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My Bisexual Husbandís Adult Movie Wrap Party:  (Jennifer Lynne)

My Bisexual Husbandís Adult Movie Wrap Party:  by Jennifer Lynne

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Victoria and Tony organize a wrap/viewing party to celebrate the completion of their very own, private adult movie, which features them as the stars along with two of the industry's biggest names - Veronica Starr and the famously bisexual Dirk Thrust.
Their director arranges the gathering at an opulent English Country manor and invites over one hundred adult movie stars to attend. Their movie plays on screens all over the mansion, setting the scene for an incredibly uninhibited, all-naked party.

What follows is a hot free-for all in which Tony further explores his bisexual side in a sexy BBC menage, as his hot wife, Victoria looks on whilst having her own fun with Veronica and a trio of hot men - all under the watchful eyes of the other party guests!

EXPLICIT: this exceptionally hot 9,000 word story includes bisexual MM action, exhibitionism, group fun and MMFM menages.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 5 / 2017

No. words: 9000

Style: Menage/Group Erotica, Swingers Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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My Bisexual Husbandís Adult Movie Wrap Party

Hot Wife MFM with MMFF and MM Mťnage

Since the three guys were already naked, that dispensed with the preliminaries and in an instant my hot husband was laid down on the expensive couch with Anton and Dirk poised over him. The two adult movie stars paused for a moment, seemingly mesmerised by the sexy action up on the screen, their eyes glued to the image of my pussy and ass crammed full of dick and Tonyís cock stuffed to the hilt in Jacksonís mouth. I have to admit, that really is one hell of a hot scene, and just watching it brought back the delicious memories of having my holes stretched as wide as they could go, and the delicious pulling sensation on my swollen clitty being almost too much to bear.
As I watched, my head swimming with the delightful feelings that Veronica was generating down in my pussy Ė sheíd wriggled three fingers up inside my vagina and was massaging my g-spot Ė Dirk straddled Tonyís chest and pressed his huge, pink dick against my husbandís lips. And, as Tony parted those lips to allow Dirk into the warm, wetness of his mouth, Anton knelt between his knees and slurped my husbandís cock into his mouth. Dirk slid his cock in and out of my husbandís mouth, its bulging head and a good half of its blue-veined shaft glistening wet with saliva as inch by inch he eased the thing farther down Tonyís throat. In turn, Tonyís hips bucked as Antonís mouth and tongue worked its magic on his dick, and as Dirk fucked his mouth, Tony fucked the black guyís.
The pretty Asian gal joined Veronica working at my nude body. She took a hold of my right breast and lifted it up towards my face. I lowered my head and flicked out my tongue and together she and I licked at my erect nipple, our tongues caressing each other over the stiff flesh that adorned my large, firm orb.
Tony moaned out loud and I could see that Anton had all of his cock Ė all the way to its thick base Ė inside his mouth. And, much to my astonishment, Tony was managing to deep throat Dirk, with all nine inches or so of the porn starís cock in his mouth. I saw Tonyís throat bulging rhythmically, in tune with Dirkís gentle pumping at his mouth, that monster girth appearing and disappearing with long, hypnotic glides.
It made me feel so damned horny to be watching my husband re-enact that incredibly sexy scene from our private movie, especially so in front of a room filled with such good looking, naked people. The sense of anticipation and frission of sexual tension in the air was palpable, the heady scents of sex like some powerful erotic perfume that fair made the head swim. I lapped at my own nipples along with the stunning Asian girl as she flicked and slapped frantically at her own clit and Veronica licked and sucked at mine, drawing it deep into her mouth Ė the suction alone driving me closer and closer towards a mind-blowing orgasm.
Anton pulled his mouth away from my husbandís cock, leaving the long, thick shaft soaking wet and throbbing. He then lifted up Tonyís legs and slid himself between my husbandís thighs, that big black dick aimed directly at Tonyís twitching brown rose. Slowly, but firmly and with purpose, Anton eased the bulbous head of his cock against Tonyís entrance, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from my husband whose mouth and throat were still stuffed full with Dirkís cock.
Then Anton applied pressure with a gentle thrust of his broad, powerful hips and his thick, strong thighs bulged as he did so. Tony relaxed his pelvic muscles a little and Antonís thick, slippery cock head popped smoothly inside his tight entrance. Tony cried out with pleasure, his voice muffled against the cock he was busy swallowing, his delight at Antonís invasion of his body unmistakable. As I looked on, wrapt with delirious pleasures of my own, Anton dribbled a long string of saliva down onto where his cock entered my husbandís body. It dripped down onto his fat shaft like a line of snowballed cum, some of it coating Tonyís ball sac, the rest raining down upon Antonís thick, black cock. Using the extra lubrication, Anton rocked his hips in a tender back and forth motion to slip his dick farther and farther inside my husbandís taut hole with every thrust.
Tony groaned again as the pleasure of being so resolutely penetrated by a big black cock washed over him. He lifted up his hips a little more and wiggled his behind to help ease that monster dick inside of his body. And all the while my sexy husband sucked and slurped noisily at Dirkís cock like it was his very last meal, the wet smacking sounds his busy mouth made resounding throughout the room.

Author Information

Jennifer Lynne is a lifelong advocator of all things hedonistic, and a writer who loves what she does - writing exactly the type of steamy erotica stories that get her personally hot under the collar.

In her objective to provide intelligent, wonderfully written and thoroughly engaging tales with something for everyone, Jennifer Lynne leaves no subject untouched and no taboos unbroken!

Every story is lovingly crafted with a beginning a middle and an end, with believable characters and and engaging plot that explores the most sensual, erotic and often sometimes darkest fantasies.

Jennifer comes from a varied career in the sensual pleasures, having organised hedonistic parties for the rich and famous, run an agency that catered to the bespoke fantasies of an exclusive clietele (some of which feature anonymously in her tales of debauched sex and lust) and toured her native England as the burlesque striptease performer Peachy Derierre.

Jennifer sincerely hopes that you absolutely love her stories - they are for ladies, for gentlemen, for couples to read together - and if there she always loves to hear from her fans... www.jenniferlynneerotica.com


Publisher Information

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