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Yee-Haw! Ride Her Cowboy (Randi Holiday)

Yee-Haw! Ride Her Cowboy by Randi Holiday

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Jane, the voluptuous librarian, is troubled with vivid dreams and she needs to de-stress. She can't resist the new gunslinger game and a chance to meet Joe the cowboy. In spite of the game warning of a brutal gang-bang, the sexual thrill seeker pulls on her cowboy boots and enters the game saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. Unfortunately, she ends up in the hands of outlaws and in desperate need of a rescue when they decide to tie her to a cactus and brand her.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 3 / 2017

No. words: 11239

Style: Cowboys/Western Erotica, MILF Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Yee-haw! Ride Her Cowboy!
by Randi Holiday and Ryan Andrews

Jane, the voluptuous librarian, is troubled with vivid dreams and she needs to de-stress. When her son brings home a new gunslinger-cowboy game, she can’t resist the chance to meet the gorgeous man. Seizing the opportunity, Jane pulls on a pair of cowboy boots and goes in saddled up and ready to ride her cowboy. As usual, things don't go as planned and she ends up in the hands of a gang of outlaws and in desperate need of a rescue.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Feeling in serious need of a distraction, she continued with her plan. After a very brief consideration, Jane pulled on a pair of old cut off shorts and a sheer frilly blouse. The outfit was sexy as hell and it was complimented by her cowboy boots. She hoped to surprise the handsome gunslinger, imagining him eagerly pulling her clothing off.
She stood in front of the console with the magical controller in her hands. "Here goes nothin'," she said, thinking that a western town would be a pleasant change because there wouldn't be any demons with deadly cum there.
By now, Jane knew the drill. At any moment, the warning announcements would begin and she was more than ready. She pictured herself falling straight into the handsome man's lap as he rode his horse, and smiled happily as she fell back onto the couch and propped her cowboy boots on the coffee table.
"Warning, adults only," the announcer stated, sounding bored.
Jane chuckled. "Uh, yeah…no kidding."
"This game contains bondage, a rigorous hog-tied gang bang, rough sex, oral sex, anal sex, moderate to severe pain—"
“No way! Really?" Jane asked, scrambling to sit up. It surprised her that would all be in a western game, but she was also more excited. She loved rough sex, and she'd been gang-banged once before in that Hell-game. That was a scary one, but strangely enough, she loved being terrorized, so she nodded her agreement and the couch immediately vanished out from under her.
She was suddenly falling through darkness while the warnings continued, "—deep throating, and blood and gore. All injuries incurred will be repaired during gameplay."
Seconds later, she crashed through a roof and landed in a huge pile of hay. Pieces of wood from the ceiling clattered to the floor around her as she ducked and screamed in surprise. Her sheer blouse was torn open and her generous curves were highlighted in the moonlight that shone in through the hole she just made in the roof. Jane looked around the interior of a large barn, hoping that Joe the cowboy was somewhere nearby.

Chapter 2

In the game world, the cowboy rode slowly homeward to the old ranch, planning to resupply and rest for a time after his adventures. He'd read another chapter or two of his book at least, he decided. Joe grinned, remembering how he'd gushed about the stories to his dad, telling him tales of the future and of progress, and here he was riding the range. A rueful laugh burst forth as he spotted a lone cattleman's hut ahead.
"Close enough to sundown, reckon that'll do me," he said aloud in the manner of one who's been his own company for too long. "Nice pot of coffee, mess of beans and I'll do fine." He yawned and scratched his horse behind the ears, making her whinny and toss her head. "Come on girl, let's see if there's any grass there for you."
Joe looked around at the sudden crashing noise, poking his head into the abandoned shed to discover that the table was collapsed on the floor but almost sure that he'd heard something else. He shrugged and went back to preparing a campfire and watering his horse.
A short distance away, the notorious outlaw gang arrived at their hideout after a night of robbery and arson. As their cook stoked up the campfire to prepare dinner, they heard a crash and then a feminine scream from inside their barn. They grinned at each other as they dismounted, eager to meet their visitor.
The leader kicked the doors open and Jane yelped, looking up with hay poking out of her voluptuous cleavage. She was hoping to see her handsome cowboy, but instead found four huge men. It had to be the gang-bang the disclaimer mentioned, but it was a shock because they were all so big…much bigger than her.
They filed inside and stopped, hardly able to believe their luck as their eyes swept over the curvy woman.
"What in tarnation's she wearin'?" the biggest man asked, tilting his head as he looked her up and down.
"Not much, that's for sure," the smaller of the men answered with a grin.
Jane held her torn blouse closed, but the effort was useless because the ruffled fabric was so sheer that they could see right through it.
"Wait, stay back!" she yelled, trying to sound stern.
"No, I don't think we will," a red-haired man said, removing the cowboy hat he'd just stolen and tossing it to land neatly on a hook.
Jane frowned when they came closer and scrambled to her feet. She looked around for a weapon, took a few steps back and grabbed a pitch fork to fend them off.
"Aw, now don't be like that," the smallest of the men said, shoving a floppy hat back on his head to reveal brilliant blue eyes. "Call me Jace, sweetheart, and I'll take good care of you."
The leader rolled his eyes and rubbed the scar on his cheek, thinking he was about to see another woman throw herself at Jace's feet. It pleased him when their curvy guest turned the pitchfork toward the man instead, waving it nervously. "Just stay away…um, Jace. I've got to go now, so back up."
Ike cleared his throat. "You aren't going anywhere. All we want are your holes, woman," he said, still hoping she'd put up a fight as he reasoned with her. "We don't want to hurt you," he lied.
"Uh…we don't?" the biggest guy asked, confused because that wasn't like them at all.
They moved in, slowly surrounding her as she stood on her mountain of hay. "I said stay back!" she warned, spinning as the big guy made a move for the pitchfork. "Go away you…you…darn outlaws!"
"She's got nice skin. I want to see her titties," the big outlaw said, catching ahold of her blouse and yanking it hard. Jane screamed as it was torn completely off of her, leaving her in a bra and cut-off shorts.
The red haired man laughed. "Those ain't titties, Luis. When they're that big, we call 'em melons," he corrected.
The leader chuckled as he looked her up and down. He pulled a lasso from his belt."Guess we'll just do it the easy way then," he said, twirling it up and tossing it over her to secure her arms at her sides.
Jace's shaggy blond beard didn't hide a playful smile as he yanked the pitchfork away from her. The sudden movement caused his floppy hat to slide down and half conceal his bright eyes. Jane was a complete sucker for rugged good looks, and she thought he probably couldn't be all bad.
He grinned and tapped her nose with the handle of the pitch fork. "Might fuck you with this later, just to teach you a lesson," he announced, proving that looks could be deceiving.
"Strip her and get her tied, boys! I want her hogtied and hanging from that beam!" the leader commanded, plucking a piece of hay from Jane's cleavage and placing it between his grinning teeth. Ike grinned and stepped back, chewing it as he watched his gang crowd in on the pretty gal.
A rope was tossed over the beam and Jane slapped at their rough and intrusive hands. The outlaws set to work tearing the cut-off shorts from her body as she tried to push them away. They yanked her lacy white bra off and the sight of her huge breasts momentarily struck them speechless. Jace let out a long whistle of appreciation and their looks grew excited, heated and intense.
"Uh, I don't think I'll like being hung up," she explained, not enjoying the way this was starting out in the slightest.
"You ain't supposed to like it, girly," the leader replied.
Jane felt cheated at the way things were turning out. She'd planned to meet up with the gunslinger who slaughtered outlaws in the street…outlaws exactly like the ones that were tying her up.
"Just hold on a minute! I want my gorgeous cowboy!"
"Yeah, sorry. He ain't here," the biggest guy said, gripping her chin as he stared at her with bloodshot eyes. His meaty hand squeezed her jaw, forcing it open to inspect her gaping mouth. "I reckon my cock will fit in there just fine, might be a little shallow though. May need to use some of yer throat, too." His dirty brown hair flipped in front of his face as he bit her upper lip and ran a tongue over her teeth.
Jane thought he needed a breath mint and fought harder, but it was useless. When he was done, Her booted foot kicked out and nailed him in the balls. His eyes grew wide as he grunted then fell over clutching himself.
"I don't want to dangle from the rafters!" she screamed, turning to run.
The red haired man caught her around the waist and pushed her back into place under the baling hook.
"Bad idea. Luis don't take kindly to getting his balls busted," Jace told her, stepping closer to squeeze a large breast.
The big man recovered quicker than humanly possible and didn't bother to get up as he caught her foot, twisting it to hurt her ankle purely out of spite. He yanked her down beside him and the impact knocked the wind out of her. She gasped for air while they jostled her about, wrapping their endless supply of ropes around her wrists and binding them to her ankles in front of her. They tied her expertly, as if they'd done it many times.
Finally, they stepped back as Jace tested the knots. As usual, he'd done such a good job that there wouldn't be any escape.
"Can't we do something else?" she pleaded.
The handsome man shook his head. "Naw, we already have this all planned out. Guess I can ask for you though. Ike? The little lady wants to know if we can do something else?" Jace called over his shoulder as he slid a thick finger into her vagina. "Mmmm, feels nice in here."
"Don't think so," Ike said, unconsciously rubbing the ugly scar that the gunslinger gave him. "Hurry it up, boys, or I ain't sharin'."

Keywords: cowboy, outlaw, gang-bang, rough sex, anal sex, milf, video game, gunslinger, old west, bondage, suspension bondage, bound, non-consent, dub-con, hardcore, oral sex, deep-throat, rescue, busty, brunette, voluptuous, dubious consent, hardcore gang bang, deep throat, western fantasy, rescue video game, Old West, adventure

Author Information

Randi Holiday believes that in relationships, a man should really put his foot down...right on the woman's head, pin her there and spank her ass until she submits and behaves herself.

Please check out my books and excerpts.


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