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Kelly's Quickies Volume Seventeen (Kelly Addams)



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In this edition of Kelly's Quickies:

Lust: Cindy's Sins

Lust – Cindy's Sins, the first of seven books that follow the kinky adventures of sexy blonde model Cindy. In the first episode; Lust, Cindy finds herself appearing in a television commercial for a new body spray, but little does she know that the aerosol can holds much more than just fragrance, as her horny biker co stars are eager to prove.


Gluttony – Cindy's Sins, the second of seven books that follow the kinky adventures of sexy blonde model Cindy. In the second episode; Gluttony, Cindy finds herself in the grips of a powerful sexual frustration caused by the Lust body spray that she has been promoting, the world around her is descending into chaos, and she feels responsible, but what can she do? She has become a glutton for sex!

B is for Beryl

My new series of short stories continues with B is for Beryl, the story of a woman fast approaching middle age, a woman who thinks she is secure in a marriage without sex until her husband of 15 years asks for a divorce. Beryl has to start again, she has to find her sexuality... and she soon discovers that she has had a slut hiding inside her all the time as she plans her revenge!

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 02 / 2017

No. words: 9631

Style: Menage/Group Erotica, MILF Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Cindy had achieved fame, and the fortune had followed swiftly!
She had become the face of Lust, recognised everywhere, and by everyone... and she should have been happy. But I'm actually bloody miserable she admitted silently as she closed the front door of her new apartment and shut out a disapproving world.
Except it wasn't really the world that disapproved, only the people in it that mattered most, her mother... and her devastated father.
“That boobs thing was bad enough!” her mother had begun, Cindy had been expecting the backlash, her latest censored advert had just begun to air, she was the focus point for a revolutionary body spray that guaranteed any party could become an orgy to match any hosted by the ancient and decadent Romans, and to prove that fact she was filmed, on her back on a dirty factory floor, while a gang of bikers used her as she cried out and begged for more, and all after a single spray of Lust. Men everywhere loved her and fantasised about her, women everywhere shook their heads in disgust but secretly bought the product and hoped that they could be her... if only for one night. And for many their secret wish came true, the odourless variation of the spray was bought most frequently, private gatherings organised and thoroughly sprayed just before guests arrivals... what followed was a foregone conclusion, and another quick burst of Lust would soon lift flagging libidos as the evening wore on.
“What were you thinking anyway... exposing yourself like that... on the internet?” Her mother had shaken her head, almost an action of defeat.
Cindy sighed deeply, her mother was blanking the most recent indiscretion, the more harmless topless photo episode was far less difficult to discuss than her televised and very public gang bang.
“What was I thinking!” she replied, “Well mum, to be honest I wasn't thinking at all was I, or have you conveniently forgotten that I didn't post that photo, or the others... it was Aidan that did it to me, it was Aidan, the sneaky little shit that snapped me in the shower then sold the set to some random pervert... so seriously, what was I thinking?” she shrugged, her mother was easier to handle than her father, but she didn't blame him, a proud man... he had suffered the most. He had seen topless pictures of his little girl pinned to notice boards and locker doors, he had overheard the sordid conversations and the erotic dreams retold... and then he had felt the sting of shame when a name was finally given to the Internet’s viral mystery girl.
And now this! She felt for him, she felt for both of them... and she felt for herself. The spray had played with her mind, it had influenced her, just like it was influencing hundreds of thousands of other people.
But they were people who wanted that influence. Some used Lust to repair damaged marriages, because not everyone used the spray in a group setting, many couples used it to inject a little spice back into their relationships... drink some wine, take a long hot bath together, then a liberal burst of Lust... and nature got a helping hand. But there were also those who misused, the jokers who smuggled cans into sombre and official events, which led to many red faces after the fact.
But most saw the product as little more than harmless fun, many arguing that alcohol had led to far more indiscretions than Lust ever would, true, it made people horny to the extreme, but they still had some control over their reasoning. Cindy would disagree, but she had also to take into account that during her now infamous gang bang, the spray used had been a concentrated variety... so in effect, she had very little choice, Lust had unlocked the animal inside her.
The problem was... she was having great difficulty getting the beast back into its cage.
Cindy dialled a number that she had saved in her phone but wanted to avoid, he had shared her shame that fateful afternoon, and he also held himself responsible. As his head had cleared Danny had cried. He had led the charge, like a commander taking his forces into battle he had led from the front as he emptied his balls deep in her tight wet pussy, his troops had followed in a constant procession, he had then sprayed her to begin the process all over again, and she had thanked him. But it hadn't really been her, and it hadn't been him... just a pair of rutting animals.
Now I have to speak to him! Three months had passed and she had not touched Lust since, yet something inside her had shifted. She thought about sex every waking minute, and sleep was no better, because her dreams would make a seasoned porn star blush... animal, vegetable or mineral... I will do anything, to anything, she said it as a joke... but it wasn't actually that far from the truth, she was permanently horny, she craved sex, stimulation... often she would emerge from a daydream and find her fingers crammed in her pussy, she was losing control... and she knew the cause, she just needed some confirmation.
“I've been thinking about you!” His first words as he answered her call.
“Horny thoughts I would like to bet!” she replied with a serious tone to her voice.
“All my thoughts are horny these days,” he admitted, “That stuff changed me, I feel like a bloody tom cat, I just want to fuck everything in sight.”
“Yeah, same here,” she replied, “Except for the tom cat part, but I know what you mean, I can't seem to relax unless I've got a cock in me, or something similar.”
“Lots of the guys are concerned too, it's fucked up quite a few marriages. I feel sorry for them because I understand, they want to be faithful but they just can't resist the temptation.”
“Do you think it's the same for everyone?” Cindy had her confirmation, she just wanted to hear his voice as she remembered his hard muscled physique and impressive cock, she was playing with herself... but that had become normal.
“No,” he replied, “I've met lots of people who use it regularly, and after a few hours they come down to how they were, no lasting effect. Cindy, what they did to us was different, like it was concentrated or undiluted or something, but I know that all of us that were at the shoot are the same, we are all changed. It's like I've suddenly become a glutton, for fucking. I used to make love... for pleasure. Now I need to fuck, I can't get enough. I'm like some grossly fat guy who just can't stop eating... like I don't eat to live any more, now I live to eat... or should I say, I live to fuck!”
He had put her own thoughts into words, it was like an addiction, but not to the product, she hadn't once wanted to touch the stuff since, but she was truly addicted to sex. It was a craving and his gluttony comparison was apt, she was also living to fuck!

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


Publisher Information

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