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The TAKING of A Young, Delicious Housewife (Emily Taylor)

The TAKING of A Young, Delicious Housewife by Emily Taylor


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Christy certainly was an attractive package. She stood about medium height with a petite build and perfect measurements that included a tight, flat stomach, nicely curved buttocks, and full breasts in Reggie's opinion the epitome of female form.

The 22-year-old college graduate and housewife took care of her figure through strict diet and daily exercise. Her model-like figure, combined with smooth, white skin, dark blue eyes, and silky, blond hair extending slightly past her shoulders, received the gaze of many, who saw in her a girl of their dreams. But no one could have Christy because her heart belonged to her husband, Dave.

But that didn't stop Reggie from undressing her with his dark eyes. Nor did it change his intentions. His cock twitched as he thought about fucking this cute, white fox.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 05 / 2017

No. words: 23000

Style: General Erotica, Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Christy's pleas began returning between her gasps for air as Reggie calmly sat between her open legs fondling her. "Please stop... I promise...I won't tell anyone...if you stop."

But this horrible animal wasn't stopping.

Reggie noticed Christy's clit slowly engorging from his fillips, the timid head of her clitoris retracting beneath its protective hood. "Does that feel good there, baby?"

"No, it doesn't feel good... Stop touching me there... I'm married... Why are you doing this?" Christy sobbed as Reggie caused involuntary responses in her body, pink flesh glistening with secretions inviting him to drink her nectar.

Reggie spread her vaginal lips wide apart with his black fingers and began orally assaulting her.

"Oh, god... stop it! That's disgusting." She sat up on her elbows and from over her flat, battered tummy helplessly watched with a contorted face. She tried unsuccessfully to push Reggie's head away, her fingers clutching his kinky hair.

Reggie ached for her. He slid off his gym shorts and his monstrous, black organ sprang from confinement.

Christy's eyes widened when she saw his enormity. Reggie's cock looked more like a truck's radiator hose than a man's penis. Veins distended beneath its black skin. No way could that thing ever fit inside her. "Please, please, please don't do that to me. I promise I won't tell anyone about this if you stop. I mean it."

She was hysterically babbling as Reggie reopened her labia and aimed his cock at her entrance.

The large head of his penis pushed at her opening and Christy became frantic. She didn't know what else to say or do to stop him. "I'm sorry I wasn't nicer to you. I'll do anything you want. Please don't put that in me. You're too big."

The pressure from his attempted invasion built. Christy fell back from her elbows, clenching the sheets in her fists. "Oh, god! No. Please. You're hurting me."

Her husband's pecker must have been incredibly small, Reggie thought, slowly applying more force to overcome her pussy's resistance, until her moist labia finally engulfed the head of his penis.

"Ow," Christy cried. Another man's penis entered her for the first time, and her pussy subversively provided lubrication for its own assault her fidelity to Dave eradicated by this brute in little more than an instant.

Reggie gradually advanced more of his cock into her, taunting her in the process. "That's right girl. You got black cock in your pussy now. How it feel?"

"Oh god, stop it! Please, you're hurting me. It's too big."

She felt him advance slightly deeper with each thrust. "I'm married. We let you live here with us. Why are you doing this?"

Reggie placed his index finger to her lips. "Shush, you be quiet and stop crying. You may be married but you my girlfriend now."

"No," Christy whimpered. She would never be his girlfriend. But her pussy acted contrarily, its juices coating more of Reggie's cock with affectionate sheen as he penetrated deeper into her.

How could this happen to her?


Reasonable but a bit pedestrian. Too much repetition. A bit more variety would add flavour. 3 out of 5 (Fred)

Author Information

Emily Taylor is an American author living in New Jersey. She is 28 years old. Strikingly beautiful and bisexual by nature, she left a full time job in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue her passion in writing adult stories. Emily loves Stanley Kubrick films and often strives to create a dark, erotic ambiance in her stories.

Emily Taylor hopes that her readers will enjoy her work.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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