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Teacher's Pet (Jason Mortimer II)


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Not all men are created equal. That is evident with the new transfer student from America. With appetite and strength to rival an army this young man twists women to his dark desires to the point where they love it. Delve into the depths of depravity and manipulation as he tries to complete his collection once more.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Burping Frog Publishing    Published: 1 / 2017

No. words: 63000

Style: Young Adult Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Teacher’s Pet excerpt
by Jason Mortimer II

Copyright © 2016 Jason Mortimer II
Published by Burping Frog eBooks
Detroit, Michigan

The last morning bell had just rung at Takanawa High when a tall, dark young man walks in to the classroom of 3-1. He smiles when he sees the students there, all Japanese except for the blonde girl with a bust almost as nice as the teacher’s. Obviously the teacher is of a mixed background in spite of the fact that she too looks fully Japanese like most of the students there.

His smile is sinister as he approaches Teri Yamada, his homeroom teacher for what is his final year of high school. His eyes gives her a quick once over that would have gone unnoticed to anyone without super sharp senses. She is writing something on the board when he laughs. She turns and pushes her glasses up to stare at him for a brief moment.

“What seems to be so funny?” she asks as she rests her book on her desk and the chalk on the little tray attached to the blackboard.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that your ‘ta’ looks like a nine,” he replies as he slides his backpack from his shoulder.

Teri blushes and a few girls giggle. The blonde simply smiles.

“You are the new student…um, Daryl Stram?”

“That’s Strahm, with an ‘a-h’ and not an ‘o’,” he corrects as he waits for her to introduce him to the class.

“I see. Class, this is the new student from America,” she states, speaking in Japanese. “His name is Daryl Strahm with an ‘a-h’.”

“Please to meet you,” Daryl adds in perfect Japanese, which he had studied since his first viewing of Japanese animation.

The same girls giggle but the blonde seems a bit peeved now.

“You may take your seat at the back, Daryl. It’s the only one available,” Teri instructs and shows him the way with a wave of her hand.

“That will be fine,” he replies with a devious smile.

“Figures,” the blonde mutters under her breath, not realizing that Daryl can also read lips, the result of having a deaf brother and two deaf cousins.

Daryl smiles as he passes by her desk to get to his own.

“I just love volunteers,” he thinks to himself.

When he sits down he looks at a few of the girls in the back row with him. He is in his element. Bad rebellious girls with piercings and he knows they have tattoos where decent folks would never see them except for doctors. One of them winks at him. Her hair is dyed a crimson color with a stud in her tongue and just under her lower lip. Daryl licks his lips and he knows that tonight he will not be so lonely in his one bedroom apartment.

He goes through the first set of his classes not really paying attention to what he already knows, listening intently to what is new to him and not giving a damn about the rest. The same girl from before keeps looking in his direction and he watches her from the corner of his eye. Now and again she glances down, although with these desks, it is hard to see anything below the waist. He chuckles inwardly; a devious sound; as he thinks of ways to make sure she can’t claim assault if she wants more than just an occasional bang.

He is not one to be tied down, and now that he is where he always wanted to be, he would probably die before he settled down before he hits thirty-five. He wonders if women here are as easy to control and predictable as the ones back home. His gift for understanding the human mind is astounding, but he uses it and even hones it for more selfish and personal reasons. A guy like him is never alone for long after moving on from girls that thought he was their boyfriend.

The lunch bell sounds and the students eagerly stream out of the classroom to head for lunch, ignoring the words of the teacher. They would miss the opportunity to study for the quiz tomorrow Daryl thinks with a smile on his face as he sits there and waits for the mob to die down.

“So how big is it?” the girl with crimson hair asks without any pretenses of decency or hesitation.

“Your English is very bad,” Daryl replies as he motions for her to kneel down at the side of his desk.

She does so eagerly.

“Well,” she asks impatiently in Japanese.

“That’s better,” he responds as he takes her hand and slowly rubs his crotch with it.

She smiles and takes over the moment she feels him growing.

“What’s your name?” he asks as his hand slides under her skirt towards her hips.

“Robyn; Robyn Shiito”

“You have nice skin, Robyn. I’m disappointed in your choice of panties though.”

“Blame this school and perverts like you. You see how short this skirt is.”

“Could be shorter.”

She laughs; a nasty devious sound that makes Daryl smile. She would be perfect for the plans he has to make this last year of school hell for all that didn’t play his game.

“A girl like you should know of some good places for complete privacy, right?”

“Why would you need to know such things,” she asks coyly.

“If you want to be coy, find a geek. That kind of thing irritates me,” he responds with a harsh tone that did not stop Robyn from rubbing his erect and throbbing manhood.

“Sorry,” she apologizes immediately. “I’ll show you my favorite spot.”

“Good girl. I might have to reward you if you do a good job.”

She smiles and licks her lips as she stands up and walks towards the door. She stands there and waits for Daryl to follow her. He gets up slowly and takes a casual pace, his long legs giving him a long stride. He follows Robyn to the roof of the gymnasium. It is near the back of campus and he can see why no one came around too often. It took them five minutes to get to the gym and once there they had to climb a metal ladder to get to the roof. He likes the fact that the wall around it is deceptively high. From the ground it looks as if the wall is only three feet high when in fact it is eight. Some construction blunder made this the perfect place for lessons in debauchery.

“What kind of reward am I getting?” Robyn asks after letting him look around for a few minutes.

“What do you want?”

“I want to see it.”

“See what?”

“Now who’s being coy?”

“I’m feigning ignorance; there’s a difference.”

“Take out your cock, big boy, let me see how black you are.”

“I don’t show for free. Drop your skirt and panties.”

Author Information

I am an author from the Bahamas whose imagination spans the globe and is nowhere near normal. The first book I have ever published was the third completed and is entitled "Teacher's Pet". I wrote that book with a specific purpose in mind... I wonder if you can decipher said purpose.

I enjoy writing erotic novels with a flair for the weird. Such weird ideas haunt my thoughts and dreams and I enjoy perverting things that I witness around me. I hope to one day enter into the hentai or anime genre with the help of a good artist since my own drawing skills more than suck. I do, however, make up for that with my powerful wording and descriptive skills.

I never stop coming up with new and interesting idea that I want to share with the world. I want the world to shine with the power and freedom of thought.


Publisher Information

Burping Frog Publishing brings you the hottest new authors to erotica fiction, with a growing collection of titles to keep our readers wet and hard with a variety of spicy themes, from bondage to incest to anal and interracial. Look for our newest ebook releases in mystery and erotica at burpingfrogebooks.blogspot.com.

If you have a story you would like to publish, please contact Burping Frog Publishing at burpingfrogbooks@yahoo.com.

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