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Some Girls (Are So Willing) 4 (Kelly Addams)

Some Girls (Are So Willing) 4 by Kelly Addams


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In this edition of Some Girls:

Jun Submits.

Japanese beauty Jun is happy to accept her landlords offer, move in with him & live for free.. in return she must prepare a few meals, clean the flat from time to time.. & in case she hadn't realised, she also has to submit to him, including being naked 24/7 . But that isn't any great hardship for the naturally obedient girl...but how will she react when he brings four of his horny friends home to meet her?

Kinky Kim.

Kimberley is diligent, responsible, an asset to her company, but there is a corporate axeman stalking her offices who has the reputation of being hard and unforgiving... and now he has his eye on Kim! How far will she go to protect her job, and how will she cope when she discovers that he is dominant and forceful, and determined to cuckold her husband Adam!

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 06 / 2017

No. words: 8443

Style: Erotic Anthologies, Erotic Domination - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


She had found him naked as she slipped quietly into his bedroom, and the tray in her hands began to tremble as he turned to face her with an erection completely out of proportion with his slight build. If Simon were a dog then he would look more like a whippet than a pit bull, he was lean and wiry not built and muscular... so to see a cock that would make most horses fill with pride came as a considerable shock to the innocent twenty year old.
“Good girl.” He had chuckled and indicated that she should place the tray on a small table by the window. “I am happy that you understood our little chat last night... I shall expect you to be naked whenever we are home!”
“I will be.” she replied quietly as she poured hot coffee into a cup, “I will be naked from this day forward.”
Simon nodded and smiled as he stood at her side, his cock pointing at her breasts as she busied herself arranging his breakfast.
“This evening we will be entertaining guests, suppliers from Germany. And I have already boasted about how wonderful your tempura is... so you will prepare sufficient for five men including myself.”
Jun nodded, he had taken control again, he was not asking her... he was telling her how things would be. He had the evening arranged and he was taking her role for granted... and a warmth began to swell inside her, a warmth that began in her stomach and terminated as a tingle deep between her legs.
“Yes Mr Simon,” she replied softly as she fought to keep her gaze from the monster that watched her with a single unblinking eye, “I will make the preparations as you desire.”
Simon nodded and smiled as he edged a little closer, the end of his cock almost touching her as she unfolded a napkin. “You will serve us this evening Jun, you will serve us exactly as you are now. I will allow you to wear make-up... but nothing else!”
Jun had gasped quietly but remained silent, she had understood his tone clearly, “You will serve us!” not “Will you serve us?” he had made a statement not a request, once again her hands began to tremble as she finished her breakfast preparations and stepped away from the table.
“Is that understood Jun?” he asked, his expression serious.
Not trusting her voice Jun remained silent and stared at the floor, she understood him... but a battle was raging inside her. She should object, in the strongest possible way... she should pack her belongings and leave, she had money so she could easily find another apartment to rent, she should look him in the eye and tell him what he could do with his orders and commands. Yet she had to admit that the larger part of her, the part of her that accepted injustice so easily and without making a fuss for fear of confrontation, was urging her to remain silent and accept his will.
“Is that understood?” he asked again quietly as he stepped forward and took one of her erect nipples between finger and thumb pinching gently as his cock nudged against her stomach.
“Yes Mr Simon!” she gasped as her knees turned to jelly, the sensation in her nipple had intensified the tingling between her legs, and as she watched his cock touch her flat stomach again she began to tremble physically.
“Good girl!” he chuckled. “Now Jun, get on your hands and knees under the table, facing me when I sit. This will be your position every morning from now on. Set the table just as you have now, then get down there with your mouth open and ready... I'm sure that you understand what I require of you then! You will service me with your mouth while I eat... I cannot think of a better way for us to start the day.”
With her head spinning and her heart swelling with strange feelings of acceptance and contentment Jun had shuffled backwards under the small table, she felt like a dog begging for scraps at its Master's feet, but as Simon sat and eased his seat forward she gave a little smile. Of course she had sucked cock before, but never one so impressive... and as Simon stirred a spoonful of sugar into his coffee Jun opened her mouth and began to suck.
This is where I truly belong she told herself as she felt him twitch and heard a faint gasp, her quick tongue was exploring him, the impressive glans that barely fit in her small mouth was being explored. Every ridge, the wrinkled foreskin that was drawn back behind the head like some fleshy turtle neck jumper... the single slit eye that had watched her was now being invaded by the tip of her tongue... Jun tasted his excitement as pre-cum oozed, she heard him gasp, she heard the tea spoon drop... the flavour of cum intensified and she understood.
He has been acting strict and aloof... but he was desperate for this, to feel me sucking him. He has shown great restraint, but now he cannot control himself any longer. And as if to confirm her theory Simon groaned softly as is cock strained in her mouth. Hot cum spurted around a tongue that playfully tried to stem the flow by plugging the hole. Simon groaned again as his hand reached under the table to grasp her hair and pull her onto his length. Jun felt him slipping into her throat and gagged. She was close to vomiting, so very close, but with tears streaming and mucus mixed with cum bubbling from her nostrils she managed to swallow the urge deep down inside as he continued to ease his length deeper.
Jun coughed and spluttered as he withdrew, semen and spittle mixed to dribble down her chin and drip onto her breasts. He thrust again, Jun was better prepared and relaxed herself as his long cock once again filled her throat, she felt him straining as he tried to push himself deeper, his fingers twisted her hair to the point that she would have squealed if her mouth hadn't been crammed full of cock.

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


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