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More Masters For Hannah (Argus)

More Masters For Hannah by Argus

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    • Average 4.5 from 2 ratings

Hannah is on a holiday to St Croix with her friend Claire when Claire's twin brothers make their desire for her very, very clear.

Thus begins a torrid experiment in domination and submission which extends to Claire's dad, who teaches Hannah the meaning of submission. But now Mrs. Masters has learned of their nasty game, and has decided to teach Hannah what domination really means. And as if that wasn't bad enough Claire soon does the same!

Hannah finds herself treated as a helpless sex slave by the Masters, dominated and disciplined while subjected to the most thrilling and breathtaking sexual experiences of her life!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2017

No. words: 15800

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


More Masters for Hannah

Imagine being put into a cage! What an absolutely outrageous idea! And naked! Well, it was hard to make it clearer what you were destined for! It wasn't an idea which would ever have previously occurred to me, but now that I was naked and in a cage the idea was overwhelming my mind with a breathless sense of heat and thrilled excitement.
Forbidden excitement, of course. Outrageous excitement. Degrading and demeaning and far beyond what any sort of good girl would ever imagine or take part in! And how I had come to be in a cage was something that was hard to even understand.
It had started out so simply! I would go on vacation to St. Croix with my friend Clair and her family! What could be easier!? And a little harmless midnight skinny dip was certainly not that far out there in terms of sexual morality.
But when I'd been caught by Claire's hunky twin brothers, that was where my ideas of sexual morality had been smashed. It wasn't like I had said yes to what Hunter – or was it Cody – had wanted to do to me. I mean, I hadn't said no but I hadn't said yes either! I didn't want him thinking I was some kind of slut, after all!
So I'd let him... do what he wanted, let myself submit to all that big, hunky, naked male hunger which roused my own there in the moonlight by the pool overlooking the ocean. And then when his brother had emerged, well, it had just seemed too late to back out then!
They'd used me! They'd done it roughly, and forcefully, showing a sense of determination and domination that had left me a quivering, trembling overheated mass of thrumming sexual hunger! They had even tied me up while doing so, and given me the most incredible, most intense sexual experience of my life by far! In fact, the most incredible, intense experience of any kind!
And if that hadn't been enough of a blow to my entire sense of who and what I was, then Mr. Masters, their father, had let me know he'd overheard – while he was in the process of putting suntan lotion on me by the pool! And what had started as a mortifying 'dad lecture' on sexual morality, role playing and bondage games, had turned into him showing me his own domination!
Oh God, had he ever! He'd put me through the wringer! And just as had happened with his sons the wild sexual fever which had come over me had left me breathless, speechless, and unable to resist or refuse anything he did to me! It was shocking and outrageous, and yet my mind had been swamped by the wild dark thrill of hunger and arousal!
And then he'd demonstrated in a way even I couldn't deny, that it wasn't just him and his hunky sons. He'd let Manuel, the servant, do me while I was tied up. And I'd still come like a whore, my mind fried to a crisp by the wild sexual pleasure. Then the two had used me together before he'd stuffed me into a cage!
A cage! Naked, wearing a collar and studded leather restraints around my wrists and ankles! Like... like a sex slave! That was what his sons had called me, and what Mr. Masters had called me, too. Oh what a dark, kinky, delicious, wild, carnal game they were playing!
I'd never have dared indulge such perverted things back home. But here on the island of St. Croix, far from anyone I knew, I couldn't stop myself!
Even alone in the cage I'd gotten aroused, and he'd placed a sort of L-shaped dildo against the bars on one side. The vertical part vibrated like a, well, vibrator, and I had put my back to it, and on all fours had put my aching, burning sex against it, and rubbed myself nearly to climax!
In doing so my heat had roused to the point I'd raised my bottom higher and slid my overheated sex down the length of the horizontal part of the thing, rutting back while crying out in helpless, mindless pleasure as I rode myself to a powerful orgasm.
What a whore I was!
But at least I'd done it alone, or so I'd thought, until the orgasm had faded and I'd opened my slitted eyes to find Mr. Masters in the room, looking in at me – and Hunter and Cody there beside him, smirking and with big bulges in their shorts.
I was on my knees, backed up against the bars, my legs actually through the bars on either side of the dildo, vibrator thing. My bottom was raised high, my breasts pillowed out beneath me against the floor of the cage as I recovered, gasping for breath.
I could feel the thickness of the dildo filling my aching sex, could feel the buzzing of the vibrations against my clitoris. I shuddered, trying to clear my mind, realizing that the three were there looking at me, and starting to fill with a rolling wave of self-conscious embarrassment.
I mean, Mr. Masters had sort of persuaded me to masturbate in front of him – somehow! He'd made me so hot, and there I was laying on my back, all oiled up in the sun, with dildos inside me, and he'd had me start and then... I'd just done it! While he watched!
But submitting to Mr. Masters, who was so much older than me, sort of a semi-authority figure, was one thing. The twins were almost my age, and while the things they'd done me had been wicked and wild and shocking, I still cringed at them having seen me like this.
I lurched forward, sliding myself off the dildo with a gasp, half falling to the floor of the cage as the three came forward, rolling onto my side and sort of instinctively trying to cover my body with my hands, thought that was pointless, of course. They'd all seen and touched every inch of my body, after all.
“Where do you put a wild animal?” Mr. Masters said. “In a cage, of course.”
“Fucking hot!” one of the twins growled.
“This, boys, is a wild, sexual animal,” Mr. Masters said. “And what you want to do is tame it and make it yours.”
“I want to fuck her brains out,” one of the twins said.
“That's part of it.”
He bent and unlocked the cage door, then opened it.
“Crawl out, sex slave,” he barked in a harsher voice.
That... voice... was the kind of tone I'd heard often since I'd started hanging around Claire at his house. It was the voice of command. It had only been used on me today, but it was not a voice to refuse or resist.
Flushing, I crawled through the little doorway.
“Sit on your heels, slave girl, shoulders back, knees spread, hands behind your neck” he barked.
Gulping, face hot, I obeyed.
“God, she has nice tits!” one of the twins said.
“Yeah!” the other replied.
“I was under the impression you'd seen them last night?” Mr. Masters said.
“Doesn't make them any less gorgeous.”
Mr. Masters nodded. “This is an excellent example of a sexual animal in its prime,” he said. “It has gorgeous curves and lines.
Suddenly he was taking something out and placing it against my head. It felt sort of like a thin head band sliding down over my head, pressing in against it. He pulled my soft blonde hair out around it and then stepped back. The three all grinned at me and I gulped, heart beating faster, wondering what it was.
“Turn around, slave girl,” Mr. Masters ordered.
I obeyed.
“Now press those beautiful breasts against the floor and raise your beautiful ass high.”
I hesitated, cringing at the order, but starting to feel with a swirling, churning sexual heat again, then obeyed, moaning as I lowered my chest to the floor, feeling my soft breasts pillow out underneath me, then raised my bottom high.
I gasped at the slap to my bottom!
“Spread your legs, slave!”


Hannah learns what it is to be a trained slave girl. Her friends family teaches her how to respond to all things sexual. Argus has written another great serial. More, please. 5 out of 5 (fhallowner)

First half as good as first book of this series. Second half was way too much f/f for my taste. Not a bad story, but Fpf/f not to my taste. 4 out of 5 (Lana)

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


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