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Master's Harem (Crimson Rose)



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Now at the Domination Farm, reality finally sets in for Zenzele as her new Master triumphantly parades her down the narrow paved streets on their way to have her fitted for her new submissive clothes. But when the shopping is complete, and she is left alone for a week she learns that she is not the first. After talking to a few Farm submissives over a hot meal she discovers Master James MacKenzie has a whole Harem of submissives and she’s only his latest acquisition.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 03 / 2017

No. words: 15132

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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“About time you showed up,” a tall, perky-breasted brunette said from the archway between living room and kitchen. “How’s my step-sister? Did your little plan to enslave the bitch work?”
“It did. She’s at the Domination Farm as we speak. And hello to you to, Larissa.”
“Nice. God, I would have loved to see the look on her face when she was forced to submit to you.”
“All in due time. Everything I’ve done to her has been recorded and I’ll get you copies. It’s the least I can do for you tipping me off about Michelle. I watched the whole thing through a hidden camera in all of my dungeon rooms and she didn’t even flinch.”
“Like I told you before, she suffers from congenital insensitivity to pain. You could have done anything you wanted to her and she wouldn’t have felt it, let alone register it as pain. Now tell me everything you’ve done to the fucking cunt. And spare no details.”
“I don’t want to ruin the surprise. After we have our fun here for a few days we’ll head to the Domination Farm and you can see for yourself just how far she’s fallen.”
“I don’t want to wait. Tell me now!” Larissa demanded, staring Master James straight in the eyes as she did so. The gaze lasted all of five seconds before she felt the heat rising from her toes, up her legs to her stomach which was suddenly filled with butterflies and up to her face which flushed deep red.
“I think you forget who’s in charge here.”
“I’m not one of your stupid slaves. You can’t intimidate me so you might as well tell me what I want to know or the rest of our deal is off.”
“I think you forget who’s in charge here,” Master James repeated.
“And I think you’re hard of hearing. You don’t command me like one of these mindless cunts so just get that notion out of your head right now.”
“Ladies, show Larissa who’s in charge around here. Take her below and secure her to the Saint Andrews. And if she struggles even a little give her four hundred lashes of the cane.”
“Yes Master,” all twelve naked women said as one. Getting up, they approached Larissa whom was now backing into the kitchen – the exact opposite direction she should be going if she wanted to avoid being taken below.
“Get the fuck away from me you stupid fucking cunts! I swear to god if they lay even a finger on me I’ll gut them like a fucking fish. Call them off, James!” Master James remained silent as his slaves surrounded Larissa – taking hold of her arms and twisting them behind and up her back so that each move brought with it the sting of pain. “God damn you! I am not one of your fucking slaves! You cannot do this to me! We had a deal.”
“Deals are made to be broken. You may think you’re all that with family and friends, but to me you’re nothing more than a means to an end. Don’t worry, we’re still going to the Domination Farm and you’ll get your chance to use your step-sister as your personal sex toy, but first, you have a lesson to learn. Ladies, take her to the dungeon, strap her to the Saint Andrews and each of you give her twenty-five swats of the cane. You may strike as hard as you can anywhere on her naked body below the neck.”

Author Information

Crimson Rose is an erotica writer dedicated to the principle that erotic fiction can be red-hot raunchy while also being written with intelligence, elegance and style.

When asked about the subject matter of her stories she had this to say:

"I sometimes deal with strange and taboo subject matter, but my stories are never dark and my characters are never victims (though some of them may pretend otherwise). My characters always enjoy and exult in their sexuality, engaging in their various unusual and illicit acts with unapologetic joy and a zest for life."


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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