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Erotic Ramblings 2 (Beth Kean)

Erotic Ramblings 2 by Beth Kean


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In this edition of Erotic Ramblings:

April Awakens

Introducing April Jordan. Twenty five years of age, a sexy redhead... and taking a holiday in the south of Spain to recover from a messy break up with her boyfriend of three years.
April could probably handle the split, she is well along the road to acceptance, but there is one disturbing thing that haunts her dreams... when April closes her eyes, she enters a world where her old boyfriend takes second place, because April is having far more fun with busty Joanna, his new girlfriend.
A chance meeting with sensual Spanish girl Antonia may just turn April’s dreams to reality, find out if she will take a hesitant step into an exciting new life in the first part of April’s story.

Plain Jayne

A teenage prank leads to a crazy new life for young Danny Wise. Trapped by his schoolmates, Danny finds himself carried from the showers and tied to a radiator in the girls changing rooms, there he has to await their arrival and their ridicule, and that is exactly what happens until Jayne races to his rescue, Plain Jayne, the butt of every joke, the young girl who frees him from his bonds and shame, yes she has seen him, and strangely Danny finds her glances intoxicating, so much so that he finds himself driven to show her again.

What has he started?
And how will it all end?
Find out in the Erotic Short Story – Plain Jayne.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 05 / 2017

No. words: 12435

Style: Young Adult Erotica, GLBT

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Jayne woke before dawn, she had a busy day ahead, so much to plan, so much to do.
Since the accident she had lived with her grandmother, it had been over three years, and after a couple of token visits from the social worker appointed to patronise her, she had adjusted to life comfortably with the pensioner. Jayne was on the cusp as it were, not a child yet not fully adult, but all of that had changed the month before, she had turned eighteen. She was now officially rated as capable of looking after herself without anyone to hold her hand. It was utter stupidity of course, she had been in control for almost two years, from the day that she discovered that her dear Granny had, to coin a popular phrase, completely lost her marbles!
Jayne took it in her stride, she was worldly, she cared deeply for the old woman and determined that to inform the authorities of her confused state would lead to at best, constant interruptions by social workers, but more likely the worst case scenario, they would put her last living relative in a home, then she would be completely alone.
“I'm doing this for you Gran,” she whispered as she took the bank card from the old woman's purse, shaking her head she unfolded the scrap of paper with the pin number, foolish, but necessary when battling with a failing memory.
The ATM receipt had made her smile, with monthly pension deposits plus a very healthy account she could keep them both afloat, she would act as carer, her Gran became the unwitting provider. And for almost two years the system had worked.
Jayne had juggled her attentions between keeping a careful eye on her virtually vegetative grandmother, to a much lesser extent her school work, and of greatest importance, the continued study of Danny Wise.
Now she sat in the kitchen, she had brewed tea and delivered it along with buttered toast soldiers, it was her Gran's favourite. But the old woman's delight had only lifted her spirits for a moment, she had a great deal on her mind... and it was all Danny's fault.
Before, she had lived in a fantasy world, a world that she could invent, twist and shape, a world that reality could shut off when the emotions became too intense. She dreamed of being with him, but it had always been just that... a dream.
But now! She sipped her tea, now it's real, and he threatens all the time that he will dump me if I don't obey him. He just doesn't get it, I love swallowing his cum, I love sucking him, if he wants me to parade naked through the city centre for him I will, he doesn't have to threaten, I belong to him, I always have... I always will!
Jayne felt a tear forming, his lack of trust hurt, didn't he understand how much she loved him? “I'll show him how much!” she whispered as she absent mindedly turned an old and rusted key over in her hand. “He won't doubt me then.”
Danny strolled toward the river, she would be waiting, he had her jumping through hoops. Stupid bitch he laughed happily, she really thinks that I care about her, and fuck, she will do anything for me, all I need to do is tell her I'm going to dump her ass. Well Jayne baby, today I'm going to fuck you, I'm going to open up that virgin cunt, then, I'm gonna shove my hard dick right up your ass hole. Oh, and Jayne, after I've pulled out of your shitter, suck my cock clean. Danny gave a little shimmy, his step was light, he knew that she was a virgin, who would have fucked the ugly bitch anyway, sure, he was about to, but it was different, he was degrading her, not loving her!
“Perfect.” he whispered, she was already there at the meeting place, it was pretty far from his home because he really didn't want to risk anyone he knew well from recognising him associating with such a dog. Never once had he asked himself where she lived, or if she travelled far to meet him, who cares he laughed, she's here, that's all that matters.
“Did you shave?” he ignored the greeting Hello, she didn't appear to notice. Jayne lifted her skirt and smiled as he chuckled. “Looks nice and smooth, but I have to be sure.” Jayne closed her eyes and drifted off to a wonderful place as his fingers explored the delicate pink folds that she had oiled before leaving her house. “Smooth baby,” he agreed, “Now get that skirt off and bend over.”
“Danny!” she whispered, “I hope that you don't mind, but I've prepared a picnic for us, I got some cans, some sandwiches and a pie, I thought we could go down by the old mill house, it's nice there in the sun.”
“Strip first,” he chuckled, “And I mean everything, I want you to walk there naked, I want you to say hello to anyone that you pass and show them those tits, I'm going to follow you at a distance and watch.”
“Anything for you.” she replied quietly and slipped the skirt down to her knees.
“Good girl,” Danny crooned and felt his cock stiffen, “And today, you are going to walk around until someone sees you... understand?”
“Have a picnic with me, then I promise that I will do anything that you want... anything.”
Danny nodded, he could drink her beer and eat her food, then he would open all of her holes before parading her naked body for all to see. And I'm going to dump my load in her tight cunt he chuckled, don't matter if I do knock the dumb bitch up. Danny had plans, and he didn't intend to meet her again, not unless he was feeling horny. Next week I will be long gone. The thought appealed, he would leave a gift in her before he disappeared into a university campus across on the opposite side of the Atlantic. He would be far away, and who would believe the crazy bitch anyway.

Author Information

Beth Kean began writing in 2014 and concentrates mostly in the Romance genre writing short stories about ordinary people, she enjoys writing interracial romance with strong black women finding understanding white men. Beth also ventures into the spicier side of the romance genre including a few erotic short stories.


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