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The Jock and the Gigolo (Alex Hardin)

The Jock and the Gigolo by Alex Hardin


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The romantic-erotic story of two barely legal teenage men finding themselves coming together as unlikely lovers. A young, male gigolo that dropped out of high-school following coming out to his mother struggles to survive the Johns that pay him for his services while simultaneously juggling the budding first-love romance with an in-the-closet baseball player that's madly in love with him. As their two very different worlds begin to collide, the young prostitute realizes there may be other paths in life, and that sex is more than just pain for money.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 03 / 2017

No. words: 9500

Style: GLBT, Open Minded - Gay or Lesbian

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Zac opens his eyes the moment Andy takes his shirt off and kisses his collar bone. He doesn't know where to put his hands. He blinks and wonders why this is so hard for him. People have changed the game before. He puts his hands in Andy's short blond hair and remembers that his services mean he has to play the part. He moans, and even surprises himself in its sound. It's light and airy, not guttural like he's used to. He shakes it off and pulls Andy away from his nipples gently, and takes his shirt off as well. He kisses Andy the same way Andy kissed him, only he doesn't stop. He kisses a trail down his toned chest and pulls at his buckle.

Andy helps Zac take his pants off, along with his underwear. As much as he wants to savor this he wants every inch of his skin to be touched by the other boys skin. His eyes are closed, and he jolts as a cold hand wraps around his penis and a warm tongue works around his anus. He hears Zac giggle as he gently strokes and he gently kisses. Andy arches his back and grabs fistfuls of sheets. His body tenses and if he wasn't hard already he is now.

Zac flicks his tongue around Andy's asshole, thankful that's it's smooth and tasteless, a night of firsts. He strokes Andy, and is slightly thrilled to see he's having this effect on him. He stops suddenly as he feels his own penis enlarging slightly. Andy catches his breath and Zac starts up again, trying to keep composure as a million thoughts run through his head. He's never gotten hard from a John, ever. He's never needed to, they all bend him over, and then it's thank you, cum again.

Andy moves slightly and pulls Zac up to the head of the bed, and rolls him onto his back. He hovers over him for a second and looks down at Zac's half-cocked penis.

"Do you mind?" Andy asks, and Zac shakes his head vigorously, enthralled with this newfound idea of permission. Andy crawls down and puts all of Zac in his mouth. He isn't an expert, the teeth hit Zac a couple of times, but Zac doesn't even notice. He's euphoric, he's in a state of elation and allowing himself to fully take in the pleasure. Why not? He'll never get this type of treatment again; he'll never expect this type of treatment again.

He moves Andy's head gently and guides him up towards his own, then lays him on his back. He takes the box of condoms he placed and the night stand and tears it open smoothly. He goes to put the condom on himself and does so less smoothly, he's never had to do this to himself before. Andy notes this hesitation and takes the condom from his hands, and applies it the way he must've seen in a porno, or a sex ed class.

Zac moves Andy's knees forward, so his legs look like his about to give birth. He can't quite see his point of entry so he takes one of the pillows and props up Andy's ass to give him a clear view. He takes the bottle of lube and puts some on his penis and Andy's ass. He puts the end up to the hole, warm and tight, he can tell. He puts in the tip and watches Andy's entire body shudder. He feels like he's hurting him, he stops.

Andy opens his eyes and reaches his arm out to grab Zac's neck and pulls him in close. He kisses Zac's cheek and whispers in his ear, "It is okay."

Author Information

Alex Hardin writes gay erotica with science-fiction overtones.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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