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The Chronicles of Rita - Volume 2 (Shadow)

The Chronicles of Rita - Volume 2 by Shadow

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Craig meets with Sasha and she goes along with signing her Intent To Enslave. But Craig thinks its too easy. She has some of the sharpest minds in the country working on her behalf, yet she’s willing to sign it with no restrictions on him after she’s his slave. He knows she’s plotting something to avoid her enslavement and simultaneously free her sister, but he has no idea what. Not knowing what it is and how to avoid it, she could win this contest and he would lose both of them. On the other hand he has to go forward with it, even not knowing.

Rita learns to play a new game called Diving For Pearls. She doesn’t do very well at it, earning over one hundred penalty strokes. But what happens with Sasha?

Craig arrives at Spellbook to pick up Rita. While there he shows Mike the newest toy his company has developed, a rotating dildo with a sandpaper-like finish. Mike gets annoyed at Ingrid so she gets to wear one for a long walk back to the store and Rita gets to wear one for a long walk home with Craig.

On the way home Craig and Rita meet a young boy who wants a blowjob for his birthday. He wants Rita, and to Rita’s dismay, Craig accedes to his request.

Rita earns a punishment but upon learning that Craig has acquired a new slave she thinks it would be a good idea for the new slave to be punished rather than her. She makes a deal with Craig to escape her own punishment. She has no idea her sister is the new slave. She learns that, much to her regret, when it comes time to punish the new slave.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2017

No. words: 61900

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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At the end of the day Sasha left her office armed with the knowledge that she had the best preparation she could have hoped for. Her office was filled with people with sharp minds, and every one of them was confident in the successful outcome of the plan. Her plan. Still, she was nervous.
Craig arrived at her apartment at the agreed time, then, with barely a showing of civility on Sasha's part, they got down to work. She reiterated her decision to proceed with saving Rita from The Torture Channel, but couched it in the requirement that Craig had to sign the contract she had prepared, and only then would she agree to sign an Intent To Enslave.
Not long after the WSA 2000 became law, lawyers got involved in it. Businessmen and others who were looking to find an edge, or to mold something to their advantage, hastened the involvement of lawyers. Naturally this created some flaky new schemes as well as some honestly good ideas. The early machinations resulted in two variants of enslavement that quickly became mainstream practice. One of these, the Intent To Enslave was signed by a woman who was accepting voluntary enslavement, but only after a specific event, or series of events, occurred. The key to this variant was that the woman remained free until the necessary event or events transpired. In practice, this was often structured by requiring the putative owner to sign a contract. The contract might state what the acquirer was obligated to do, or it might require the occurrence of events beyond the acquirer’s control. By stipulating in a contract what must happen in order for the Intent to become a valid Voluntary Enslavement, the woman had a substantial element of assurance that she would not be giving herself away for free. Assuming all other aspects of enslavement were properly adhered to, upon the occurrence of the requirements, the Intent automatically morphed into being a valid voluntary enslavement. The new owner needed only to pay the taxes and have a slaver process the enslavement. A slaver could process enslavements for himself, but he still had to pay the taxes.
The second common variant was the Conditional Enslavement. In this variant, the signer immediately became a slave and remained a slave until the specified event occurred. If the slave was not freed upon the occurrence of the specified event she was powerless to do anything about it. She remained a slave until her owner felt like freeing her, and that might be never. If a free person petitioned a court on her behalf to have her freed, the petition would be processed quickly and the slave would be freed with little delay or discussion.

Both variants had sufficient case law behind them that the staff in Sasha's law firm knew they were on very solid ground with what they were structuring. In point of fact, they were.
So when he was presented with a contract linked to the Intent, Craig knew it could be perfectly acceptable, depending only on the specific requirements of the contract. As he read the contract Sasha presented to him, he was stunned. He knew her law firm had prepared it, and he knew those guys were sharp, so Craig expected something filled with loopholes intended to trap him, or to somehow allow Sasha to escape. This is nothing. It's a bunch of fancy posturing that accomplishes zilch. There is nothing in here about her being an asset slave, nothing about her treatment after being enslaved, nothing even preventing me from immediately reselling her or both of them, even to The Torture Channel! These guys are good, how could they miss stuff that obvious? No, on second thought I don't think they missed anything; they deliberately ignored it. So if they ignored it, that means they’re plotting something else. I have to figure out what that is before I get caught in it and somehow lose on this. But not now; later. I have to sign this now otherwise she might get cold feet and I’ll lose the chance to enslave her.
After reading it twice, Craig saw no reason to not sign it. He thought of one possible loophole, and despite knowing it was very unlikely to be what he was looking for, he decided to close it just in case. "Ok", he said pretending a bit more wariness than he actually felt, "I’ll sign this contract and accept your signed Intent, but only after you pass the pee test."
Sasha hesitated, because until this moment she had been hoping to avoid signing the Intent. But she knew there was no valid reason for her not to sign it, and it was, after all, her plan, and her plan required her to sign it. Still, signing an Intent to Enslave was a frightening action; one she knew that in any other circumstances she would never have agreed to. So she reluctantly agreed. Rather than delay for no purpose, they mutually decided to find an open Notary and proceed with the required paperwork.
Not too far from Sasha's apartment, they found an all-night "Checks Cashed Here" establishment, complete with resident Notary. After minor persuading ($20 worth) the Notary agreed to allow Sasha to use the bathroom to pee in, rather than making her do it in the office. When she disappeared into the bathroom, the Notary looked at Craig and with more than a degree of envy and awe in his voice, said in English heavily accented by his native Spanish, "Holy mother, man, that is one fine looking piece of ass. Maybe the best I have ever seen. How you EVER talk her into being your slave? She got a sister? Can you talk the sister into being my slave? Holy fuck, man, she is GORGEOUS!!" Craig laughed, but didn't bother to tell the man that she did in fact have a sister almost as gorgeous. It would have broken the notary's heart if Craig had told him the sister was already his slave.
When Sasha returned, they signed everything, had it all notarized, including the bottle of pee with a tamper-proof seal installed. When the business was concluded, Craig and Sasha walked out onto the sidewalk together, but then without saying goodnight to Craig, Sasha immediately turned away to return to her apartment. He called after her, causing her turn to look at him. He said, "I don't expect any problems, but just to be safe, call me first thing in the morning, ok?" Sasha said nothing, turned away and resumed her walk home.
All the way back to his apartment, Craig kept poking at the problem, trying to figure out what it was that Sasha & Company had devised to screw him. He kept coming up blank. When he got home, he put some soft music on and sat down to continue thinking. Only after it grew quite late, Nancy finally interrupted him and asked if a little distraction might help him think afterwards. He accepted the suggestion.
They frolicked in the sack for almost an hour before finishing. Craig fell asleep almost immediately, as was usual, but he didn’t sleep for very long. When he woke, he propped himself up on his pillow and resumed thinking. Nancy woke not too long thereafter and realized he was not even lying down fully. She roused herself, and quietly asked if there was any way she could help. Craig respected her intelligence, and instantly decided to accept her offer. He explained the entire situation, ending with the details of the meeting that evening with Sasha. Nancy digested it all without comment, then she too sat propped up on her pillow, thinking. After only five minutes or so, she announced, "It’s obvious”.
"What is it?” Craig asked, pleased that she appeared to have found the answer, but annoyed with himself that she did it so quickly, after he had been spending hours on the problem. Nancy smiled coquettishly, then said, "An answer this important should be worth something." Craig growled, "Out with it, slave, before I send you to get the whip.”

Knowing he wasn't serious, she continued to press her advantage. "Heyyyy, I offered to help out of my own good nature, not because you commanded it. I deserve a reward for doing good.” She put a pout on her face. Craig fell back heavily into his pillow. He asked, "Ok, what do you want?"
"If I solve this for you, I deserve to cum at least twenty times." Ever since Craig had told her he was going to free her because of the good work she was doing on the chip project, he had not enforced the cum-only-with-my-permission rule, so the twenty she was asking for was more a point of form, not substance. Still, he felt obligated to haggle to prevent her from becoming to uppity. "You’re becoming a little sex fiend; twenty is too many, ten."
She feigned shock; enjoying the game they were playing. "From what you’ve told me about Rita, she’s worth ten all by herself, and apparently this Sasha is worth at least double that. If I’m right, you could lose both of them without my help. I should have asked for fifty."
He didn't say anything for a minute, so Nancy rolled over to his side and began to rub the inside of his thigh with her fingertips. She laid her head on his leg, looking up at him, then said, "I could use one now. I think more clearly when I’m relaxed, and right now I’m all tensed up because you had me blow you the last few times, and I need to get laid properly." By this time she was gently cupping his balls, then rolled over to give him a long lick. He had been hardening anyway, but the lick firmed him up completely. She took his hard cock into her mouth and using her tongue played with the head, but didn't use her lips on him. Her hand slid down her own stomach, and she slowly began to excite herself. It didn't take her long to build herself to a fever pitch. She hadn't been entirely joking when she said she needed to get laid; she was horny.

Up to this point, she had been teasing him mostly with her tongue, and not seriously blowing him. She wanted him hot, but not getting worked up with idea of another blowjob.
He was on his back, so when she crawled up the length of his body, he was perfectly positioned for her. She quickly threw her leg over him and straddled him. She guided him to the entrance, then slid his hard cock into her ready and willing pussy. He reached up to cup her breasts then gently squeezed her nipples while he tugged on them. She took the hint and lowered her body to meet his. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her while he began kissing all around her neck and shoulders. He worked around to her throat, then contorted his body and neck to where he could capture one breast with his lips. He sucked her nipple, then bit it softly. She moaned and increased the tempo of her riding.
Craig reached down and slid his hand along her stomach until he reached the site of all the action. Nancy had been building to a frenzy quickly because she really had been very, very horny. When his finger touched her clit, it took only seconds for her to explode into an orgasm. As she did, her pussy spasmed, strongly squeezing the cock resident in it. That was all Craig needed. He had been fighting to maintain control for more than a few minutes by then, so when he felt Nancy going over the edge, he happily allowed himself to follow.
Nancy would have been quite content to go to sleep again at that point, but in contrast to their usual roles where Nancy would have been up for more and Craig would sleep, this time it was Craig who was not in the mood to roll over and close his eyes. Even though he would have delighted in another go at her delightfully tight pussy, it was going to take him a few minutes to recover, and he had other things preying on his mind. When his pulse and breathing returned to normal, he nudged Nancy awake and ordered her out of the bed and to stand beside it. He pulled the covers up around himself, then said in a stern voice. "You fell asleep thereby withholding vital information that I need for my peace of mind. That deserves punishment, but I’m a kind and considerate master. You have two choices. You can get back into bed and tell me what you have thought of, or you can get into the shower and turn the water on cold for five minutes. After five minutes you can return here and beg me to allow you to tell me. Depending on how I feel, you may only be allowed to suck my cock before returning for, uhhh, ten minutes of cold shower before being allowed to beg again. Which will it be?"

Author Information

Currently living in this universe but searching in the Northwest corner of the planet, looking for the doorway to the alternate universe in which this story takes place


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