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Larisa's Spring Break (K.C. Douglas)


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Larisa enjoyed spring break with many of her friends who also attended college. When the nightclub festivities came to an end, everyone had consumed far too much alcohol, but Larisa and Sally decided to join four revellers to continue the partying at Derrick’s who was Larisa’s neighbor. Sally became entangled with one of the drunken guys and Larisa thought she would go home because she wasn’t feeling well. Suddenly she met Derrick’s brother and found out the teenager had a serious crush on her for many years, which proved to be a downfall to an inebriated young woman.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 5 / 2017

No. words: 11236

Style: General Erotica, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The party had been going for hours and almost everyone had too much to drink. It was Spring Break and all the neighborhood guys and girls attending college and those who were working in the city started out at a popular nightclub. About two in the morning, a few close friends moved to Derrick’s home for a few more drinks, trying to make the night last longer.

Derrick’s parents were away for the weekend and the only one home was his younger brother so the place was perfect for four drunken college boys and two girls. One of the girls, Larisa had stopped drinking about one hour before leaving the club and she was at least thinking straight by the time they arrived at Derrick’s.

Larisa had gone to the party with her best friend, Sally who was not as lucky as her. The girl was falling-down drunk and she would regret losing control when surrounded by a group of inebriated horny, young men. The two girls had been talked into going with the four guys in an effort to do more celebrating on spring break.

Everyone was good friends and Larisa actually lived only a block away. She knew Derrick and his family extremely well so she didn’t think anything could go wrong. That was until she noticed the horny guys using every mean possible to get Sally to act like their drunken slut.

When Larisa noticed her friend encourage the brazen assault, she decided it was wise to get out of the room, as she wasn’t feeling well. She went to the washroom on the second floor of the neat, two-story house and took a few minutes trying to overcome the effects of too much alcohol. Ten minutes felt like an eternity and when she came out of the bathroom, there was no hiding the fact her girlfriend’s clothes had been ripped off.

Larisa spied on the action in the dimly lit family room from the landing of the second floor. Things obviously got carried away in a hurry because Sally was being ridden hard by Derrick who was showing off to his drunken buddies and the girl was too drunk to protest. Larisa watched the immoral action, as her girlfriend merely giggled and pretended to love what was happening to her.

Sally didn’t struggle at all when the guys said they were going to take turns fucking her. The gangbang unfolded and the only thing going through Larisa’s mind was a desperation to escape the scene, yet she stood motionless, trying to think of a way to help her friend.

One of the guys wasn’t too drunk to remember that Sally’s friend had been drinking with them and had come back to the house. “Derrick, this one’s a real slut. What happened to that gorgeous chick... her friend with the nice tits and sexy ass?” the guy asked.

“Larisa! Yeah, not sure... think she left... or maybe went upstairs, as I saw her with my little, piss-head brother,” Derrick replied. “Think she wasn’t feeling well and Robbie might have taken her home.”

Larisa heard the comment and a shiver shot through her body, as she glanced at Derrick’s eighteen-year-old brother who was crouching beside her. Robbie had been kind to her when she felt sick and the teen showed her to an upstairs washroom. He was not old enough to party or hangout with the older guys, but he certainly envied them because of the gorgeous girls they hung out with during spring break.

Robbie was no fool and certainly old enough to recognize a sexy woman. Since Larisa had gone to high school with Derrick, Rob had noticed her because she was about the sexiest girl around. He literally worshipped her and if the truth be told, he had masturbated more times than he could count just dreaming about Larisa.

When the partiers came to the house, Robbie sort of watched the festivities from the sidelines and envied his big brother and buddies. The party quickly renewed once the group arrived at his home and Robbie noticed how the drunken guys poured liquor into the two sexy women until they were completely intoxicated.

When Larisa complained about being dizzy and sick, Robbie willingly assisted her away from the loud, rowdy gathering. He told his brother that he was taking her home, but instead took Larisa upstairs, just so he could stay close to her. Robbie huddled with the tipsy young woman and prayed his brother would forget about him and the sexy goddess.

Robbie was afraid one of the guys would search for Larisa so he guided the shivering girl into a nearby bedroom. They peeked around the door and peered down at the main floor crowd, hoping to remain hidden from the drunken guys. Robbie huddled with the shivering Larisa and they listened, as Derrick let everyone know he was banging a willing Sally.

“Oh fuck... oooohhhh fuck, I’m ready... I’m ready,” Derrick moaned.

“Fuck, let’s check. Hey man... Lara, Lori or Laris... well she’s one hot chick. Definitely one broad that needs a big cock and I have just what she needs,” the guy said to Derrick and laughed.

Author Information

I started reading erotic stories a few years ago and found many of them to be very unbelievable, as well as written poorly so I wondered if I could do better. I have written many stories and posted them on a few story sites, which has given me great satisfaction when readers send me wonderful feedback. After receiving many nice comments from readers, I decided to give publishing a try and I am hoping to give readers a rewarding experience by reading one of my books.

I fully immerse myself in each story and hopefully that intimate feeling is portrayed in each of my books. The enjoyment received from erotic stories can give a person many minutes and hours of personal enjoyment and hopefully my books do that for readers.

Many of my books are pure erotic fantasy... I think... but then again I won't admit what parts come from personal experience. Yes, I have had affairs in my life and in my marriage, but hopefully they have made me stronger and happier. I can't describe the enjoyment I get from writing and will admit that it has been kept a total secret from my family and friends.


Publisher Information

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