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Linda's Secrets (Stella Fyre)



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Linda had a secret. As senior newsreader on a national television network, she was well-spoken, well dressed, and the perfect picture of respectability. Once away from the television studio, however, she was very different. Gone was the image of respectability, and in its place was a hot, wild woman who would try almost any sex game. She had played many daring games with her husband since their marriage three years previously, but when the producer at the television network asked her to investigate the world of domination and submission for a possible news feature, a whole new world opened up for her – particularly after she spent a little time with a professional dominatrix. For her husband, what followed might well have been the sort of experience that he had never anticipated…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 01 / 2017

No. words: 32300

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Mistress Janet asked, “What do you want to know?”
“We are investigating what appeals to people about domination and submission – why some people like being punished, manacled and tied up and tortured,” Linda told her.
“Is it the people you are working for asking, or is it you?”
“The broadcasting company would like to do a story and that is why I am here.”
“When you saw the young man drop his shorts and bend over, did you not get excited? Are you not curious as to what that felt like for him?”
“Well, yes, I suppose I was, in a strange sort of way,” she reluctantly answered.
“How would you like to find out for real?”
“I don’t know what you are getting at.”
“Now you are being evasive. You know what I’m offering you. Are you frightened of finding out?”
“Yes,” she answered.
“There is no reason to be frightened. No harm will come to you here, I promise. There may be a little chastisement, but no marks will be left.”
“I only have two days to carry out this assignment and then I must be back in the studio, so I have no time,” she said, hoping that would put her off.
“I’ll tell you what I will do, Linda. You stay here until tomorrow night and I will allow a camera and small crew here to film. I promise no lasting harm will come to you, and you can give me a ‘safe word’. If you say that word, everything will stop and you may go, but you really must give it a try. You can’t know how you feel about it until you’ve tried it.”
Linda sipped her tea and considered what she was being offered. Then she asked, “I only have to say the ‘safe word’ and it will stop? Well… there are two things that would be very important to me. I wear a wig and it must not come off at any time, and confidentiality must be assured.”
“Yes, I agree to the wig, and I will personally assure you of total confidentiality. If that is all, then we have an agreement. First, the ground rules: you do everything I say without question. You always address me as Mistress Janet. You do not speak unless spoken to.
“Slave,” she called, and the man who had been punished earlier came in.
“Yes, Mistress?”
“Stand there. I have work for you.”
She looked at Linda and said, “You stand up.”
Linda stood up and looked at the Mistress, waiting, but the next command took her by surprise.
“Remove all your clothes. I want to see you as naked as the day you were born.”
Linda had read some of the magazine she got from Sam, and knew that this was usual with a new slave, but she had assumed that it was only done with men. However, she remembered that she had agreed to do whatever Mistress Janet commanded her to do, and it would be wrong to refuse the first command. “Yes, Mistress Janet.”
As she was stripping off her clothes, Linda was deep in thought. ‘I have never taken off my clothes in front of anyone, not even David, yet here I am doing a private striptease for a woman I met only twenty minutes ago and a strange man that cannot take his eyes off my body.’
Linda took off all her clothes except for her panties and bra, and then she looked hesitantly at the young man. The Mistress said, “Remove those,” and she pointed at the last covering of Linda’s privacy. She added, “My slave has seen naked women before.”
Linda did as she was told and stood completely naked, feeling very self-conscious as the woman and her slave looked at her.
“Open your legs, so I can see what you have between them.”
Linda did as she was told, and Mistress Janet put her hand down and felt between Linda’s legs. “You are wet and hot, and I will have to cool you down. Slave, pick up all the bitch’s clothes and take them to my room. Take care of them.”
The man picked up the clothes, folded each item, and then left the room.
“Now you will follow me,” she said to Linda. “Your name is now “bitch”. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Linda answered.
“That’s three stripes,” the Mistress said.
“That is another three. You are not doing too good, are you, bitch?”
At that moment Linda realized her mistake and answered, “No, Mistress Janet.”
“Slow,” she answered. “You’re getting better, but it’s too late to avoid punishment.”
Linda followed Mistress Janet into a dark room that looked like something out of a historic torture chamber in an old movie. Linda was once again in thought: ‘What have I let myself in for?’
“Stop and don’t move,” the Mistress ordered, and Linda stopped in her tracks.
“Stay as you are, do not say anything and do not resist. That would be futile, as I will only overpower you. Open your mouth. This is only a gag and it will not hurt you. I am telling you all this as you are here to find the truth and you have the need to be punished.”
Linda opened her mouth and a ball gag was put over her mouth and the strap buckled at the back. The Mistress asked, “That’s not too tight, is it?” But Linda could only grunt. “Good, that’s ok then,” the Mistress added.
Mistress Janet walked around in front of Linda and took her over to a horizontal bar that was waist high and about six foot from one end to the other. She went the other side of the bar, leaving Linda on the opposite side, and then she led Linda to the centre. She took hold of Linda’s wrists.
“Lean forward,” she said, and pulled. It was done with so much force that Linda had was pulled off balance and had no choice but to comply.
Without warning, one of Linda’s wrists was put in a wooden shackle holding her firmly, and then the same was done with the other wrist. Linda’s head was drawn down and her neck rested on another part of the wooden frame. She felt a shackle put over the back of her neck. The Mistress then walked behind Linda, and Linda felt her leg being pulled over to the side and her ankle was put in what felt like a shackle that held it in that position, and then the same was done to the other leg. Her legs were stretched apart so far that she it almost felt as if she was being split in two. She then felt Mistress Janet’s hands moving over her body, and heard her say, “What a lovely body you have. Still, you must be punished. I believe the number was six stripes, or was it ten?”
Linda tried to call out, “Six!” but Janet heard only a groan from behind the ball gag. “Was that twelve you said?”
Linda decided to say no more. Surely she was only joking, Linda thought. She would not dare…
Then Janet walked around in front of Linda, and Linda saw that she had something in her hand that looked something like a horse’s tail with a short handle.
“This is what I am going to stripe you with,” Janet told her, and she waved the tail in front of Linda before laying it carefully across Linda’s back and pulling it right across. It felt soft.
“You told me it was twelve stripes, so that must be correct. You will receive six on either side of your body. Some will be hard and some will not be so hard, but there will be no lasting marks, I promise you. It will, however, be a little painful, but that is what you want, isn’t it? There is a little time yet because my guests have not arrived.”
Linda started to panic and tried to get free, but she was securely held in place.
“Now don’t be silly, bitch. You are mine to do with as I please until tomorrow night. Your body is mine to show, to use or to hurt.”
Then Mistress Janet went behind Linda. Her hand grabbed hold of Linda between the legs, and she added, “This is mine to give away or let it be played with.”
Linda thought, ‘What the hell have I let myself in for?’ and then she heard Janet say, “There are five randy men among them.”

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Stella Fyre writes Femdom novels, often with the touch of the occult or supernatural. Her powerful scenarios are chilling and exciting, keeping the reader guessing at the next twist of the story right to the end.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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