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Vacation With Liz (George Boxlicker)

Vacation With Liz by George Boxlicker


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Liz, one of my sexiest lady friends, has won a trip to Hawaii and wants me to accompany her. She has a fantasy, and believes I can help it come true better than anyone else. I play my part for her, and she experiences romance in the tropical paradise. Because of the graphic descriptions of our last night, this book is for adults only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 06 / 2017

No. words: 15983

Style: Steamy and Sexy Stories, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


I reached out and pulled the straps down over her shoulders and, when Liz pulled her arms free, I pulled the top of the bodice down, fully exposing her luscious breasts. Cupping a hand under either of the enticing twins, I started kissing one of her pretty pink nipples and felt it grow even more erect under my ministrations. Liz cooed with pleasure as I painted her precious nubbin with broad strokes of my whole tongue, then with short jabs of just the tip. She loudly expressed even more delight as I switched my mouth to the other perfect breast and played with it the same way, feeling this nipple become fully erect under my tongue. As Lizís head luxuriated in her pillow and she continued cooing, I moved my attentions between her charming nipples until I drew one of her amazing globes into my mouth.

With my lips forming a seal, I mouthed the adorable mound and my tongue fondled the erect nipple inside my mouth. Liz's upper body was writhing in bliss on the bed as she pointed her alluring breast toward my face. I sucked and licked until it was the turn of the lovely twin and I drew that globe between my lips for its chance to be worshipped and adored. Back and forth my mouth moved between Liz's sumptuous mounds, with her letting me know about her joy; she was loving the attention I was paying to her marvelous breasts as much as I loved paying it. As wonderful a time as we were both having, we knew that even greater adventures awaited us lower down on Liz's body and I could smell her pussy already lubricating.

First, I had to finish unwrapping this terrific package so I reached down to the lower hem and started pulling it up. She lifted her ass off the bed so I could move the nightie up, then reciprocated by unbuttoning my pajama pants and pulling them off me. Liz raised her arms and tossed my last garment onto the foot of the bed as I peeled her nightie over her head and added it to the pile. We were both completely naked.

Again, holding one of Liz's fascinating breasts in either hand, I rubbed them against my face as my tongue caressed the channel between them, even the incredible orbs themselves, as I kissed and sucked and nuzzled my way down Liz's belly to her navel. My tongue squirmed its way into her cute belly button and Liz giggled and urged me downward by pushing on my shoulders.

Downward is where I went, licking my way to Liz's soft, reddish-brown pubic hair, and then I moved over to kneel between her beautiful legs. My intentions were obvious, especially when I slid a pillow under Liz's ass and she raised her legs so I could get into position. That position was having my shoulders against the underside of Liz's thighs, with my arms coiled around until my fingers were in her pubic hair. As I leaned forward, the first thing I did was to breathe in deeply the delectable aroma of Liz's pussy, thankful that she had enough sense not to use any kind of artificial scent there. Her own, natural musky fragrance is far sexier and more appealing in every way than anything that can be bought in any store.

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