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An Email to Jennifer - Book 2 (K.C. Douglas)

An Email to Jennifer - Book 2 by K.C. Douglas

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The blackmail was overwhelming and Jennifer realized Justin had made videos and took pictures of the daunting sexual encounter. Jenn thought being older, wiser and more responsible would enable her to easily outwit a mere teenager, but she was wrong. How would she ever explain what happened to her beloved boyfriend after he saw the incriminating evidence, she wondered?

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 2 / 2017

No. words: 20541

Style: General Erotica, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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By K.C. Douglas


Authorís Note: This story was written for a nice young couple. They sent me some suggestions, which I have tried to put into a story. I do hope they like my version of their fantasy, which they insist is only a fantasy... I think? All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


It turned into a long, hot night of love making for Jennifer and Mark and the session could likely be attributed to Jenn's feelings of guilt. She wanted to satisfy her cherished partner so he would love and forgive her. Now if only she could find the courage to tell Mark what happened at Justin's.

Jenny trembled from the memory of what a mere teenager forced her to do. It was not so much what he made her do, but the fact she succumbed to his requests in such a willing manner. Yes, she deemed, it was the first time in her life she actually lost control and willingly gave herself to someone.

Her mind was troubled by all the possibilities that may happen from Justin taking new pictures of what had transpired. She recalled the bright flashes of light from the camera, which detailed her indiscretions at the hands of the teenager when he made her suck his big cock.

Lying beside her sleeping boyfriend, Jenn felt her tummy shudder with trepidation. Although they werenít officially married, she and Mark had settled into a steady relationship and considered each other husband and wife.

It was a new day and time to get up. Mark was still asleep, as he didn't have to be at his first class until 10 o'clock. He only mumbled and grunted best wished to his girlfriend when she got up. Jenny had to be at work by nine and had time for a quick shower before leaving for the YMCA.

Her duties at the center included working with young offenders who had gone through some troubled times. Justin happened to be one of the young boys who were counseled at the center and he did odd jobs for the staff during the day because of his computer expertise.

A feeling of dire panic shook her lithe body when Jenn remembered how the teen blackmailed her into fulfilling all of his sexual demands and perverted fantasies. What troubled her most was the fact she cooperated so easily with the teenager and she was distraught that he now had power over her.

Jenn got ready for work and her mind was in a daze. She kept fretting over the possibility that Justin would continue his quest to have sex with her. After all, she recalled, he boldly told her that he planned on them having intercourse this afternoon.

Yes, Jenn thought, he spoke with a sure and positive manner when he told her that she was going to be his personal slut. ĎOh geez,í she mumbled, ĎI have to do everything in my power to persuade him to stop his childish blackmail attempt.í

It had gone far enough and Jenn reasoned she had to put a stop to Justinís blackmail. Suddenly she felt confident in her ability to overcome the teenís determination and strong enough to win any confrontation with him. Jenn reasoned being older than Justin and her years of maturity should be enough to find a solution to her dilemma.

Jenn smiled at Mark on her way out of the house and vowed to be faithful to him from now on. Yesterday was the biggest mistake of her life and she was determined to never make such a lethal error, ever again. Jenn tried her best to put the predicament out of her mind on the drive to work and she felt much better when she arrived at the YMCA.


The morning was all routine and Jennís counseling sessions passed smoothly and uneventful until she caught sight of Justin, just as she concluded her appointment with one of her young patients. There was a confident grin on the teenís, youthful face and it made her tummy churn with guilt.

Her mind flashed back a day to when she succumbed to Justinís filthy demands. Oh, she thought, how could I have been so vain and permitted such a sinful thing to happen? Jenn promised to never let it happen again and the vow gave rise to a strong feeling of optimism that she could control her own destiny.

Justin watched the beautiful counselor move around the center during the morning and each time he saw Jenn, he felt a quivering in the pit of his stomach. She wore a short skirt with a skin tight, sleeveless t-shirt and it made her look even sexier than normal, but maybe that was because he now had an intimate encounter with her.

The top and bra covered her perky breasts, but Justin still imagined what they looked like and yearned for another taste of the memorable nipples. When his gaze lowered and feasted on the slim waist and shapely hips, he couldnít stop thinking about what he planned for the next encounter.

The morning actually passed much quicker than Jenn envisioned and it was noon before she realized it. It was the normal time for her to check emails, but she hesitated to go into the office for fear that Justin might be there. Instead, she went to the small cafeteria and proceeded to eat her lunch, hoping to evade the teenager.

At one o'clock, Jenn headed for the counseling area, as she had a therapy session with a disturbed young girl scheduled in a few minutes. Suddenly, Justin approached her and all she wanted to do was turn and run. There was a stern expression on his youthful face and Jenn knew he was about to tell her something so she held motionless.

"You may want to read the note and watch the DVD. Yesterday was beautiful, but today will be even better," he stated and handed her an envelope. The smile of contentment said it all and Jenn felt the whole, wide world closing in on her.

Author Information

I started reading erotic stories a few years ago and found many of them to be very unbelievable, as well as written poorly so I wondered if I could do better. I have written many stories and posted them on a few story sites, which has given me great satisfaction when readers send me wonderful feedback. After receiving many nice comments from readers, I decided to give publishing a try and I am hoping to give readers a rewarding experience by reading one of my books.

I fully immerse myself in each story and hopefully that intimate feeling is portrayed in each of my books. The enjoyment received from erotic stories can give a person many minutes and hours of personal enjoyment and hopefully my books do that for readers.

Many of my books are pure erotic fantasy... I think... but then again I won't admit what parts come from personal experience. Yes, I have had affairs in my life and in my marriage, but hopefully they have made me stronger and happier. I can't describe the enjoyment I get from writing and will admit that it has been kept a total secret from my family and friends.


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