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Boffing Beasties (George Boxlicker)

Boffing Beasties by George Boxlicker


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Human beings are not the only creatures who enjoy sex. Here is a collection of 12 tongue-in-cheek short stories by George Boxlicker, all of them about some other beings who also enjoy themselves sexually with human beings or other beasties. The descriptions of this enjoyment are highly detailed and the language is graphic, so this book is intended for adults only.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 03 / 2017

No. words: 44323

Style: Open Minded - Creatures and Monsters, Open Minded - ShapeShifters

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Excerpt from: “The Horny Minotaur”:

It felt soothing to Daphne and, after just a few strokes, started to remind her of what her young swain liked to do with his tongue, except that of The Minotaur did it so much better. In fact, it was better than anything in her experience. She really loved the way the muscular organ felt, like hundreds of tiny givers of sensuous joy caressing her sensitive skin. By the time the pleasuring tongue had lovingly stroked all over her thighs, Daphne was highly aroused. When the tip started probing the softer area at the apex of her legs, she squirmed happily under its ministrations, and her pussy started gushing her fragrant lubricating fluids.

The Minotaur smelled the fresh juices and smiled inwardly; outwardly, his mouth was guiding his supple tongue over one of the maiden’s outer pussy lips. He licked slowly, reveling in the feel of her soft skin and the way it contrasted with her coarse pubic hair, until he reached the young woman’s Mount of Venus and kissed her there with his thick lips. The Minotaur brought his mouth back to the virgin’s pink hole and the only devouring that interested him then was licking up all the delicious nectar she had just gushed.

“Don’t stop now,” Daphne urged him. “That really feels good.” It absolutely did; the strange creature’s tongue was like nothing else her youthful body had ever felt.

The Minotaur had no intention of stopping, and he treated the second pussy lip as he had the first, kissing the soft mons again after reaching that goal. By that time, the young woman’s body was writhing in sexual excitement on the dirt, and she was moaning blissfully. He smiled, openly this time, because he knew the pleasure the sexy young woman was feeling was like nothing, compared to the ecstasy she would achieve in a few minutes.

From The Minotaur’s tongue and his skill at using it, Daphne was already receiving greater sexual delights than she had ever previously known. At every stroke of the thick but agile appendage, she felt her level of arousal mounting and, when the tip started probing between a pair of inner and outer lips, her body began thrashing on the ground. Wanting even more, her pussy thrust up against the mouth of the beast. From her moans of rapture and the wild and erratic movements of her legs and body under his face and the gushing of her fragrant juices, The Minotaur knew the time had come to break her hymen. After he did that, she would start to receive even more sexual joy than she had ever even dreamed existed.

Besides the strength of the muscles in his tongue, he had excellent control of it, and The Minotaur curled up its length and began pressing the tip against and inside the pink hole that had been producing the nectar which had been so pleasing to his taste buds. He felt a barrier blocking his way, but he was accustomed to that, and it presented no real obstacle. With a few seconds of steady pressure from his stiffened tongue, he felt the feeble barricade give way, and he tasted the salty flavor of a few drops of her blood.

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