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Anybody's Slave (J.W. Throat)



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She awakes naked surrounded by men - Men with lust in their eyes.

Imagine Danni's horror; she awakes outdoors, in the street. She is naked, she is surrounded by a group of men in their early twenties, all of them a bit drunk, all of them looking at her naked body with lust in their eyes. Then Danni notices that there is something written on her tummy. A short message saying "I am a sex toy, I let anyone who wants to, use my body". And it is obvious from the horny looks of the men around her that they want to take that message seriously.

Now imagine that you are one of those men. Friday night, and you have been out for a drink with your mates. You are now all on your way home, still together, about to split up and go your separate ways. It has been a good evening, you are a little drunk, but not too drunk, you have had fun and none of you really want the evening to end. So you linger longer on the street together, talking, laughing, joking, reluctant to go home. Then you spot something - a naked woman. That catches your eyes and you all go over for a better look. She is about twenty three years old and really beautiful. The only thing spoiling her is that there is something written on her tummy. You look closer, and realise that the message written on her tummy is "I am a sex toy, I let anyone who wants to, use my body". How do you feel about that? What do you want to do?

Then she slowly wakes up. She looks around confused, you know how some people are when they first awake. But her confusion is more than that. This is not where she expected to be, she obviously did not fall asleep on the street, and she obviously did not fall asleep naked. Someone obviously stripped her and dumped her there. You see the slowly dawning horror on her eyes as she realises the situation. She is naked in a public place, naked and helpless. And you are looking at her naked body, you and your mates surround her gawping at her bare tits and naked pussy.

When she sees the message written on her tummy you realise that this is new to her too. She did not write it there, she did not agree to it being written there, she did not even know the message was there until she saw it a few seconds ago. It is obvious that whoever dumped her naked on the street wrote that message on her body, and it is equally obvious to both you and her that whoever wrote that message intended it to be taken seriously.

So imagine what you are feeling. You have found a beautiful naked 23 year old woman. On her tummy is written "I am a sex toy, I let anyone who wants to, use my body". You are with your mates, you can drag her back home, you can all take turns on her, use her for sex, any way you want, any position, any orifice, as often as you like. But more than that, you can use her body for all those dark perverted things that you always wanted to do to a woman. All those cruel sadistic things that you would never have dreamt of doing in reality, you can now do. The message says that you can use her body, so use it. Fuck it, torture it, anything.

This is going to be fun.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Eric - Shaun Publications    Published: 6 / 2007

No. words: 15687

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: PDF  


Once they had all had a turn at fucking her, Danni was untied and taken back downstairs. They had turned over the table that she had been buggered on, so that it`s legs were sticking up. They made Danni stand beside it, then put books underneath it to raise it up. Danni did not have long to wonder why they did this because as soon as they had finished two of them lifted her up and lowered her down so that she was standing on the floor over one corner of the table. They had positioned it so that the leg of the table went up her arse and impaled her by about three or four inches. The end was thick, square, and hard. It hurt.

They then tied ropes around her wrists and tied the end of each rope to a diagonally opposite leg of the table, and pulled it tight. This held her arms away from her body, slightly behind her, and pulled them downwards, forcing her to stand in an arrow shape. The pose was slightly uncomfortable, but that was of little concern to Danni compared with the main result of this new bondage.

When they pulled the ropes tight, they pulled them so tight that she had to bend her legs slightly. This had the effect of forcing the table leg a further inch or so up her anus. It was now about five inches up her anal passage. Not only did this hurt considerably, but she was a little scared that it was dangerous.

One of the students used a pin to re-open the holes they had pierced in her nipples the day before.

Then he used the pin on her pussy lips again to re-open the old holes. They fixed small rings through the holes.

Next they hung weights from all the rings.

After that they stuck pins in her buttocks and thighs.

Finally they got a thick candle and nailed it to the front of the table leg that was going up her arse. This meant that the wick was just a few inches below her pussy. Then they lit it.

One of them asked her "Are you in pain?" Considering that she had pins in her buttocks and thighs, heavy weights hanging from her nipples and pussy lips, a table leg up her arse, and a candle roasting her cunt, this was a stupid question. But she answered "Yes!" Then the student asked "But is this the worst pain you have been in this weekend. Be honest, is it?" Again Danni answered "Yes!" The student simply replied "Good."

They left her suffering like that, while they carried another table into the room. This they positioned in front of her. Standing on the table put them at crotch level to her mouth (although the taller ones had to bend their knees a little).

While she suffered the agony of this torture, they all took it in turns to force their cocks into her mouth and make her give them a blowjob.

Once they had all cum in her mouth, they removed the table. The students took turns at whipping her back. But they did not use a trouser belt. This time they used a thin strip of leather. It really hurt. And as they all wanted a turn at whipping her, it went on for ages. In fact the next `shift` arrived before the last student had finished. But the next shift politely let them finish before taking over.

The new `shift` looked at what the last lot had done to Danni and said "Nice work, but I think we can do better." Which made Danni shudder with terror.

Unlike before, the finishing `shift` did not leave, they stayed. However they let the new shift have most of the fun, only occasionally making suggestions. The first succession any of them made was "If you drag that table over you can fuck her in the mouth, she is in a lot of pain so its fun." One of the new shift asked "Did she scream?" and was told "No, but she is in agony." The reply scared Danni even more, it was "I want to hear her scream before I fuck her. I`m sure we can make her scream."...........


Won't buy anymore of his books. 1 out of 5 (cunt)

Author Information

J.W. Throat started collecting stories of sorority initiations when at college when an American girl he was chatting to told him hers and his (corny and slightly crass) reply got him into bed with her. From then on he asked any reasonably attractive American woman if she had an "interesting" sorority initiation story. Most either didn't or were not prepared to tell him about them. But enough did for him to build up quite a collection of stories. Soon he was asking because he really wanted to collect the stories, not just to get laid. From there he went on to collect stories of other kinky sex life. He collects everything, but mostly bondage, which is strange because he claims that he has no personal interest in bondage. But that has not stopped him becoming a cult figure in the bondage arena.

He has been collecting stories for well over twenty years now, and has an amazing collection. Early on he had the commercial sense to get most of the people who talked to him to give him permission to publish the stories, and for about ten years now his stories have been appearing wherever he can find a market, with the result that he has become quite a cult figure in the bondage arena, and very popular in several other genres.


Publisher Information

Eric - Shaun Publications have been producing erotic eBooks since 2006. Eric - Shaun Publications is the \"adult\" division of a company that publishes mostly non-fiction eBooks, but occasionally fiction. And that company itself is a devision of our main company that has been in business since the early 1980s (it was initially a software wholesale/retail company, but has since branched out into many things). Because we published a large number of UFO and \"conspiracy theory\" books, the company began to get a bad name as \"a group of nutters\", which was detrimentally effecting the sales of our more serious publications. So when we decided to publish \"erotic\" eBooks we decided to set up a totally different company and keep it separate from our main business to prevent the main company getting even more \"bad press\".

Anyone hoping to contact Eric or Shaun will be disappointed, there are no such people. They are simply pseudonyms used by the main company to front our erotic eBook business (say the company name out loud to yourself if you want to know why we chose those names).

At the moment (February 2008) we are re-proofreading our books and giving the authors a chance to correct any errors that may have been missed. In some cases we are giving them a better cover too. This is because we are changing our sales method and will be selling our books through A1 Adult EBooks from now on, and felt that moving to such a prestigious company warranted this. It will take us about three to four months to do this to all our existing books, but we hope to have finished re-releasing our back catalogue in June, and will then begin releasing some exciting new titles to our range.

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