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Jess&Jenn (Cornelius Wax)

Jess&Jenn by Cornelius Wax

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A story about what happens when perfect plans fail. Jessica, a geography professor, and Jennifer, a volleyball player, think they have it all under control. Well, they don't.
As their students and teammates invade their crevices, they realize there is still a lot to learn about how men's minds work.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 1 / 2017

No. words: 12000

Style: Menage/Group Erotica, Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


A doorbell suddenly rang, and I remembered Miles was coming over. I had to give it to him. No student I met before had the guts to face a professor and threaten them, let alone go through with it in the end.
I still had a towel wrapped around my hair when I opened the door to my apartment. Miles walked inside like he owned the place.
"Don't tell me you forgot about me," he said, looking at me quizzically. "Don't lock the door. I have two friends coming in an hour."
"What!?" I asked, astounded by his words. "You had no right to do that. I never agreed to have your friends watch me."
"What does that matter? Two more guys won't make any difference. Besides, I don't care what you agreed to. If you don't let them in, I am going to the dean this instant."
The handsome, middle-eastern bastard knew what to say. I needed my job more than I cared for my pride. Besides, two more guys won't make me less of a whore.
"Fine," I said, resigned. "I won't lock the door. You three can all jerk to me at the same time. Happy?"
He nodded, pleased with my response. "Come. Show me your setup."
I led him into my living room, the largest room in my apartment and sat on the couch, next to the sex toys.
"As you can see, this is where I do my thing. I have two monitors. One for the chat and another for me."
"Looks nice. Is the camera on?"
"It is. If you look at the left monitor, you can see it is pointing at my thighs at the moment."
"Where is the keyboard?"
"Behind you. On the chair."
"Mind if I type?"
"If you have to." I did not like where this was going. The sneaky bastard was planning something.
"Evening, chat," I read on the right monitor. "How are you all doing tonight? Are you all ready for something special?"
"What the hell are you doing, Miles?" I asked alarmed. "I did not agree to anything special. Just a regular show with you and apparently your friends jerking in the back. Stop making me nervous."
"Honestly. Jessica, I have no intention of sitting behind the camera and neither do my friends. In fact, I told them they could fuck you, and you wouldn't mind."
"What?! You did what?!" I screamed. "You little bastard! Why would you do that?!" I could hardly contain myself. I had no intention of fucking anyone, even if I wanted it badly, especially people I never met.
"I also made them believe this is a role-playing session."
"What kind of role-play?" I asked, dreading the answer.
"Break in and robbery."
"I should have known it was something like that," I said. "You sick bastard."
He smiled. "And they will do it in front of all these people. Speaking of, you should give them something to talk about or they will leave."
He was right. People on the internet were far too easily offended these days.
I spread my thighs making sure my shaved crotch stayed hidden. I opened the upper part of the robe, allowing my tits to move about, removed the towel from my still damp hair and leaned forward making part of my left nipple and areola visible.
The chat went wild, and I remembered they had no idea I was about to get assaulted. I looked around for my keyboard, but the damned thing was in the bastard's hands.
The worst part of this whole situation was that until today if Miles asked me to sleep with him, I would have done it without a second thought. He seemed kind and considerate and focused on my lecture which I found extremely attractive.
Also, his average physical appearance was a big turn on for me. I liked to fantasize about quiet men slowly becoming confident with me. Letting go of whatever was holding them back and plunging into me without any remorse.
Miles started typing something. "Tonight, DeeDee," he used my online alias, "will take part in a role-playing session. Two masked men will soon burst through the door and attack her. She will try to resist, but will ultimately fail. Please, do not be alarmed, this is all an act. No matter how convincing DeeDee may sound she is just acting."
"You fucking bastard. I won't give you the pleasure. I will give myself willingly and passionately. How about that, you fucker?"
He laughed loudly. "That's the spirit. You'll need it later tonight, trust me."
Fuck me, I felt like an idiot. How could an intelligent person such as myself fall so low in such a short time? This morning I was controlling a classroom full of horny men, and this evening I was about to get fucked by three men only because I was too self-centered and cocky.
I never had sex with more than one guy, and now I'll have three. I decided not to give them the pleasure of seeing me in ecstasy.
Knowing my weak body, it will be a difficult task, but I felt confident I would not fold underneath the pressure.
His phone made a sound. "Come to the third floor. Apartment number thirteen. The doors aren't locked." He smiled. "Yeah, I'll hold her for you. Don't worry."
"What are you doing?" I asked, thinking about the two men slowly climbing the stairs.
"What does it look like?" He said as he pulled the lower part of my pull out sofa. "This is where we will do the deed. The camera catches everything nicely."
I heard the doors open and at least three different voices at the same time. I got up in a panic and started walking to the sounds, but Miles grabbed the front of my robe and tore it open, revealing my round breasts to the world and people in chat. I instinctively tried to cover myself, but his quick hands stopped me.
"Come here," he said as he pulled me towards the sofa that was now serving as a bed, "and let us have our way with you."
"There is no need to push me," I said confused. "I told you. I'll do it willingly."
"I know you did, but it's more fun like this." He pushed me on the bed and went after me. We fought for a moment, and I suddenly found myself in an awkward position.
I lay on my back, stunned and confined. He sat on the bed with my head snuggled inside his crotch, my arms safely secured in his grasp and my legs free to trash uselessly. I had an excellent view of the lower part of my sprawled body and the two screens.
My robe covered the greater part of my legs and crotch, while the chest part flapped open. My soft, round breasts, spread each to one side and trembled with sudden excitement.
The chat on the right monitor moved at unprecedented speed. People watching were obviously out of their mind with excitement.
Suddenly the doors to the living room swung open, and slowly five masked, muscled and quite tall, men entered.

Author Information

Cornelius recently tried writing as a form of relaxation and realized he quite liked it. He writes about various sexual fantasies, and hopes you will enjoy your glimpse into his perverted imagination, and maybe return to visit again.


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