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An Email To Jennifer - Book 5 (K.C. Douglas)

An Email To Jennifer - Book 5 by K.C. Douglas

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Jennifer didn’t know how to tell her boyfriend, but then Mark found the incriminating DVD. Mark had watched porno and XXX movies, but none compared to watching one with Jenn caught in the throes of adulterous lust. Her life was spiraling out of control and suddenly her prayers were answered. Mark was offered a position in another city and they were moving. Just when Jennifer thought things were getting better, Gus, Sarah, and Justin wanted to say their goodbyes, but in their own way.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 4 / 2017

No. words: 28129

Style: General Erotica, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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By K.C. Douglas


Author’s Note: This story was written for a nice young couple. They sent me some suggestions, which I have tried to put into a story. I do hope they like my version of their fantasy, which they insist is only a fantasy... I think? All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


It was the longest drive home and the fifteen minutes felt more like two hours. Jennifer's mind was confused and troubled with the fact she had just left Justin's home after being sexual used by five teenagers. She shuddered and there was a quivering in her tummy from the realization that she now had to explain the entire afternoon to Mark, her devoted boyfriend.

Somehow, Jenn managed to turn the short drive into twice its normal length by using the long route rather than taking any short cuts. Eventually she came around the corner of Elm and 5th and saw the neat, condo complex up ahead. Her mind was in a dreamlike state when she pulled into the driveway and shut off the engine.

Jenn hesitated to get out of the car. She knew what would happen after entering the condo and the fear caused her to remain still while staring straight ahead for several moments. True, she thought, Justin and his friends were nineteen, but they were still teenagers.

Reluctantly she exited the auto and slowly shuffled to the door. There was little comfort in knowing Mark approved of the teen’s blackmail. Jennifer knew her boyfriend relished hearing about her experiences yet the fact she became a willing participant was overly disturbing.

Dear lord, she thought, what will Mark think if he found out I climaxed not once, but three times with the teenagers? That should never have happened, Jenn reflected.

Since Justin had planned well for the afternoon rendezvous, Jenn knew Mark was aware of where she was. The teen had demanded she phone Mark and inform him she wouldn’t be home until late, after spending hours with Justin and his friends. Jenn recalled what happened.

“Please, don’t worry, honey. I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting for you to get home... to tell me how Justin had sex with you,” Mark said over the phone. “And sweetheart, his buddies being there is all the more exhilarating.”

Ah geez, Jenn thought, it wasn’t sex like Mark assumed, but pure unadulterated lust and desire that transpired during the extended afternoon. All five teenagers had intercourse with her and to make matters more disturbing was the fact it was their first time. Jenn realized being an older, mature woman and youth counselor should have enabled her to resist the teens’ advances and refuse their blackmail demands.

That hadn’t been the case and now she was confronting her beloved spouse with the option of confessing all the incriminating details to him. The first thing Jenn saw when entering the living room was Mark’s excited face beaming at her from across the room.

Mark noticed the troubled lines displayed on Jenn’s pretty face. Her expression was one of deep concern because she didn’t approve of what had happened, but he chose to ignore the obvious. Mark studied Jenn’s body and actions and noticed her clothing was askew and wrinkled.

When he noticed Jenn wearing a bra, Mark found it contrasting to the last time she had been with Justin. The two hard, protruding nipples were still visible through the thin, lacy bra and the sheer blouse, which enticed him to picture the golden ring hanging from her left bud.

With a sheepish grin, Mark wondered if the teenager allowed Jenn to wear panties this time? He noticed she was not wearing pantyhose and marveled at how sexy she appeared in high heels, which made her look much taller than her 5’8”. Mark would never tire of admiring Jenn’s shapely body and he liked the way her velvety shin felt under his touch.

There was no delay or hesitation when Jenn crossed the room and fell into her boyfriend’s strong arms. She cried and sobbed so that her lithe body vibrated against Mark’s hard, muscular chest. The embrace tightened and Jenn felt the loving compassion he had for her, which alleviated some of the distressing guilt.

Mark innocently ran his hand down Jenn’s back and over her rounded butt. He couldn’t resist the temptation to find out and his hand crept down to the hem of Jenn’s skirt, swooping under it in a flash. There was a twinge of sadness when he felt the silky material and realized the crafty bastard had let Jenn wear panties.

The couple embraced and Mark felt a hard object pressing against his thigh. His hand left Jenn’s curved ass and roamed around to her front, groping something that felt like a circular disk in her skirt pocket. “What’s this?” he asked.

Jenn’s heart literally stopped. She had forgotten to remove the DVD from her pocket. Jenn intended on hiding the damning disk, at least until she had a chance to explain what the evil teenagers had done to her.

"It is... it’s," she began and paused, trying to find the appropriate way to tell Mark the scandalous details.

“Yes, yes.”

"Ah, it's a DVD," she said and that was all she could get out.

"Is it from Justin? Did he make it of you and him having sex?" Mark asked.

Jennifer heard the pointed question and knew the world was closing in on her. Mark put his hands on her shoulders and moved her torso back slightly, far enough so he could look straight into her glassy eyes. His gaze was demanding and Jenn felt compelled to answer his concerns.

“Love, oh darling, Justin made... yes, he made it during the other afternoon,” Jenn whispered, before blurting the rest out. “When he forced me to have sex with him on the pool table.

Mark’s stomach did a few summersaults in trepidation. “Geezus babe, I have to see it... see the fucking thing,” he said, as he promptly removed the disk from her pocket. “I have to see the little bastard on top of you. Fuck babe, my cock is already throbbing!”

Luckily the lights were already dimmed, which gave the room an erotic atmosphere. Jenn’s eyes got big when she watched her boyfriend wave the incriminating DVD in the air. It took Mark two seconds to slip the disk into the player and return to her side.

When Mark slipped his arm around Jenn’s slim waist, he easily guided her over to the couch. The couple plunked down into the pillowy cushions and then the screen lit up on the television. Mark’s heart stopped. There in bold, bright lights was his beloved girlfriend with her pretty face etched with ecstasy.

Jenn uttered sobs and whimpered out loud. It was the most helpless feeling when she realized the cunning teenager had started the video at the most damning spot. Her body was extremely tensed in the video and it was apparent she was experiencing an explosive orgasm.

The camera focused on Jenn’s face. Her eyes were tightly closed and the woe of ecstasy was plainly written on her brow. Suddenly her head rolled from side to side in obvious bliss and her mouth flew open, as her tongue hung out.

"Holy shit, sweetheart, are you having an orgasm?" Mark whispered and stared in disbelief at the vivid scenes.

Jenn sobbed louder. What could she say? Jenn stared across the room and tried to hide her growing fear. “I’m sorry... so sorry it happened, honest,” she began. “He took me right there... on the pool table.”

“Yes... yes.”

“He did it to me and the others held me down... helped him do it,” Jenn moaned.

“Oh babe, you’re... holy fuck, you’re cumming!”

Author Information

I started reading erotic stories a few years ago and found many of them to be very unbelievable, as well as written poorly so I wondered if I could do better. I have written many stories and posted them on a few story sites, which has given me great satisfaction when readers send me wonderful feedback. After receiving many nice comments from readers, I decided to give publishing a try and I am hoping to give readers a rewarding experience by reading one of my books.

I fully immerse myself in each story and hopefully that intimate feeling is portrayed in each of my books. The enjoyment received from erotic stories can give a person many minutes and hours of personal enjoyment and hopefully my books do that for readers.

Many of my books are pure erotic fantasy... I think... but then again I won't admit what parts come from personal experience. Yes, I have had affairs in my life and in my marriage, but hopefully they have made me stronger and happier. I can't describe the enjoyment I get from writing and will admit that it has been kept a total secret from my family and friends.


Publisher Information

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