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Progenitor 3 (Ken Haramiru)

Progenitor 3 by Ken Haramiru

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When a pair of cute college girls invite the Progenitor back to visit their sorority house, turning them down isn’t an option. Before long we learn that one of the girls has a breeding kink, and she quickly figures out that Phil’s alien-given gifts can bring about her ultimate personal fantasy: Being just one of an entire college full of pregnant co-eds, all due around the same time. And to top it all off, its HFRN ending casts an old friend in a new light.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 4 / 2017

No. words: 29000

Style: Open Minded - Science Fiction, General Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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The series so far…
At this point, Philip Young's spent less than 48 hours of his second life. His first body died of old age, and his alien-built replacement body was designed to kick off the 20th of humanity’s 32 evolutionary stages. The new body's pheromones trigger deep-seated instincts in human brains - first, they cause everyone but fertile women to go catatonic as soon as their systems produce adrenaline in his presence. Next, his nanotech-supported sperm triggers a secondary form of human reproduction: instead of a normal pregnancy, women he sleeps with lay a clutch of eggs minutes later. Each egg contains a human fetus, and their own pheromones trigger instincts compelling women to insert them into their own vaginas.
As we open this story, Philip is on a metro bus accompanying a pair of gorgeous sorority girls he met in the previous story back to their sorority house. He’s not sure whether or not the events at the mall will result in a manhunt, but he does know that if he’s captured, the aliens will quickly but not-so-painlessly melt him into an orange goo to preserve their secrets.

Chapter 1: Sibling Rivalry
I felt like I’d just dozed off when a soft hand gently shook me awake. "Brad - this is our stop."
I just barely remembered I’d given that name to the two gorgeous girls I’d boarded the bus with. We'd gotten on, one thing had led to the next, and they'd ultimately asked me to “chill” with them at their sorority house. It didn't take a slang lexicon to figure out what they meant, and their sorority house sounded like a good place to wait in case my antics at the mall had resulted in a police manhunt.
Erica, the taller of the two, "accidentally" ground her ass against me when she bent over to pick up her shopping bags. She'd just spent the past half hour inhaling my pheromones, and by now she was probably desperate enough to fuck me in my bus seat if I suggested it. Amita, her roommate, hip-bumped her off of me and said, "Save it for the dance tonight.”
While Erica was a slender white brunette with mischievous green eyes, Amita was a dark-skinned East Indian girl with a dancer's toned body. Erica wore a transparent blouse over a yellow cross-hatched string bikini, and a pair of cut-off denim shorts which showed off her ass. She looked fresh off of the beach, contrasting sharply with Amita's loose-fitting electric blue running shorts and sports bra. Both women were drop-dead sexy, but Amita's look was straight out of a gym's "reasons to join us" poster. Her top was just tight enough to keep her cocoa-brown cleavage in view, and just thin enough to leave no doubt where her nipples were.
Their sorority house was a mile or so down fraternity row, which in this town consisted of an entire neighborhood of large multi-story houses with Greek letters. In deference to my 1940s sensibilities, I carried both girls' shopping bags - and my position in the rear gave me a spectacular view of both girls' well-formed asses strutting in front of me with a practiced oscillation.
They led me to their house, which was actually their sorority's second house on this campus. The front door was unlocked, and Erica swung it open and waved me in. “Entres vous,” she said in a mock French accent. The scent of potpourri candles attacked me as I stepped inside, and to the right of the entryway was a cozy assembly area lined with couches. The floor was faux wood paneling, accented by a few small rugs.
“House rules say visitors leave by 8 - but if no one knows you’re here, it won't matter.” She winked and added, “Besides, you're my date to the rave tonight as far as I'm concerned.”
I raised an eyebrow. “The what?”
She grinned. “Costume rave. Each Greek organization at our college is wearing its own themed costume, and ours is going as faeries - think 'slutty Tinker Bell'. That means we wear fake wings, body glitter, and see-thru clothes. Each of us is allowed to bring one non-Greek along, so you can come with us if you want.”
I grinned and said, “Sounds fun! What’re we doing until then?”
Amita nudged me in the shoulder and said quietly, “Let’s go figure that out. C’mon, before house mom sees us and makes you sign in.” She turned and walked up the stairs in front of me, and Erica and I followed. Amita's shorts were a work of art, revealing every curve of her early-20s ass. It was impossible not to enjoy the view, and my dick hardened a little in spite of my desire to postpone the inevitable orgy.
In my position, a normal college guy would nervously micro-analyze his every move in a desperate, often counter-productive effort not to mess up his chances of getting laid. But my pheromones made sex a foregone conclusion at this point, and all I really wanted was a nap before Amita and Erica inevitably took things to the next level.
Erica shouldered open their bedroom door and sat down at a desk across the room, then I selected a beanbag chair near the closest bed. The door clicked shut behind us.
Amita slipped on a plain white t-shirt, then fumbled around underneath it for a few seconds before pulling her bra out from underneath in an impressive feat of agility. I’m sure she intended for me to notice her dark nipples showing faintly through the shirt, but I didn't comment. I still had hopes of taking a nap before the orgy.
Erica's arms were up, her hands resting on the back of her neck as her expression begged for my attention. As soon as I made eye contact she asked, “You’re not a prude, are you?”
I shook my head, and Erica grinned widely. “Good,” she said - and pulled the string on her bikini top. She smirked saucily as she stretched and arched her back, letting the bikini fall out from under her see-thru shirt and leaving her effectively topless.
“Erica!” Amita gasped out as her friend's bikini top hit the floor.
“Oh Amita, lighten up. You took yours off too,” she pointed out.
I smirked, leaned further back into the beanbag chair, and folded my hands behind my head. “Not like I mind," I contributed.
That was an understatement on my part. In spite of myself, my hard-on had tented my pants like a flagpole, and Erica definitely noticed it.
“I bet he doesn't mind,” emphasized Amita. She arched her back a little, her nipples straining at her shirt as it rode up and exposed a few inches of firm, flat midriff.
Erica sauntered over to the beanbag chair, deliberately ensuring I noticed her boobs swaying through her see-thru top. She aimed herself at my side and purred out, "Don’t mind sharing, do you? You took my favorite spot."
The warmth of her skin seeped into my side and I was acutely aware that her breast was pressed gently up against me. I slipped my arm around her back and turned my face towards hers, surrendering to the inevitable as our lips drew closer. Inwardly I sighed, realizing that the nap just wasn't going to happen. After all, once the yelling and the screaming started, who knows how many more girls would come to investigate and stay for the orgy?
“You're hoarding him,” Amita pouted.
Erica giggled. “Were you planning to join us?” she asked.
Amita’s cheeks flushed so red that I could see it through her cocoa-brown skin. She stammered out, “Well... yes, I’d like to.”
The beanbag chair was too small for both girls, and I looked up at Amita. The bed she sat on was a typical girl-nest of pillows, and she almost looked small when framed by them all. But I didn’t want the girls start fighting over me, so I interjected, “How about we move it to the bed, ladies?”
Erica cracked a half-smile and playfully punched me in the side. “Think you’re getting lucky or something?” she asked.
I wistfully replied, “I know I'm getting lucky. I just wish I could a nap first.”
“Excuse you?” Erica yelped.
I stood up, stretched, and jumped lengthwise onto Amita's bed with a satisfying bounce. Erica was alone in the beanbag chair watching in disbelief as I rolled up against Amita. I looked back at Erica and retorted, “I’m taking a nap starting now - unless you stop me.”
Erica shook her head in disbelief, half-grinning as she muttered “If you weren’t so damn hot” under her breath. Her bare breasts swayed seductively as she shrugged off her see-through top, getting truly topless before climbing into the bed with a catlike grace.
Amita giggled nervously as her topless roommate snuggled up to my back side, possessively laying her arm over my torso. I was suddenly grateful both girls were petite, because the full-size bed would’ve been a tight fit otherwise.
I was the center of a girl sandwich as two sets of fingers explored my chest, Amita picking at my buttons and Erica groping my chest through my shirt. Amita bit her lower lip and took the plunge, attacking the buttons one at a time to open my shirt, revealing the chiseled physique I’d never dieted or exercised for.
I scooted off the bed once she got the last button, leaving both girls behind. “Hey!” Erica exclaimed - just before I shrugged out of my shirt and threw it at her. Amita catcalled, then picked her cellphone off her headboard and started playing some kind of pop music.
“Just in case it gets loud,” she grinned.
My shirt was already off, and my hands were on my belt. Since I wasn’t some master stripper, I stepped out of my pants one foot at a time, smiling at both of the girls in turn. At first I was disappointed that they weren’t meeting my eyes - then I noticed they were staring at the tent being pitched in my boxers. My dick was making its best effort to rip its way out, and Erica and Amita both licked their lips nervously.
I slipped off my boxers, and their expressions changed to open lust. My erection bounced with each step back to the bed. Amita looked away for a brief moment after I laid down next to her, erect member pointing at the ceiling. Erica pressed herself up against me eagerly, while Amita seemed a little more reserved, hovering just a few inches away from me. I wrapped one arm around each girl and pulled them closer.
I turned my head to the right and met Erica’s eyes. I was still looking at her face when a hand wrapped around my shaft, stroking it slowly. Erica was either a master poker player, or her hand wasn’t the one in question. When I looked down, I was surprised to notice that a smooth brown hand gripping my cock.
“Amita!” Erica exclaimed in astonishment as she followed my eyes.
“I couldn’t let you lead the whole time, could I?” Amita shot back.
I glanced over at Amita, and then back to Erica. The white girl was staring daggers at her roommate. “I was about to blow him,” she protested. She looked into my eyes and pleaded, “You'd rather have that than her hand, right?”
Amita blushed but didn’t let go. “I’m taking him inside me,” she countered.
Erica's eyebrows went up. “You? Amita, you’re practically a virgin! Stop saying things you won't do!”
Amita said nothing, just rolled onto her back to push down her shorts. Erica made an open-mouth dive at my penis, but was deflected by Amita’s open palm. “Oh no, you don’t!” she cried out as she literally cock-blocked her roommate.
Erica tottered off balance on the side of the bed and Amita rolled over to straddle me cowgirl style. She hadn’t had enough time to pull her shorts down the rest of the way, but pushing the crotch to the side was enough. She was almost perfectly lined up over my shaft when she ground down, impaling herself on my erection with a contented gasp. Cock-block officially forgiven.
“Practically a virgin, huh?” Amita said as she shifted her weight so I’d bottom out inside her, my steel-hard cock completely enveloped by her hot, pulsing sex. Amita let out a triumphant moan as her pussy lips ground against my pelvis, completing our connection.
I wrapped my arms around her hips and thrust back hard, lifting her off the bed as Erica pouted at us from the side. Amita rode me tightly, not pulling back long enough for her shorts to rub. My fingers teased at her shirt, tickling the skin just beneath it. Amita shivered for a moment, then flung her shirt off. I saw her bare breasts for the first time, mid-range C cups or so that looked huge on her slim, toned frame.
Erica rolled off of the bed in surrender, standing up so she could slip her own shorts off. Her hair flowed airily, dark and shoulder-length, as she tossed her head back. “Me next, ok?" she asked defeatedly.
Amita didn’t say a word, just closed her eyes and flattened out her palms against my chest as she thrust in tune to the music. Our legs intertwined as I rolled over, pinning her beneath me as I strove inside her. Every inch of my skin hungered for more contact with her as I ran my fingers up and down her back. Muscles danced beneath her skin as she gasped in pleasure, every motion deepening our connection.
I felt a touch on my back and noticed Erica had climbed into the bed beside me again. “Save some for me,” she whispered.
My orgasm started out as a ghost of a feeling, but erupted into a full conflagration of lust and instinct seconds later. I clenched my jaw as the sensation built and built, peaking over me like ocean waves until I ground myself against Amita and exploded, cumming into her so hard she let out a surprised gasp. Erica lay on her back beside us, legs slightly parted as she fingered herself and waited for her turn. Amita gasped and panted as I held her tight, finishing inside her as pulse after pulse of my seed entered her vagina. It’d only been a few hours since the mall, but I felt like a teenage boy who hadn't jerked off for a week. I didn’t even want to imagine how full Amita’s vagina must have been at this point. I looked down at Amita’s face, beaded with sweat, with her eyes rolled upwards in orgasm after orgasm - and I knew it wasn't fake as her vagina twitched, clutching my cock to extract every last drop of sperm. I held that position in her depths for what felt like minutes, but it was probably only seconds before Amita came back down from her orgasm. She opened her eyes again and I gently slid her off of me and back to her side, where she pressed her lithe body up against me. Amita half-opened her lively brown eyes and impishly asked, "Round two in a few minutes?"
Erica slapped her roommate’s thigh and pout-barked out, “No! My turn!”
I snickered and kissed Amita as I dismounted her to lie down between the two girls. “She's right, Amita."
Erica's finger traced my chest as she murmured, "I'm not into sharing, but no way are you leaving this bed without satisfying me too.“
My arms were wrapped comfortably around the two girls’ shoulders, relishing the sensations of their bare skin against mine. Amita shifted her hips back and forth, wrinkling her nose a little as she felt her pussy lips gliding against each other, lubricated by my sperm. “I'm not either. God Brad, you even came inside me and I'm not even pissed! This just isn't like either of us!”
Erica chimed in with, “You're right! Paranoid as you are, why’d you just jump on him like that anyway? We never even talked about protection, did we? Holy fuck, girl, who's running our brains today?”
Amita smiled nervously. “No idea! I just had to have him, but now I'm realizing I don’t want to go through the next few weeks wondering if I’m pregnant or not.”
I pulled her head close to me and kissed the top of her forehead. “Then I’ll tell you right now: you’re pregnant.”
Erica slapped me on the leg. “Don't even joke about that!” she snapped.
I just half-smiled, closed my eyes, and mentally counted the seconds. The two girls settled back into snuggling up to me, their hands idly exploring my chest. I reached forty before I could feel Amita's growing belly pressing up against me - and her first scream of shock came seconds later.
“Oh my GOD!” Amita shrieked. She rolled away from me and onto her back, her neck craning incredulously to stare at the bump now protruding insistently from her midriff.

Author Information

Ken Haramiru lives in a large city on America's west coast. He's gainfully employed at a large, faceless corporation, and owns several adorable pets.

He's written science fiction off and on since his teens, but either couldn't finish stories due to writer's block, or they were fan fiction and thus unpublishable. One day not very long ago, he got frustrated and just wrote a sex scene to move the plot along - and it worked!


Publisher Information

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