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An Email to Jennifer - Book 3 (K.C. Douglas)

An Email to Jennifer - Book 3 by K.C. Douglas

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Mark’s sexual fantasies grew more dramatic when Jennifer came home from the tattoo parlor. He found out Justin solicited Sarah to assist in his devious blackmail schemes against Jenn and then he saw the evidence. Jenn didn’t think the demands could get any worse, but then Sarah came into her counseling room and welcomed an unwanted guest. When Justin outlined his future blackmail plans, Jenn wondered is she was strong enough to outwit him.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 3 / 2017

No. words: 17257

Style: General Erotica, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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By K.C. Douglas


Author’s Note: This story was written for a nice young couple. They sent me some suggestions, which I have tried to put into a story. I do hope they like my version of their fantasy, which they insist is only a fantasy... I think? All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


Jennifer and Mark's lovemaking intensified ever since the revelation of what the three teens had done to Jenn. Having to tell her partner, her lover, that she had been blackmailed by a mere teenager into having sex with him, had been traumatic to say the least. Then to explain how the boy, Justin, had forced her to submit to his buddies’ wishes had been even more devastating to Jenn.

Justin had used blackmail to start the lustful affair and then he took pictures of Jenn's demise, which he used to further his goal of controlling Jennifer. There was no way the distraught woman could allow Justin to distribute the incriminating photos to the directors of the YMCA or to any of her friends and family. Her goals of working as a youth counselor would surely be severely jeopardized if the knowledge of her infidelity were made public.

The devilish teens had ensured Jenn's loyalty by using the implicating pictures against her and then their devious plan of exposing her adulterous affair to her partner was uncanny. They covered Jenn's sexy body with hickies and knew that she would have to explain to Mark where she had gotten them.

Justin’s plan worked to perfection and the complete story was unearthed to her lover, except for a few omissions, which Jenn found too shameful to include. After her boyfriend heard the sordid details, he was in a constant state of aroused desire and not infuriated like Jenn expected.

Mark was turned on by the fact his girlfriend had been used, even violated by someone and the reality it was mere a nineteen-year-old made the affair even more arousing to him. For three days, the couple’s lovemaking had been thoroughly ecstatic for Mark. His mind was constantly filled with visions of his sexy girlfriend being screwed by Justin and his buddies, Ray and Todd.

The images of Todd experiencing anal sex with Jenn was more than his sane mind could withstand, especially when he knew she felt that type of sex was immoral and taboo. The anticipation of Jenn being forced to comply with the teen’s wishes again and again was driving Mark crazy. He prayed she would do whatever they demanded and do it as soon as possible.

Mark found it hard to wait. He wanted to call Justin and speed up any impending encounter or hasten the teen’s blackmail demands. Everyday Jenn got home and told him that nothing happened, he sort of felt dejected because of the prolonged wait.

An evening at home with Jenn was cherished, as Mark anticipated her undressing and him finding more incriminating evidence on her sexy body. Even her assurances that nothing happened during the day didn’t take away the butterflies in his stomach when they undressed for bed. He dreamed of finding telltale signs of her being unfaithful and he studied her body for any evidence.

The hickies the teens tattooed on Jenn’s flesh were still visible days later and Mark envisioned each one being sucked onto her body by Justin and his buddies. Just thinking about the various threats made to Jenn by Justin caused his mind to go irrational. Mark relished finding a real tattoo or a daunting body piercing like the teen had promised.

Not knowing what or where or how only added fuel to his inflamed brain. He pictured a real tattoo and his mind went wild. Mark wondered where the devious Justin would have the inked drawing put on Jenn’s virtually unblemished body.

When Mark envisioned Jenn’s, gorgeous flesh being pierced, a violent shudder rocked his being, but not in a bad way like it should have done. His passions soared, as he wondered what he would say if she came home with her nipple pierced? Suddenly he scolded himself for not being the one to dictate what happened to Jenn’s sexy body and for permitting a measly teenager to gain control.


Tuesday started out badly and got even worse, as Jenn’s day progressed. First she was late for work with the traffic snarls and numerous traffic holdups. Then she found an ominous note on her desk and stared at it for many seconds before finally picking it up.

Jenn literally shook and she knew immediately that it was from Justin. "I have not forgotten our arrangement. You are my personal slut and I know you are more than willing to do whatever I wish," he wrote and Jenn's eyes filled with tears.

Dear gawd, she thought, and wondered how the teen picked the right moment to strike to catch her completely overwhelmed. The note was blurry yet she managed to read. "I told you how much I love my girls to not wear any undies. You are to remove your bra and panties and go the rest of the day without them," he wrote and Jenn became thoroughly distressed.

It was uncanny. Mark had insisted she wear a sheer, loose fitting blouse, which was no problem if she wore a bra. Jenn closed her eyes and pictured what her erect nipples would look like through the flimsy material. The dark, rosy nips would certainly be very visible, as the light-colored blouse offered little security and she quivered with the shameful thought.

Then Jenn wondered why Mark had insisted she wear a short skirt, today of all days. Did he know? Surely he hadn’t talked to Justin and didn’t know what the teen was going to demand.

Suddenly Jenn noticed Justin lingering near her counseling room and she knew the disgusting demand had to be fulfilled. She glared at the teen with a most pleading look, but he merely returned an evil smirk. Justin crinkled his brow in a questioning manner and indicated she comply with his note, or else!

Jenn was still pondering her fate when the teenager seized the moment to demonstrate his superiority. Justin stepped into the secluded room and swiftly handed her an envelope. “Here, I thought you might want to see how gorgeous you look without clothes,” he whispered, as his mind filled with lustful imagery.

She didn’t have to open it and knew what the devil had printed off in an effort to force her to comply with his request. Justin gave a quick jerk on the photo paper inside the envelope and revealed enough of the top picture to make Jenn’s pretty face go beat-red in embarrassment.

The smile on his face couldn’t get any bigger. "I'll just close your door so you can remove your undies without anyone seeing the glories sight," he informed the distraught woman.

Justin shrewdly closed the door behind him and decided to wait in the hallway for a few minutes. He wanted to allow Jenn enough time to obey his order and to fully succumb to his blackmail request.

Rather than barge back into the room, he gave a light knock on the door. Justin wanted to hear her invite him in and see the shocked expression on her face when he entered. It took a second tap before the desired result was reached, but then he heard the timid voice.

“Yes, come in,” Jenn said just barely loud enough to hear.

Justin smiled when he opened the door and saw the gorgeous counselor sitting in her interview chair with her shoulders slumped forward. Jenn was doing her best to hide the obvious fact she wasn’t wearing a bra, but he noticed the faint, rosy color of her hardened nipples.

“That is exactly how I like my sluts to dress,” Justin said and it made Jenn shudder with awkwardness. “Just so you know, I took the liberty to change your appointment schedule and Sarah Andrews will be seeing you for your next appointment.”

Jenn was stunned and wondered why he would make the switch. Before she could contemplate too much, there was a soft knock on the door, which startled them both.

“That is probably Sarah. I should be going so you can have her all to yourself,” Justin stated and there was a hint in his voice that indicated he knew more than he was telling.

The door opened and Jenn felt her heart stop. An intimidating girl appeared and instantly filled Jenn’s stomach with trepidation because of the girl’s appearance. Sarah had several visible tattoos and some piercings adorning her pretty, well-built body and Jenn wondered what would possess someone to do such radial things?

Jenn took a closer look at the girl who was what most would call beautiful if not for the body markings. It was likely a way for a teenager to rebel against her parents or against society, she assumed. Jenn couldn’t imagine doing such drastic abuse to one’s body and she felt a twinge of sympathy towards the girl.

Sarah was fairly short at 5’3” or 5’4” and she was definitely well endowed in the breast department. Her hips were shapely and she had a very sexy figure for an eighteen-year-old. One noticeable aspect that many of the male patrons of the center found appealing and seductive was the fact Sarah didn’t mind flashing skin every now and then.

The girl always wore a sleeveless top of some sort and that enabled her to show off the tattoos on her arms. Both upper arms had been inked, as well as her left forearm. Also visible were portions of tattoos on her upper back and on her lower back at waist level, as she liked wearing clothes that revealed her slim midriff.

What Jenn found most repulsive were Sarah’s many rings and studs pierced on her various body parts. The ones in her ears Jenn could tolerate, but the golden trinkets in her eyebrows, her lip, her nose and even her tongue were degrading to Jenn. A little shiver shot through her body when Jenn imagined what other parts of the girl’s body might be pierced.

“I’m here for my appointment, Miss,” Sarah said and smiled directly at Justin.

The boy excused himself and the two exchanged words when Justin passed the girl on his way out of the room. What was whispered couldn’t be heard by Jenn and it was obvious the two wanted to keep their deep, dark secret from their counselor.

The door shut quietly, but it echoed in Jenn’s ears, as every noise and sound was amplified by her heightened senses. She felt the world closing in on her and strangely Sarah’s pleasant smile seemed counterfeit to her.

Jenn remained seated and the girl promptly walked right up to her chair without a pause. "I think it would be sweet to try being a counselor for a change instead of some piss-ass tramp. Why don't we change places so I can try my hand at being the person in-charge," Sarah said in a most confident tone.

Jenn glanced up at the girl, as something didn’t seem right. She was about to scold the teenager for being obstinate, but decided against it when Sarah’s expression radiated superiority and confidence. With a shrug of her shoulders, Jenn stood up and sort of waited.

When she glanced down on Sarah, it gave Jenn a feeling of having the upper hand even though she complied with the girl’s demands. Her skimpy attire was forgotten for a brief moment and suddenly the teen’s lips were moving, but it took a moment before anything registered.

"Why don't you lie on the couch and I will counsel you, Miss Prim and Proper,” Sarah said with a hint of mockery in her voice.

Jenn appeared stunned for a few seconds, but finally decided to play the little game with the girl. She slowly shuffled to the leather, chaise lounge and sat on the edge with her hands clasped on her lap.

Sarah abruptly guided the counselor into the proper position. She forced Jenn to lay down and pretend to be the submissive young offender who was about to be chastised by the adult therapist. “Now young lady, or should I say bitch... you just lay there and I’ll fuckup your mind with my vast wisdom,” Sarah stated and virtually dared the counselor to protest.

Jenn lay motionless and stared up in wide-eyes astonishment at the stern looking girl. She sheepishly reached down for the hem of her skirt and made sure it was down low enough to shield her nakedness. ‘Geez, I have to take charge. I can’t let her control things; I have to stop this foolishness,’ Jenn thought, as her mind swirled for the right thing to do.

“Justin asked me to help him out. Since I have many body piercings and tattoos, who better to see that you get some done in the proper places," Sarah said and smiled with the satisfaction of knowing Jenn was about to be her subordinate.

When Jenn tried to sit up, the girl promptly shoved her hard and ensured she remained on her back. “Justin wants me to take you to the parlor and have something done to your body. He says you’re his slave and he wants to get your body tattooed to prove it,” Sarah stated, as her pretty face was etched with the biggest grin.

Author Information

I started reading erotic stories a few years ago and found many of them to be very unbelievable, as well as written poorly so I wondered if I could do better. I have written many stories and posted them on a few story sites, which has given me great satisfaction when readers send me wonderful feedback. After receiving many nice comments from readers, I decided to give publishing a try and I am hoping to give readers a rewarding experience by reading one of my books.

I fully immerse myself in each story and hopefully that intimate feeling is portrayed in each of my books. The enjoyment received from erotic stories can give a person many minutes and hours of personal enjoyment and hopefully my books do that for readers.

Many of my books are pure erotic fantasy... I think... but then again I won't admit what parts come from personal experience. Yes, I have had affairs in my life and in my marriage, but hopefully they have made me stronger and happier. I can't describe the enjoyment I get from writing and will admit that it has been kept a total secret from my family and friends.


Publisher Information

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