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Lusting for Lei (A.J. Wright)

Lusting for Lei by A.J. Wright

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Louis is a prince and ready to be king. He has a new house slave named Lei who is an Asian male.

Louis find himself attracted to Lei and acts on this and soon him and Lei start having a passionate, love affair. Louis find himself falling in love with Lei, but Lei is doubtful that he loves him due to them only having a physical attraction to each other.

Problems surface as Louis is to become king and is engaged to be married and Lei has a wife and a son.

Will love be their downfall?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 2 / 2017

No. words: 29800

Style: Open Minded - Gay or Lesbian, Historical Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Penelope was pleasing me orally for the first time. Oh, heaven I was in. It was a magnificent feeling to feel your lover’s lips upon your most sacred area. I was in my bedroom, sleeping soundly. I dread tomorrow as Theodore wishes to bore me with strategies for battle. I am the strongest warrior in all of France which is why my father chose me to be king before he sadly perished from illness.
I was dreaming of battle until Penelope decided to please me. I smiled to myself in my sleep. I slightly crack open my eyelids as I witness her black hair under the sheets. I lay back and enjoyed myself. I planted my hand on her head as I force her mouth to go deeper. Her head felt slightly bigger, but I ignored it. I just thought to myself that maybe I wasn’t thinking because I still half asleep.
I just hope everyone in the castle was asleep. I felt myself about to reach orgasm. It had been so long since I had this desire and pleasure. It shock me that she not only knew about this act, but she was doing it the act on me without us being married. The fact that my body loved it was an improvement for me as well.
“Oh, Penelope how I treasure thee.” I whisper to her.
I opened my eyes so I could gaze upon her face, but a head then emerges from under the sheets.
“I am not Penelope.” He told me.
I was such in a state of shock I didn’t have time to think. It was Lei who pleasing me. He had the same dark, black hair as Penelope that I didn’t bother to consider such a thing.
“No, no, no, no, stop!” I commanded him.
He did not stop however. He kept going, knowing I am at his mercy. This is what he intended. Why torture me so? I grab some of the sheets and push his head further down as I was force to release all I had to give him in his mouth. I suck in a rush of air.
“Ugh aaahh” I moaned lightly, as I released.
The pleasure was so sweet, like the petals on a red rose. This act was a sin. I then laid on my side, as the guilt wore in. So many times I had been unfair to Penelope. I finally was doing the right thing. I had betrayed her again. She would never forgive me if she found this out and it was not right for me to keep this a secret any longer.
As I was in my thoughts, I heard a cruel, silent laughter coming from Lei. Why do this to me? Is what I wanted to ask him, but I was too ashamed. Pleasure would not be enough to make me forget what I had done.
I was weak. So, weak, that I allowed myself to have pleasure when I should have stop it. How was I to be king if I can fall so easily into temptation?
“I heard of wedding balls this spring. I say, Penelope, what will she think when she soon discovers her soon to be husband has a slave for a lover? A Korean lover to which her father despises Koreans doesn’t he?” He asks me as he slides his finger along my jawline.
I then heard him standing up, then I heard the removal of clothing. Lei planned this. He wanted to ruin my engagement to Penelope. I couldn’t understand why? I thought this is what he wanted! To be rid of me.
Lei then stood next to my fireplace, where my fire burned so brightly. I could still hear the crackling of the wood as it burned. Lei was fully nude and stroking himself gently. Even though I was laying on my side I could still see Lei committing this sexual act to further tempt me.
“What is wrong my king? Isn’t that what you like? Isn’t this what you wanted?” Lei ask breathlessly, as he made himself have an erection.
“Why have you done this?” I ask him. I tried to hold back my tears.
Lei stopped himself and went to my bedside and he had his erection poke me in my back. This was temptation again. I can be strong now because I was angry. I was disappointed in myself and that gave me the courage to not bend to his will. I sprung up and he had to take a few steps back.
“Why have you done this?! You have a young son and a wife. I gave you your own private quarters so you could be with them as a family.” I said, standing up to face him.
“Your kindness was just an act to ease your own guilt.” He says to me. “An act to hide your own shade of lust for me. Castle chatter does not only happen outside of these walls.” He said.
“No one has suspicions.”
“That is what you think. What man has a woman and does not bed her? Does not feel her and embrace her desire?”
“I love Penelope.”
“No, you don’t. You have told me countless number of times, not from your own lips, but in your actions. You love me, you want me.”
“Lei we have been over this a countless number of times.”
“Is this what you do? Make people love you and then throw them to the wolves.”
“I was born with a responsibility I cannot dismiss such for desire.”
“Desire or love?”
“You told me you love your wife and son.”
“I do. They were killed.”
“When you were off they were killed. Penelope killed them right before me.”
“Why would she do such a thing?”
“She saw us in the tub, that evening you thought she was staying over Lady Levant’s home.”
“She never mentioned such to my ears.”
“Because it would humiliate her!”
“Lei, I am sorry for your loss.”
“That is all you have to say?”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Hang her.”
“You want to hang the daughter of a duke? Are you mad?”
“You are to be king, I know you have the power to do such.”
“It would bring chaos. We are in the middle of a war already. I am supposed to bring allies together not create more enemies.”
“He is a Duke, not a king. You can gain favors by turning against him. Show your people you seek justice.”
“You disgrace me.”
“You disgrace yourself.”
“Why did you commit such a lustful act upon me? You know I am trying to change. I am trying to hide those awful shadows. Is it because Penelope murdered your family? I could have done justice another way, I could have you rewarded handsomely. No other slave was treated the way you were.”
“Don’t do me any favors. I will no longer keep the sins of this castle inside these walls.”
“What are you saying?”
“I will expose secrets if Penelope isn’t hung.”
“Lei, I am begging you-”
“And I begging you. As I once beg you to leave me alone.”
I went the table before my fireplace. I saw the drink of whiskey I didn’t finish it. I look at the glass and I brought it to my lips and finish it. The warm liquid burn down to my very belly.
I admit to myself it was hard resisting Lei when he stood so willingly in my bed chambers, nude with his love muscle just staring at me. I would not allow myself to gaze upon his soft, skin, gorgeous green eyes or his treasure which was his arse. I ran my hand through my tousled, blondish hair.
Memories I have tried to bury were now flowing to my mind. His arse was just so round and perfect. It was smooth, soft, gentle and warm. Sometimes I would rest my head upon it. No! Stop these hideous thoughts at once!
“Why did you do this? And if you keep playing games with me I will have the guards throw you out, to hell with what rumors may came.” I warned him.
“Don’t you remember how this all started?” He asks me.
“When you first came here?”
“Tell me how it all happened.”
“Why do want to hear such a tale?”
“Because I believe once you hear it from your own lips you will come to the realization you caused all of this.”
“You want to see me in pain?”
“Pain? What I feel far worst then pain. Pain would be a blessing to me right now.”
“I will not entertain you.”
“You kept me around to entertain you. That is all I was to you, wasn’t it? Entertainment.”
It hurt me to see Lei in heartache like this. I cannot even the emotions he must be feeling at this point. I had fallen in love with Lei, but I was to be king and expected to marry Penelope and have a family. The odds of me and him being together were not in my favor. Not only that Lei and his family were slaves. Lei and his wife, Chun were found guilty of stealing from the castle it did not help that they escape here on a ship in the first place.
He claimed he was fleeing from the war. The judge or jury did not want to hear of it however. We had our own war and problems and could not dictate other countries instead of deporting them he gave them the sentence to be slaves to the castle.
“Just tell me the tale of you and I, and I will leave.” Lei spoke to me.
“But why?” I asks him. “This will not make things better.” I tried reasoning with him.
“Tell the tale.” He demanded.
“You will remember who is king and who is a slave.”
“Is that why I needed to give into your sinful desires?”
“Quiet! I will not be talk to like this. Just leave.”
In the heat of my anger I look upon him and I just opened the door to allow myself to once again be persuaded. I couldn’t even bare to look at him because I was caught up in my need for his body, but I made the mistake and I did.
He was, but a few feet away from me, nude. I saw as the fire danced upon his skin. He came closer to me until we were, but an inch apart. I hope I had the strength to fight this.
“Do you really want me to go?” He asks me, softly. He place his hands on the sides of my face and he was licking and biting my earlobe making me squirm against him.
“Lei please.” I was begging him.
Here I am at the mercy of a slave. I had already betrayed Penelope, she knew of my affairs and she was blinded with rage that she wanted to hurt Lei by slaughtering his family and now Lei was blackmailing me to have her hanged.
If Penelope was an ordinary civilian she would be hanged without question, but she is the daughter of a powerful duke. This will have consequences. Nothing dire, but there will be consequences indeed.
Lei touch my groin and I knew I would be going to hell for sins I was going to commit tonight. My loins betrayed me and responded to Lei’s touch. The once loose sore muscle was now hard again, begging for Lei’s behind. No!
“You can lie to your country, your castle, your people, your guards you will die for you, the women and children who adore you, the men who respect you, your wife to be Penelope ... you can even lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to me. Your body speaks for you.” Lei whispered in my ear.
“Jesus” I Whispered to myself.
“Tell me want me.”
“Let go of me.”
Even though I was ordering him to let my groin go and leave my presence he stood still and my feet remained planted. I wanted to end things with him, before I made even more mistakes then I had already made, but my body wasn’t doing what my mind wanted it too.
“Tell me the tale and I shall leave.” Lei says.
“What is it? You want me to relive the mistakes my desire led me too? Why are you being so cruel to me? I didn’t murder your family. Had I known I would have-” I was trying to explain.
“What? What would the Great Louis have done?”
“Lei I am begging you ... if you had ever loved me-”
“Love? What do you know about love? My love for you got my family murdered and now it doesn’t matter whom I love. I am disgrace to my country and my family. Do not speak to me of love.”
“Lei is this what you want? Do you want me to bed you?”
I stared at him in his eyes that had turned cold and I kissed him. I noticed Lei had not returned my kiss. When I place my lips upon his it was just supposed to be a simple innocent kiss. It was a simple brush upon lips.

Author Information

I am 25 years old and I grew up and lived in New York City, Midtown Manhattan area for all my life. I have been writing since I was two years old. It first started out with some blank papers and crayons, but I love writing. It is more than my passion it is apart of my soul. When I write my stories I can close my eyes and visualize everything I am seeing and I know how my characters feel, because I am feeling it as well. I would not have survived the trauma, torture and suffering I went through for five years of my life. A lot of people have told me my writing is not worth anything and I will never amount to anything in my life, but my greatest achievement is to publish one of my novels and it is an honor to share my novels with the world.


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