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Anything Is Possible (Dr. Jane Foxx)

Anything Is Possible by Dr. Jane Foxx


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Sylvia Ayers was a lesbian. There was no doubt about it, and she was a very efficient office manager and quite capable of dealing with her overbearing, chauvinistic boss. She was also a part-time dominatrix, and more… much more. There was something about Sylvia, something intimate, that might startle any prospective lover.

As Sylvia began a relationship with one of her co-workers, the beautiful Miss Prim, an interesting situation developed. The boss’s wife, apparently, was having a passionate affair with her maid, and when the boss found out he was distraught. What should he do? he asked Sylvia, and Sylvia was not slow in taking full advantage of his vulnerability, particularly when she also discovered that he had been defrauding the company for years…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 03 / 2017

No. words: 30580

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


It was Thursday evening when young Brian Dennis rang the bell of a certain designated apartment in town. He waited, rather impatiently, for the door to open, allowing him to enter.
“Mistress Zee!” Brian reacted when a mysterious-looking woman stepped out of the shadows in the foyer.
It was difficult for Brian to see the lady very clearly, because of the floor-length, black cape covering most of what she was wearing underneath. Eventually, the young man could see that she was dressed in a kind of tight-fitting costume and that a mask trimmed in lace covered her upper face. He thought her eyes were extremely piercing.
“Come in, quickly,” Brian heard the female figure telling him, just before she closed the door, and moved herself a few steps away, back into the dark shadows.
“Put the money in the bowl on the table,” she commanded with a hiss, “then go into the waiting room.”
“Mistress!” Brian said, hesitating. “I – I probably should tell you now that I was only able to bring four hundred this week, but I’ll try to have the other hundred, next time, I promise. I hope you will agree, and not be angry with me. You must know how I simply love being with you.”
“Listen, you little slut,” the woman in black hissed from out of the darkness. “These sessions with me cost five hundred each time, and in cash. You KNOW that to be true! I will not EVER be short-changed by anyone. There are plenty of men who would be eternally grateful to be able to take your place on my busy schedule. Remember that – and don’t you ever come here again without my required fee! If you do, I won’t see you, ever again!”
“That much cash is – is not always so easy to come by, Mistress, and –” Brian began to explain, but he was cut short by a vicious slap that came whistling out of the dark. The female-generated smack caught him on the side of his face, and the force of it left him momentarily reeling.
“We both know that your family is filthy damned rich,” the woman in black continued, “otherwise, I would never have agreed to see you in the first place. Also, there are savings banks open at all odd hours. You could go to any of them to get the money you need. So, what this all means is that there are never any excuses for not meeting your personal responsibilities to me, are there?”
“No, Mistress Zee,” Brian Dennis replied very softly.
“Precisely!” the woman in the shadows told him. “Now, you are wasting my precious time. Go into the next room and get your clothes off. I simply can’t wait to get my hands on such a worthless slut!”
A few minutes later, the young man found himself naked and obediently on his knees in a carpeted inner room directly off the foyer. It was where the masked woman had made a habit of teasing and torturing all and any of the various men who came to see her.
“This space is not the best for dealing with certain men on my schedule. There isn’t as much space as I would like, the equipment is sparse, and the walls are a bit thin – but it will do until something better comes along,” Mistress Zee had often said to herself.
On this particular occasion, the woman in black was seen swirling the dark cape away from her slim shoulders. It was hung very neatly on a set of hooks in the corner. Before Mistress Zee turned toward her visitor, the young man could see that she was wearing a VERY abbreviated costume. The cheeks of her naked behind could clearly be seen from the rear and, when she turned to face him, he was absolutely amazed to see that the lady’s luscious-looking breasts were entirely visible from the front.
“Do you like my outfit?” she asked the young man, pausing to pat at his upturned face.
“It’s very – very revealing, Mistress” the young man replied.
“Yes, I wore it to see if my twin lovelies might excite you,” the lady told him. “And I can see that it’s definitely working to my advantage!”
There was some knowing feminine laughter after the last of her mocking words. It was followed by another sharp slap to the left side of the young man’s face.
“Oh, my! Did I hurt my precious little boy?” she asked facetiously, gently stroking at his reddening cheek. “Yes, I’m sure I did! How awful! You know I never really meant to hurt you, my poor, poor baby! I promise to be much more careful, next time. And you KNOW there’s certain to be a next time, don’t you? DON’T YOU?”
The last two words from the lady in black were followed by quick series of facial slaps to the same spot. The last one was of loud severity, and with a bit more punishing force than all the rest. It was accompanied by a clearly-satisfied, female chuckle.
“There! Wasn’t that better, precious? Yes, I think the last of these slaps were just right! Get your silly face tilted upward again! Look at me! That’s it! I’m sure you don’t quite realize how supremely wonderful it makes me feel to be able to keep jarring your pathetic, masculine sensibilities. When I see you cringing like that, it makes me so hot you simply wouldn’t believe it! I feel as if I could almost orgasm because of it, and sometimes I do. Isn’t that wonderful? In this manner, as a male, you are fully capable of bringing me so much intense pleasure, and I truly appreciate it! Now, let’s try another smack, shall we?”
The sound of a further intense slap to the young man’s face reverberated throughout the room – and another – and another – and another!
“Whee! That last one was so NICE!” the lady in black exclaimed, touching very suggestively at her crotch. “I simply love the sensations it brings me – like fireworks going off deep inside me! But perhaps, if you had brought the correct amount of cash, this evening, we would already have moved on to certain other exercises that are guaranteed to get your full attention. Brian, precious, I felt you really needed these additional slaps to remind you to never disappoint me, again. Do you understand?”
With her concluding word, the lady in black slapped at the young man’s face, once more – which made a total of a dozen vicious smacks he had suffered from the dark lady – or was it more, she wondered? At any rate, the lady in black finished with a radiant smile, posing with her hands resting comfortably on her shapely hips and her twin breasts on full parade! Mistress Zee seemed to be very pleased with herself.
After a sip of refreshment, the dark-clad lady offered, “Now, little man, get down on your hands and knees so I can ride you around my entire apartment for a while. You will be my pony boy!”
A few seconds later, Mistress Zee was straddled across the back of the young man, and she was tying a dark sash across his eyes.
“There! Now, I realize you won’t be able to see where we’re going, pony boy, but – have no fear – I will guide you along. I will do it with slaps to the back of your head and thumps to your rear, just so you will know when to turn right and when to turn left. It won’t take very long for you to learn. Now, MOVE!”
Brian Dennis, in his role as Mistress Zee’s pony boy, carried the dark-clad lady throughout her entire apartment. They went down a long hallway – turned into the dining area – made it through the kitchen – toured both bedrooms, passed by the hallway bathroom – and even paused on the open-air balcony before returning to their starting point.
“Now, let’s do it all over again, pony boy – only I want you to go a little faster this time. Move it! MOVE IT!”
In their decidedly separate roles, the couple made three entire tours of the dark-clad lady’s apartment, before the weary young man was finally allowed to come to a halt. Twice he had nearly collapsed on the floor under the laughing lady’s gyrating weight. Now, he was rather exhausted.
“That was so much fun!” the dark-clad lady remarked as she dismounted. “It makes me feel as if I should find a saddle to strap on your back, and I will need some reins too, of course, and a metal bit to fit in your mouth. Also, I’ll get myself a riding crop to swat your butt! Yes, I’ll look into all of that. Now, let’s get you fastened to my “operating table”, and the two of us will have some more delightful fun!”
The vertical array where Mistress Zee was securing the young man was a man-sized table resting on a swivel. A special arrangement allowed the table to be moved very easily from a vertical to a horizontal position, and Brian could even be inverted too, if the lady so desired.
“There we are!” the dark lady remarked. “Your wrists and ankles are nicely restrained, and I can do whatever I may wish to you. Do you find that particularly exciting? I certainly do! And just look at that disgusting male member of yours. It seems as if it’s actually oozing a bit. You don’t mind if I touch it, do you? DO YOU? I MEAN – WITH JUST A BIT OF A PUNISHING SQUEEZE! Ha ha!”
The last few words of the dark lady’s noisy talk were emphasized with an judiciously-applied, white-knuckled stranglehold that distorted the shape of the young man’s greatly surprised erection. The sustained effort caused young Brian Dennis plenty of personal distress, while Mistress Zee, obviously, reveled in it!
Still holding her tenacious grip, the dark-clad lady’s free hand pinched and flicked at his other sensitive, body areas, forcing the young man to react with a great deal of wincing, moaning, and several full-bodied spasms. The period of tormenting lasted no more than five-full minutes, but it seemed much, much longer to Brian. He was very glad when the lady in black finally released her tenacious grip.
“That was certainly quite entertaining for me, precious, but I wonder how it would effect you if I moved the table into a horizontal position? Do you think it would feel any different?”
A few seconds later, the table mechanism began clicking until Brian Dennis found himself lying face up and, abruptly, the smiling face of the dark- clad lady came into his full view again. One of her naked lovelies touched against the side of the young man’s arm, and he could see her ever-present, superior smile, as her blue eyes gleamed down at him.
“Are you comfy?” she asked.
The question was posed just before one of her hands snared his erection once again, and she asked, “Did you think you could hide your silly cock from me? Ha ha! You little slut! That would be impossible! But I think it’s time to put a condom on you. I’m tired of seeing all that oozing male slime. You must really DO love being with me. Tell me, is it true?”
“Yes, yes, Mistress! Yes, it’s true! No one excites me as you can!”
“What a nice thing to say!” the woman in black remarked with a radiant smile. “That means you will get to feel the irresistible, buzzing effects of my little white vibrator. See it?”
Only a moment later, a tiny device was being held against Brian’s left nipple, then the right one, and slowly down across his quaking abdomen to the tip of his throbbing erection.
Mistress Zee laughed at the instantaneous effects the vibrator caused in the young man. They were unmistakable! There was a quickening pulse beat on his throat, a reddening face, more rapid breathing, irregular twitching around his mouth, and a look of growing desperation in his big blue eyes. She laughed at him again and again.
“Now, wait! Now, wait!” Mistress Zee suddenly announced, withdrawing the buzzing device from its target. “You men get so terribly ‘COCKY’ when you think one of your ejaculations is rapidly approaching. So, we’ll just stop the buzz for a while – ha ha! – and let you calm down a bit before going any further. I’ll sit here on the edge of my high stool to watch your silly prick twitch and throb in the air. Ha ha! What a sight! It makes me want to laugh and laugh!”
The young man DID look rather troubled by the sudden interruption to his raging emotions, there was no doubt. But Brian had been through this supremely aggravating regimen on other occasions, so he knew what to expect from Mistress Zee. She was a gleefully-sadistic tormentor of men, and she gloried in her ability to make them all quake under her skillful direction. It was the storied reputation on Mistress Zee!
After the dark-clad lady had posed for a couple of minutes – with her naked behind still resting on the edge of that high stool – Mistress Zee sipped a bit of refreshment before returning her attention to the waiting young man once again.
“I see that your silly prick is starting to sag a little, now. So it must be right time to give him another little calculated jolt, just to get his undivided attention. Am I right?”
This extended, punishing session went on in the same manner for a goodly while before, very abruptly, Mistress Zee’s cell phone rang. That caused the buzzing vibrator to be clicked completely off, and she turned her attention to the caller, whoever it may have been.
“Yes?” the dark-clad lady hissed into the phone. It was quite obvious she was not at all pleased by the sudden interruption.
“Oh, HELLO, darling,” Mistress Zee said very sweetly into the phone after she turned her back on the male strapped to her table. “How ARE you, this evening? Well, what can I do for you, darling? I see! That sounds quite possible. Yes, I’ll be through here in just a few minutes and you can come to see me – (looking at her watch) – in thirty minutes! Yes. Good. I’ll see you then.
“All right, you little bastard!” Mistress Zee hissed at her young male guest. “I’m cutting this session short and leaving you with a zinging case of perpetual blue balls, I hope. You tried to short-change me, so this is your much deserved penalty. Get dressed and get out of here, NOW!!”
A moment later, young Brian Dennis was released from her table, and the dark-clad lady was directing him to immediately leave the premises without any delay.

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