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The Owning of Veronica (Erik D. Astor)

The Owning of Veronica by Erik D. Astor

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    • Average 4.8 from 5 ratings

Modeling was only supposed to be a part time job for shy housewife Veronica. When her natural sexiness blossoms in front of the camera, she attracts the attention of agency owner Evan—who lusts to make Veronica black-owned. His game is to accomplish her submission with her husband Troy’s permission and encouragement. As her modeling success takes more and more time away from home, will Veronica give in to becoming black-owned? Does Troy realize being black-owned by Evan includes sharing, whoring, and pregnancy risk?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2017

No. words: 70424

Style: Interracial Erotica, MILF Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“What are you thinking about,” Veronica asked. “You have a strange look on your face.”
“You'd never believe it, or understand,” Troy said. “I was thinking about you out with your friends flirting with another man. And I wasn't jealous.”
“You weren't?” Veronica said, questioning.
“No. Actually it was a bit of a turn on.”
“What was I doing when you say flirting?” Veronica asked.
“Sexy talk, letting him pull you against him so he could feel your breasts pressed against him, you smiling while you did, confident in the power you were feeling, the attention you were enjoying.”
“So I was enjoying it?”
“Hell yes,” Troy said, sliding his finger lower, over her clit, inside her, still wet from his earlier fucking but a different wetness too, a soaking wetness. Her breathing was heavier.
“I was enjoying it and you weren't mad or jealous? You were turned on?”
“Yes.” Troy was rubbing her clit harder, down into her sopping pussy. “You like that thought? Your pussy says yes.”
“I'm hot that you're not jealous, that you're turned on. I could do that sometime. Flirt with someone while you watch—as long as you kept your distance. Like that night at Queenies with DeShawn, did that turn you on, all those black guys hitting on me?”
“Not at the time, but looking back on it, yes it was hot. It's nice to be noticed.” Veronica raised her ass off the bed, arching her pelvis to his finger, now probing her body with two digits. “I wonder sometimes when you say you have no interest in other men is because you think that is what I am expecting you to say, what you think you are supposed to say. Try telling what you really think. You like the idea of me watching?”
“Yes.” Veronica hissed. Troy removed his finger and moved between her legs, his cock jutting out and shaking in its hardness. Moving forward he positioned himself at her pussy and lined up his cock with her parted pussy lips without touching, moving forward into her in a single smooth motion. “Oh god that is good.”
“My cock or the conversation?”
“Both,” Veronica breathed, “both.” Troy didn't began stroking her pussy, instead holding himself inside her without moving, savoring the warmth, wetness, and closeness of the moment. “Troy, how far could I take the flirting?”
“How far do you want to take it?”
“Depends on the guy. What if it is someone that is really hot. Someone I'm really attracted to, someone I don't want to just flirt.” Troy saw the moment to which all of their conversations had been building. It was not a conversation he had intended to have with their bodies fused in the middle of a fuck, but here it was.
“That's up to you. I told you I'm not jealous anymore. I trust you.” Troy withdrew and once cleared of her body, the coolness on his wet cock, he slammed into again, hard. He ground his body down hard, grinding against her clit and eliciting a moan from deep in her throat.
“I have something for you,” Troy gasped.
“Your cum? You want to cum inside me baby? Then give me your cum.”
“That, you’re going to get that, but I have something else for you too. A gift.” Troy stopped moving and Veronica opened her eyes, mixing the eroticism of their entwined naked bodies with the serious look on Troy's face. “If you wanted to go further, you could. I am saying I wouldn't object.”
Veronica thought she heard him, but wasn't sure, the sensation of his cock inside her reflexively causing her to make a small movement of fucking on his cock. “Wouldn't object to what?”
Troy could no longer control himself and began making long slow strokes into his wife as he answered. “I give you permission to fuck someone else if you want too. I give you the freedom to do it with no objection from me.”
“Oh, oh, oh fuck,” Veronica moaned, feeling her pussy gush, squirting, soaking the bed but Troy was pounding her so hard and fast he didn't notice, his body convulsing and bucking on top of his wife who was writhing and twisting to match his exertions. Veronica began a second orgasm and Troy moaned and gave three long hard slams, grunting with each slam home, spurting his cum into his wife's pussy.
Veronica grabbed him around the back and hung on for dear life, colors of blue, gray and green flashing in front of her eyes. They clung to each other in the aftermath, hard, as if afraid to let each other go, as if the moment would end if they did.
Finally Veronica felt Troy's embrace weaken and she relaxed as well, opening her arms and rolling to her back as Troy did the same in the opposite direction, both of them scooting back on the bed until their bodies touched, gasping.
“Wow that was great,” Veronica said.
“Yeah, it was.”
“Might be the best ever.”
“Was it pillow talk to turn me on or did you mean it?”
“Did it turn you on?” Troy asked.
“More than I would have imagined. It's not fair, bringing something like that up in the middle of an orgasm.”
There was a long silence, both of them staring into the darkness. “Veronica, I've thought a lot about it—and should you ever want to, I do not object. I offer you the freedom to follow your desire. You are not in the midst of an orgasm now.”
“I'm happy with you,” she said.
“That's not what we're talking about.” Again a long pause.
“You sound as if you might want me to?”
“No, but I don't want you to feel your being with me is holding you back from doing something you desperately want to do—in the end that will only make you resent me.”
“I'd never resent you for wanting me to remain faithful to you.”
“That's not what we're talking about either,” Troy said. “All I'm saying is you follow your own judgment. I trust it. The circumstance may never arise, you may not want to if it does, that is all up to you—not me. That is what I'm trying to say. You have the freedom of my trust. I will not give you any crap or throw it up to you if you did.”
“Well thank you for your gift, even though I never intend to use it. I understand the gravity of such a gift and the soul searching you had to do within yourself to come to that. Thank you. I love you, Troy.”
“And I you, Veronica.”
“Troy,” Veronica said.
“You said I had permission, you are not saying you want me to, are you?”
“No, not at all.” Troy said.
“Good,” Veronica said, adding nothing more. Troy had a fleeting thought. Was she saying she was glad he was not telling her he wanted her to try another man—or was she saying it was a good thing because once she started she didn't know where it would go?


Evan gave it a week. He called Troy. “Yes?” Troy answered.
“Just checking on you brother. Wanted to make sure I didn't get over the line with you last week.”
“No, I appreciate it,” Troy said. There was a long pause. “I took your advice. We had a long talk, a very long talk actually, there were even some tears, but we are on the same page.”
“What do you mean?” Evan asked.
“Well the short version is she said she doesn't want to, but I gave her permission to do so if she wanted. She appreciates the freedom to act on her desires if the desire ever arose and she doesn't have to ask permission—she has that, but she does have to be totally honest about it.”
“Congratulations,” Evan said. “I think your marriage will be much stronger going forward. Picked up your sex life, hasn't it?”
“Fuck, I need to start taking vitamins. I've created a monster.”
“Told you,” Evan said, smiling at himself in the reflection of the glass display case in his office. “Just hang on brother.”
“Well, like I said, she said she had no plans to do anything, so it is more or less a permission that I don't think she'll ever act on.”
“You're probably right, I'm sure,” Evan said. “You know her better than anyone. Again, Congrats. You won't regret this honesty with your wife. Let me ask you one final thing,” Evan said.
“Sure. What?”
“After all this looking at forums, reading about others, thinking about it, and getting to the point of giving Veronica permission, if she really did it would be really hot wouldn’t it? A part of you wants it to happen.”
There was a long silence on the other end of the phone, then finally a “Yes.”
“Sounds like you are being honest with yourself,” Evan said as he hung up the phone.
As the dial tone came back up he entered another number. “Brenda? I think it is time we book a client shoot on Barbuda, that small resort I went to a couple of years ago, see what they would want to reserve the entire resort. Yeah, the one off Antigua. I want the Triple Threat team and a couple of others and I'll handle the photographers. Couple of weeks from now, a week with option to extend. Got it.”


another good read from Mr Astor. How a good looking housewife becomes a lover of black men. Then again that is Mr Astor's aim with most of his books and he hit the target very well 5 out of 5 (homebody1)

  Author reply: Glad you like the book, and always try to shoot with accuracy and hit the target. Sometimes I miss, I know. Having a good looking ex-model housewife that became a lover of black men makes the writing flow easier.

This is another of Erik's great IR books. The stories are always well written and IMO the best interracial books out there. Erik, do you have any new stories coming out soon? 5 out of 5 (sym)

  Author reply: I am always working on another book. The problem is there have been some delays with my proofreader who is enduring some eye problems.

Nice story progression with a lot of behind the curtain stuff. The end was good, but not perfect, would rate it 4.5 if that was possible. But for friends of the genre a "should read it" 5 out of 5 (readit)

  Author reply: Thanks for the rating, this one was fun to write. It is one of my wife's favorites.

Author Information

Erotica and fantasies sometimes have a way of becoming reality. At least they have for my wife and I when it comes to interracial sex.

The descriptions of watching a wife racked in the orgasmic bliss as a black man manipulates her body in pleasurable ways are often based on the actual experience of having been there and watched my wife enjoying those exact acts.

Being married to a self-proclaimed slut for black cock active in the interracial lifestyle is the inspiration for my writing. I am not a wimp or sissy and my writing reflects that. For certain I am a voyeur who enjoys watching my wife receive orgasmic pleasures with black men.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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