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The Re-education of Barbara Muir (James Darwin)

The Re-education of Barbara Muir by James Darwin

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    • Average 3.3 from 3 ratings

It’s 2018 and America is Great Again! That is unless you are Barbara Muir, a young woman who has written stories that the authorities find subversive. That will get you arrested, interrogated and sent for re-education. Once that is complete and you are transformed into a good obedient citizen, then you can be assigned to “special” duties that will serve the greater good of the nation.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 2 / 2017

No. words: 18002

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Erotic Domination - F/F

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Department of Homeland Security
Anti-Sedition Unit (ASU)
Subject: Interrogation of Barbara Muir
Charge: Authoring of seditious literature
Place: Upper Midwest Re-education Center, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Date: September 23, 2018.
Case Number: 854902-765
Chief Interrogation Officer: Richard McGrath
Suspect, one Barbara Muir, PhD, female, age 33, was arrested at her place of employment at approximately 1:15 PM CDT by ASU agents Connor, Jackson, Potrelli and Tatum. Arrest was without incident, possibly because they have become frequent on the campus, which is a regional hotbed of sedition and non-Great American activities. Suspect Muir was transported together with three other university employees arrested on similar charges, though not associated with Muir, to the UMREC, arriving at approximately 4 PM.
Suspect Muir is an attractive brunette woman of medium build, dressed on that day in a white blouse, navy blue skirt and flats, wearing a few items of discrete jewelry. I began my initial interrogation of suspect Muir in my office at approximately 4:30 PM, following her being photographed and fingerprinted. The interrogation was recorded and a transcript is offered here:
RMcG: Dr. Muir, do you know why you have been brought here?
BM: No, and I want to talk to an attorney. I believe I have that right.
RMcG: Actually, under Emergency Decree 6390, of May 14, 2018, you do not. So I will ask again, do you know why you have been brought here?
BM: I have no idea. I haven’t done anything.
RMcG: Are you the person who is called Barbaria1 on a web site known as BDSMForums? Think carefully before you answer, because your posts, over 20,000 of them, have been linked to your personal iPhone.
BM: How do you know this? Have your Russian friends hacked the website?
RMcG: Dr. Muir, I would strongly advise you not to attempt to be a smart ass with me as you are on the website. You are facing serious charges. We monitor subversive sites that could threaten national security as a routine matter. Does that surprise you?
BM: No, it doesn’t. But I hardly think BF represents a threat to national security.
RMcG: That isn’t up to you to judge. Now, we have serious concerns about a number of stories that you have authored on that site.
BM: Such as? I mean they’re fiction stories with erotic and BDSM themes, just amusement as it were.
RMcG: Really, even when they portray communist subversives in a favorable light?
BM: What do you mean?
RMcG: Take your story, “Berlin Journey”. The heroine, modeled on you, is an American Communist working for the Soviets who hooks up with a German Communist and is busted at a Communist rally.
BM: Geeze! That’s in Nazi Germany for shit’s sake. She is trying to assassinate Goebbels, a war criminal.
RMcG: And that’s the problem. You are glamorizing a subversive assassin. That isn’t a proper role model for young women. Now let’s turn to another story-“Kaptive of the Klan”. You are slandering an entire slice of your country there.
BM: You can’t be serious! Attacking the Klan is now forbidden? Since when?
RMcG: Dwelling on such things doesn’t help to Make America Great Again. Now let’s turn to another story, “Plantation Problems”. Even you would have to agree that it hardly presents a positive picture of the Great America that lies in our future.
BM: My God, it’s post-apocalyptic fiction. Of course it presents a dismal future-as a warning to us today.
RMcG: I see. So, it’s basically a political work designed to scare our youth. I’m pleased that you admitted that. And look here in the Prologue, “atmospheric CO2”, “unstable climate”, those are terms banned in this country under Emergency Decree 4285 of December 13, 2017.
BM: There was no such Decree when the story was written and no Decree can alter scientific facts. Besides, the Prologue was written by my co-writer, James Darwin.
RMcG: Yes, we’ll get to him later. It really doesn’t matter, co-authors are equally responsible. Now, did you attend any of the Women’s Marches that took place following the inauguration of the President in 2017?
BM: Well, it’s none of your business, but I might have.
RMcG: Would it be fair to say that you went to several marches in that period?
BM: Maybe. I never really counted. I had a right to express my opinion non-violently, which is what I did.
RMcG: Yes, you had a right. But times change, Dr. Muir.
BM: Well, what exactly do you want me to do about any of this now?
RMcG: A complete, signed confession and a commitment on your part to follow a course of re-education so that you can be a loyal and productive citizen of Great America. We also expect you to provide any information you have about your collaborator in sedition, James Darwin.
BM: I’m not signing any such bullshit. As for Darwin, I can’t help you. He disappeared from BF about a week ago and I assumed you guys had him back East.
RMcG: Well, we may want to probe you a bit further on that. After you sign the confession and commit to re-education.
BM: And if I don’t?
RMcG: Dr. Muir, it’s clear to me that while you are a very intelligent and well educated woman, you don’t seem to understand the situation you are in. This center exists for one reason and one reason only, to protect Great America from harmful ideas and those who espouse them. The old days you remember when everyone thought and did as they felt like are gone and they aren’t coming back. Out of respect for your intelligence, I will give you the night to think about this. But I can assure you that if you continue in your recalcitrance, our conversation tomorrow will not be under such pleasant circumstances. Good evening, Dr. Muir.
Suspect Muir was then taken to a cell where she was locked in to spend the night. The television in her cell was tuned to Fox News and the volume and channel controls were disabled. I hoped that the message would have some effect on her state of mind.

Richard McGrath, Agent in Charge, ASU


I find it quite disappointing to buy a sex book only to find out that it is nothing more than a very poorly done political satire. Isn’t there enough of this crap in the “news?” Scratch James Darwin from my list of acceptable authors. 1 out of 5 (Roybme)

Unlike the last reviewer, I found this book a very interesting mix of political satire and eroticism. I have read three books by this author, and found all three to be titillating. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5

  Author reply: Differences of opinion make the world go around. Honestly, I appreciate anyone who takes the trouble to write a review. I think the blurb makes quite clear that the story touches heavily on current events.

Author Information

A scientist by training, I write stories about the harsh judicial punishment of disobedient females


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