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Ravished By Her Kidnappers (Pornelope)

Ravished By Her Kidnappers by Pornelope

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Gemini is a homeless teenager trying to survive on the fringes. When all her possessions are stolen, she accepts a meal from three handsome strangers…and all hell breaks loose. In no time at all, she finds herself in the middle of a sizzling no-holds-barred group orgy. Will she lose more than just her innocence as they pound her repeatedly, hard and unprotected, in every hole?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 5 / 2017

No. words: 7376

Style: Bondage/BDSM Groupsex, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Gemini is a homeless teenager trying to survive on the fringes. When all her possessions are stolen, she accepts a meal from three handsome strangers…and all hell breaks loose. In no time at all, she finds herself in the middle of a sizzling no-holds-barred group orgy. Will she lose more than just her innocence as they pound her repeatedly, hard and unprotected, in every hole?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Despite his reservations, Ben’s pulse began to quicken as her bikini hovered for a moment, clinging to the rounded outlines of her peaked nipples, then fell away without a sound. He’d half-expected her to cover those incredible globes with her arms, but she barely even seemed to notice she was half-naked. His mouth watered at the thought of burying his face between them and sucking hard on her rising nipples.
“Now the bottoms.” Pete’s voice was husky, but firm. “Take them off slowly. Let them glide down your hips. That’s right…oh, fuck, baby, you’re so hot!”
She was hot, burning up from within as her own excitement began to spiral higher. “Now what?” she panted, easing the flimsy triangle down a bit at a time.
“She really is a natural blonde!” Dan exclaimed, rubbing his hand up and down faster. “Look at that pretty little pussy!”
Ben realized, with a start, that he was rubbing his own rigid cock. Gemini didn’t seem to notice or care. Was she really as innocent as she seemed? he wondered, recklessly wriggling out of his tight briefs so his surging cock could spring free. The cool night air felt unexpectedly sensual against his bare flesh, and his own passion kicked up another notch.
Dan and Pete were only a heartbeat behind him. Swimsuits flew across the tent as they rapidly stripped, then stared in breathless excitement as Gemini’s bikini briefs fell to the sand, and pooled around her small feet like molten gold.
“Touch yourself!” Dan ordered, vigorously beating his own long cock. “Slide your hands between your legs and stroke your pussy. Are you wet, Gem?”
Unexpected pleasure blossomed beneath her curious fingers, and Gemini rolled her eyes in helpless confusion. “It feels so good!” she moaned.
“It’s gonna feel even better!” Dan wasn’t sure how much more he could stand. He’d been the one to buy the datura and mix it in her food and soda; he’d claimed the right to fuck her first. This teasing was exquisitely erotic, and he was loving every moment—especially when her head fell back, and her hips began to buck in a provocative rhythm—but damn, if he didn’t blow his first load soon, it was absolutely going to kill him! “You ever suck cock before, honey?”
Her baffled expression was so alluring, he nearly lost control right that moment. “Oh, fuck,” he groaned, clutching himself with whitened fingers. “I was right! She is a virgin!”
“Not for long!” Ben’s qualms had vanished as rising pleasure numbed his lusty mind. “Think she can take all three of us at once?”
Across from him, Dan snorted. “She’s only got two holes, moron.”
“She’s got a mouth, too,” Pete mocked. “Sure, let’s fill her up with all the hot cock she can stand, starting with me! Gemini!” He motioned her closer, then caught her hand and pulled her down to her knees. “Time for you to get busy!”

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The rising moon seemed to bob and weave in a curiously seductive rhythm as she chewed, swallowed, chewed some more. Was it only her imagination, or were the flames pulsing with a life all their own, urging her to join in some primal dance?
Instinctively she swayed in rhythm, then jolted a little when one of the men laid a supportive arm around her shoulders. “Easy there, sweetheart. Don’t fall into the fire.”
“I won’t.” She murmured it a little hazily, but didn’t pull away. The heat of his muscular body felt good against hers. Why hadn’t she ever realized how wonderful a man’s strong hands could feel as they massaged her shoulders in slow, sure strokes? “That feels nice.”
“Good.” Pete leaned a little closer, and murmured in her ear, “You want it to feel even better, don’t you?”
She turned her head, and tried to focus on his face. He was so close, she could feel his warm breath tickling her cheek. Part of her—the sane part that would never accept meals from total strangers—wanted to pull away and run back to the safety of her little walkway grotto. But his dark eyes held her riveted. They were intense, compelling…somehow just a little dangerous. A quick thrill of excitement kindled deep in her belly, and began to spread through her tingling body.
“You do, don’t you?” he insisted, and his hands tightened on her bare shoulders. “You want me to make you feel really good.”
“Yes.” It seemed natural to agree, to nod in breathless anticipation.
“Anything I want.”
“Anything.” She moaned a little when his fingers resumed their steady rhythm, kneading and caressing the expanse of her tanned back. “Oh, anything!”
“Hear that, boys?” Pete glanced beyond her, and smirked at his friends. “I told you it would work.”
Dan grinned back at him. “Hot damn! So now what?”
“Now we all have some fun.” Pete curled his hands around Gemini’s and lifted her to her feet. “You’re going to do everything we want,” he told her. “Anything at all. And you’re going to love every single bit of it.
“Do you know where you are?” He led her, step by unsteady step, into the big tent. “We’re deep in the jungle. Someone snatched you, and held you for ransom.” He produced a length of rope from his pocket, and dangled it in front of her. “We just rescued you.”
A vague frown creased her smooth forehead. “Kidnapped?”
“That’s right,” he nodded, fixing her with his intense gaze again. “You were taken captive, and they were going to ransom you. No one answered their demands, so they were going to kill you instead. We rescued you.”
“You rescued me.” She repeated it slowly, trying to piece his words together into a clear picture. Everything seemed so hazy, so jumbled in her whirling mind!
“Dan and Ben and I chased them away. You were so glad to see us! Do you remember?”
Gradually the confusion on her face cleared, and she began to smile. “You rescued me. You saved me from them.”
“That’s right. And you were so relieved, you said you’d reward us by doing anything we wanted in return. Anything, Gemini.” His dark eyes bored into hers. “We don’t want money. We want you. Ben and Dan and I are your very best friends in the whole world. You’re going to do everything we want, and in return we’ll make you feel better than you ever dreamed possible!”
A beaming smile curved her lips. “All right.”
“Good girl.” He flashed her a decidedly wicked grin, then nodded for Ben to zip down the entry flap. “Tomorrow you won’t remember any of this…but tonight we’re going to party ’til the sun comes up!”

Keywords: barely-legal teen, virgin, older men, hardcore sex, anal sex, oral sex, outdoor sex, beach sex, groupsex, gangbang, spanking, unprotected bareback sex, double penetration, brainwashing

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