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The Manager And Ugly Get A Woman (The League Of Sadistic Bastards)

The Manager And Ugly Get A Woman by The League Of Sadistic Bastards


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From the writers who brought you "Chained, Fucked, And Tortured" !

Mandy wanted to get away, to hide. So she booked into an out of the way hotel under a false name, and told no one where she had gone. Bad move, the manager of the hotel had a hidden past, a deep dark secret, and Mandy was about to find out what that secret was.

Her second bad move was opening the door to the big, well muscled but extremely ugly guy who claimed to be room service.....

Product type: EBook    Published by: Eric - Shaun Publications    Published: 04 / 2008

No. words: 19627

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: PDF  


Twenty seven year old Mandy opened the door of her hotel room to someone she thought was room service. To be fair to her, it was a member of the hotel staff, but it was not room service. It was not the person who was supposed to be bringing her a cheese and pickle sandwich (heavy on the cheese, light on the pickle) and a cup of raspberry tip tea. Room service had been told by The Manager not to bother making the sandwich, because Mandy would not be staying long enough in the hotel to enjoy her sandwich. Then instead of room service, The Manager told this person to visit Mandy.

The person at Mandy`s hotel room door was the security officer for the hotel. He had been sent up to Mandy`s room by The Manager a few minutes after Mandy had rung down for her cheese and pickle sandwich (heavy on the cheese, light on the pickle) and her cup of raspberry tip tea. He had intended to to send the security officer up later anyway, but the fact that Mandy had ordered the light snack caused him to bring his plans forward. Sometimes guests got suspicious if a member of the hotel staff knocked on their door without good reason. Not that they got suspicious of the staff themselves, most hotel guests trusted hotel staff (up to a point), but when someone knocked on their door and announced "I am the hotel`s security officer, can I come in for a moment", some guests did not believe them, they had heard of people pretending to be hotel staff to get into a hotel room then robbing the unsuspecting guest, stealing their money, jewellery, passport, or kidneys. OK, so most people did not believe stories about "strange men" drugging people in low rent hotels and removing one or more of their internal organs to sell on the black market. But when a "strange man" knocks on their door, and they are all alone in a low rent hotel, unreasonable fear takes over their mind, and they get scared for the bits inside their bodies that they would rather see remain inside their bodies. And even if fear of organ snatchers does not cross their mind, fear of the common, or garden, variety of thief hits their paranoid little brains. In general people tend not to like being hit on the head and having their valuables stolen.

Of course, in most cases, this fear is unreasonable and stupid.

But in Mandy`s case, it was both reasonable and sensible.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The hotel Manager liked to do a bit of a background check on his guests before they checked in. This was because when they paid by credit card they sometimes used a stolen card. And sometimes they skipped out without even attempting to pay with a stolen card, just snuck out without paying. Either way, The Manager lost money. So wherever possible he did a check as soon as they arrived. These checks were usually useless, there is little you can do to check up on a hotel guest unless you have the resources of the FBI, and the hotel Manager did not have the resources of the FBI. All he had was a broadband Internet connection, and a receptionist who claimed to be an ex-private eye (this was a lie, but the receptionist did know a bit about the business and was occasionally able to find something for his boss this way).

Mandy was one of those "occasional times". The receptionist had found out that her name was not Mandy Franks at all, but he could not find out her real name. All he got was that she was travelling anonymously on a false passport, that she had told no one where she was going, and that she was trying hard to make sure that no one ever found out where she was. This, in itself, was not a problem for The Manager. The hotel was one of those shabby little holes, slightly off the beaten track, and desperately in need of a good cleaner, a coat of paint, and (preferably) being knocked down and replaced with a better building. But none of these were going to happen. Consequently the clientèle consisted of two elderly people who had become permanent residents as they could not afford anything better, a few low paid itinerant workers, who used it for the same reason, a guy who had been thrown out by his wife and did not want to get anything better because he hoped that she would have him back on day (she never would, and eventually he would commit suicide in the hotel), an occasional travelling salesman trying to economise, prostitutes who lived there because they no longer cared, prostitutes who did not live there but used the hotel to bring their clients to, "couples" who were not "couples", but were cheating on their spouses, and wanted somewhere out of the way to fuck, and people who had committed crimes and were hiding out until the heat died down and they could spend their loot. This last group were The Manager`s favourite type of guest. Although you would think, as criminals, they would be a high risk group - very likely to skip out without paying, and taking anything they could nick with them. But they were not like that. The last thing they wanted was The Manager calling the police because they had not paid the bill, it would start a trail that might lead the police to wherever they went to next. So they were prompt payers, and rarely argued over the bill. Also, most were model guests. They did not want anyone to notice them, so they kept quiet, kept their heads down, and behaved themselves. Thirdly, they usually paid in cash. The Manager loved this, the money went straight in his pocket without the tax man knowing about it.

When the hotel receptionist told The Manager that Mandy was travelling anonymously under a false name and on a false passport, had told no one where she was going, and was trying hard to make sure that no one ever found out where she was, he decided she was either a criminal on the run (his favourite type of guest) or a woman who had left her husband and did not want him to find her. Either way he expected her to pay, and probably pay in cash too.

But there was another reason The Manager took special notice of the information his receptionist gave him. And it was all to do with a secret buried in The Manager`s past.

Author Information

A while back several authors tried to convince me that stronger, more extreme books would sell well. To prove it they got together and wrote "Chained, Fucked, and Tortured" (which was released as "anonymous"). That book sold so well that they decided to write several more books, all pretty extreme.


Publisher Information

Eric - Shaun Publications have been producing erotic eBooks since 2006. Eric - Shaun Publications is the \"adult\" division of a company that publishes mostly non-fiction eBooks, but occasionally fiction. And that company itself is a devision of our main company that has been in business since the early 1980s (it was initially a software wholesale/retail company, but has since branched out into many things). Because we published a large number of UFO and \"conspiracy theory\" books, the company began to get a bad name as \"a group of nutters\", which was detrimentally effecting the sales of our more serious publications. So when we decided to publish \"erotic\" eBooks we decided to set up a totally different company and keep it separate from our main business to prevent the main company getting even more \"bad press\".

Anyone hoping to contact Eric or Shaun will be disappointed, there are no such people. They are simply pseudonyms used by the main company to front our erotic eBook business (say the company name out loud to yourself if you want to know why we chose those names).

At the moment (February 2008) we are re-proofreading our books and giving the authors a chance to correct any errors that may have been missed. In some cases we are giving them a better cover too. This is because we are changing our sales method and will be selling our books through A1 Adult EBooks from now on, and felt that moving to such a prestigious company warranted this. It will take us about three to four months to do this to all our existing books, but we hope to have finished re-releasing our back catalogue in June, and will then begin releasing some exciting new titles to our range.

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