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Hannah and Mr. Masters (Argus)

Hannah and Mr. Masters by Argus

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Lovely blonde teen Hannah has come to St. Croix with her friend Clair Masters and her family on holidays. The lovely blonde doesn't think much of big dumb jocks, but on her first night in St. Croix she gets caught skinny-dipping by Claire's brothers, which leads to a shocking, edgy sexual episode of submission and domination as the two men teach her about obedience! Now the whole family – except for Mr. Masters himself – has gone to a zoo, leaving her alone to ponder what she's gotten herself into! But Mr. Masters has overheard the previous night wild goings on, and a mortified Hannah has to endure 'a dad lecture on bdsm'! Only this lecture comes complete with a hands on demonstration that soon has her breathless and overwhelmed with the dark heat Mr. Masters rouses within her! She thought she had played a kinky game with the Masters brothers. But now Mr. Masters will demonstrate just how real – and hot – it can be to submit to his rough and ruthless desires!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2017

No. words: 15800

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The view was fabulous! The house was perched on a heavily treed cliff overlooking the ocean, about, oh, three hundred feet high. There was a slightly higher cliff off to the east, also covered in a dense layer of trees, and a tall, hilly island out across the bay. To the west you could see down to the shore and then a small town as the land curled north into the ocean.
St. Croix, in the Caribbean, was a gorgeous place, or at least, what I'd seen of it so far anyway, which wasn't much more than this. I'd come down here with my friend Claire and her family just the other day, but now, our first full day here, and she and her mom and brothers had gone off to look at snakes and crocodiles! Blech!
So here I was all alone. Mind you, if you had to be all alone, this was the place to be, with a beautiful back yard deck and a very large infinity pool so you could swim right up to the edge and look out – and down – at that incredible view!
I wasn't entirely alone, of course. Claire's dad had stayed behind to do some sort of work for the office. But he was inside doing that and I was out here in my bikini enjoying the view, the sunshine and warm temperatures.
He was the stern, taciturn type anyway, not really very dad-like at all, at least, not if you compared him to mine. Mine was a little pudgy, good natured, and fairly easy to manipulate if I worked at it and was clever.
Claire's dad was more of the 'I say, you do,' type. He was also a head taller than my dad and had huge shoulders. He had played college football and still had a powerful chest and body. I'd seen them before when he was in a swimsuit, back at his own house, where I hang around with Claire.
Big jock men were absolutely not my type. I liked my guys more sensitive and genial, with a good sense of humor and an understanding that women were the equal of men.
Not that he and I had ever discussed that, of course. He wasn't really all that chummy with his kids' friends. And his wife was certainly no shrinking violet. Mrs. Masters was pretty self-confident, intelligent and determined herself.
And then there were his sons, the twins, Cody and Hunter. Just thinking about them sent a rush of heat through my body. I hadn't intended to have much to do with them, but things had turned out otherwise. They'd surprised me when I was trying for a midnight skinny-dip and things had gotten shockingly intense.
I was still trying to figure out how, and still trying to understand why I had cooperated. I had been a virgin, after all! I mean, not really, but technically! I'd given lots of oral sex and hand jobs and let guys touch me all over, but the only cock I'd ever had in me before last night had been the dildo I'd bought.
Maybe that was why I had let them do what they wanted. I had been so filled with repressed curiosity and the need to see what it was like with a guy that I had given in to these two big, good looking jock types!
Why hadn't I had sex before? Because I went to a small school, was in my senior year, and determined to be respected. Everyone knew everyone's business, and the guys were all out to score so they could brag to their friends. I did not want them bragging about me, and talking about what I looked like naked and how I responded and stuff like that!
But at least the twins went to college now, hundreds of miles from home, and hopefully, whoever they bragged to would never meet me anyway.
But just because I had remained a virgin doesn't mean I hadn't really, really wanted to try it! And now, well, I sort of had. Not the way I had imagined it in countless fantasy scenes, of course, because none of them had had three people involved!
And none of them had me tied up... well, okay some of them did. The reality, though, had enormously exceeded the fantasy! Being tied up while they did stuff to me had been a strange, wild emotional thrill ride! It was like I was their sex toy and they could do anything they wanted to me! And there was nothing I could do about it!
Why had I not protested? I sort of, kind of had, in a half-hearted way. That was a little reassuring, that I had never actually said yes to all that dirty, kinky stuff they did. So I could legitimately say that. But the truth was I had been in this incredible state of raw hunger, and my body wanting them so much!
Oral sex from the receiving side had been incredible! And I'd had anal sex for the first time, too, and while that hadn't been as incredible it hadn't hurt like I had thought it would.
God, the twins were such arrogant bastards! They had even insisted that I wear a butt-plug all the time 'in case we want to use your gorgeous little ass'. Can you believe that!? And they'd threatened a spanking if they caught me without it!
It wasn't just fear of a spanking which had made me put it in this morning, but a dark sense of fascination with this whole master and slave silliness they had introduced me to. I mean, of course it wasn't real, but the idea of it was deliciously nasty!
Hannah Moore the sex slave! Oooww! That was so hot and kinky! It was wickedly exciting, and with the butt plug in me I had this constant sense of sexuality and sensuality about myself. I could feel the little round base pressed against the outside of my opening like a plastic coin, and could feel the egg-like plug inside me, squeezed tightly within the flesh of my body.
I had almost taken it out when they left. I had intended to, in fact, but then, what the heck. I had left it in and pulled on my bikini and then looked at myself over my shoulder in the mirror to see if I could detect it. The only way I could was if I bent way over, like touching my toes, with my legs apart. Then you could see a little indentation against the black fabric.
Well, I wasn't going to be bending over in front of anyone, so it was fairly safe to leave it there. And like I said, it made me feel wicked and sexual as I swam around the pool, or perched on the edge. The idea of feeling like that had gripped me since waking.
In fact, just for the hell of it I swam to the edge, to the thick plastic that formed the outer wall of the infinity pool facing out over the ocean, and pulled my top up to bear my breasts. I bobbed up and down in the water, feeling it caressing my nipples, which hardened instantly, rising to show my bare breasts to the world!
I had not actually got my naked dip in the pool, and regretted it now. I wanted to feel the warm water sliding across my bare skin. It was too bad Mr. Masters hadn't gone with his family, but then again, I remembered, there was a servant, this black guy called Manuel. He was more of a caretaker, but he still lived somewhere in the big white house.
I heard the door slide open and quickly pulled my top down, feeling a surge of adrenaline at the thought of someone catching me like this. Then I slid back under water, turned and came up again to see Mr. Masters coming out onto the deck.
“How's the water, Hannah?” he asked.
“It's gorgeous!” I exclaimed.
He was wearing a bathing suit, and I swam closer to the other side of the pool, feeling my lower belly starting to tighten. He really did have a powerful male body. And while I normally disdained jocks, like I said, last night's events, being crushed between two such male bodies, had sort of shifted my sexual view!


Argus has another excellent story serial. I have just read the first two parts and can't wait for part 3. The plot is extremely interesting. As the man said: Please more!!! 5 out of 5 (fhallowner)

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


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