t you go back between my breasts, or I can use my hand to give you pleasure?”
“Don’t worry I wouldn’t take your virginity, Gladys. I understand you want to retain your virginity until your marriage bed. But, bend over the tub, and I’ll show you another way.”
She was confused, but she knew that he’d respect her wish. She expected that he’d rub up against her, maybe between her thighs without going inside her. She’d accommodate what he desired to please him. She bent over the edge of the tub as he lathered his cock with soap once again so he’d slide easily on her.
He got down behind her, and his eyes took in the beautiful sight she presented. He could make out her tight virginal pussy from behind but also the lovely crack down her white buttocks. That is where he treasured.
She felt his hands on her buttocks, not expecting that, but he wasn’t grabby or crude, although he did grip her flesh hard with his fingers. Then, she felt something strange. He pulled her buttocks apart with such strength. She turned around in shock when she felt how exposed she was in such a place that shouldn’t be seen or touched by another. It was more shocking when she felt his cock placed between her buttocks and ran up her crack. It stopped on her anus. She felt the slippery head of his cock send her muscles into uncontrollable spasms from the unnatural touch. “What are you doing?” She cried out in surprise.
“Hold still, your pussy will still be virginal, but I can enjoy your tight ass with my cock.” He didn’t give her a chance to say or do anything else. He released her buttocks so they’d curl around his cock. He grabbed the shaft with one hand to keep it from bending as he began to push with his hips. His hard, slippery cock wouldn’t be denied. He could feel her anal ring begin to part under the onslaught of his cock. She wouldn’t last long before he penetrated her.
She felt tremors in her anus as his cock began to have success. He was quick, Cecily unable to stop him until it was too late. It was strange and unnatural to be touched in such a place, especially with something that big and demanding. “No, no,” she cried out, but it was too late as her anal ring flourished open with such suddenness that it took her breath away. He held her pinned against the tub as the head of his cock pushed through her resisting sphincter and then plunged into her rectum to fill her. “It’s so big,” she cried out. The head of his cock felt like a giant rock inside her. His cock moved and pushed against the tight muscles that fought to keep him out without success.
“Relax and I’ll take it slow and smooth, Gladys.” He wouldn’t be denied now. Once he was inside, he wouldn’t leave until he unleashed a torrent of unspent cum from his heavily laden balls into her.
She shivered in fear as she was bent over the tub with a cock up her backside. The initial pain went away, but now, it was the strange feeling of having a cock in a place that shouldn’t accept it so readily. He held still for a moment, but he grew eager. His hands went to her hips and rose her backside up higher. That made her more vulnerable to his penetration. His hips pushed, and she could feel his cock begin to move deeper inside her guts. It was slow and gradual, but her muscles fought it every inch of the way. It was worse when he started to withdraw it. It felt like her insides were sucked out behind his cock. She knew he wouldn’t take his cock out of her backside until he got his pleasure, but she feared how that would feel. His sperm wasn’t to be destined for her backside.
He knew he’d claimed her virginity, just a different one. No ass could be that hot and tight as she was without being untouched before him. Her insides clung to his cock like a hot, pulsating blanket of flesh. He began to feed her inch after inch. He took it slowly, and as he began to fuck her, he took her smoothly. His cock was in exquisite pleasure. He finally buried every inch of his cock inside her. He made it dance inside the darkest depths of her guts. “I am going to ass fuck you now, Gladys. Clench on my cock and give me my pleasure and I will reward you with my cum.”
It was too late to do anything but accept her fate. She pushed her backside up into the air in complete submission to his demanding cock. When he’d withdraw his cock, she’d squeeze her muscles up tight. When he pushed in, she held her breath and pushed back with her backside to open herself up for his cock. He took her ass with the full measure of his cock. It took her breath away each time he plunged into the depths of her bowels.
Edward didn’t last long in her ass. It was like a tight furnace around his cock. Her insides caressed his cock with her tight muscles. “Get ready, Gladys. I’m going to cum in your ass. Milk every drop of cum from my balls.” He shoved in deep, and as soon as his balls slapped against her upturned buttocks, he let loose his pent-up lust and unloaded a jet of cum that shot out so powerfully that it hurt but not enough to dampen his enthusiasm. He was already pulling out so he could repeat the action, but Gladys’ insides rippled around his cock until he couldn’t stop another load of cum to blanket her guts.
She not only felt the hot crème invade her backside, but she could also smell it. It flooded her backside as it continued to move relentlessly in and out of her ravaged backside. She never knew a man could shoot out so much cum, but her insides gurgled by the time Edward finally was finished. She slowly had to force his cock from her trapped insides.
“Wash my cock, Gladys,” he ordered her as he stood up. She got to her knees with the washcloth in her hand. She went about the task without a word of protest. Every woman knew that she had to clean up the mess she’d made with her body.
She did a good job on cleaning his cock. It still felt as though his cock was in her backside, but she was glad it was done. Edward certainly got the pleasure he wanted. “I hope it was satisfactory, M’lord.” She said it smugly.
“You tell me.” He surprised her. He pinched her nostrils closed with one hand as he gripped his cock with the other. There was a panicked look in her eyes as she realized she couldn’t breathe. She did the only natural thing to do. She opened her mouth to inhale the precious air she was lacking. Edward quickly slipped his cock into her mouth. Her eyes opened up wide in surprise, but it was too late. His cock lost some of its hardness when he came, but as soon as he felt her hot mouth and tight lips on his cock, it began to grow harder once again.
She was lucky she did a good job cleaning it, but she still had to contend with a cock that filled her mouth to the breaking point. Her lips stretched wide to accept all of his girth, but it was the length she feared. Only half of it was in her mouth, and already the length pushed against the tiny opening of her throat. She began to lick it before Edward decided to do more to her. He released her nostrils, and she was allowed to pull his cock out of her mouth. “I did an excellent job of cleaning it, M’lord. Is there anything else I can get you?” She said it with such confidence.
“No, you may go, Gladys. I’ll make sure that you’re compensated handsomely for your indulgence.”
“That is not necessary, M’lord. I didn’t do that for money, I’m not that type of a girl. I want to show you that your kingdom appreciated all you sacrificed for its peace.”
“You made our people proud of your contribution.” He watched as she dressed and left him to lay around in the bath. He knew he’d see her that night.


Powerone does not disappoint..lots and lots AND lots ...etc of sex and Medieval BDSM. A good read. 5 out of 5 (Lana)

Author Information

Powerone is the author of Trained to Submit, Sold into Submission, and other bestselling books and award winning short stories.


Publisher Information

Renaissance E Books publishes the best in classic and contemporary popular fiction and nonfiction through its PageTurner imprint, and the best in classic and contemporary erotica through its Sizzler imprint.

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