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Kelly's Quickies Volume Eight (Kelly Addams)



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In this edition of Kelly's Quickies:


Cruel and sadistic Lance wants to swing, but will he be able to convince his hot yet innocent wife Elle to allow strange men at the frequent parties to take her to their beds. Little does naive Elle doesn't know is that Lance has other plans for her when he convinces her that fisting is a strict requirement of membership, she has to accept or they cannot play, but she is prepared to try anything to save her marriage. Will Lance realise his fantasy, & will Elle get fisted?

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Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 12 / 2016

No. words: 13062

Style: Erotic Fetishes, Swingers Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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“So tell me more about these parties?” Lance turned his pint nervously, he wanted to present a calm and disinterested front, but was failing dismally, because the idea excited him more than anything had for quite some time.
Clive, his best friend grinned. “Very private,” he had lowered his voice and leaned forward conspiratorially, “Strictly invitation only, so it's very selective... and the organisers vet who can join, which means no dogs!”
“No dogs?” Lance asked in confusion.
“Let me put it this way,” Clive winked, “When I suggested you and Elle as members they insisted on seeing a photo of her, that's what I meant about vetting, Elle passed their inspection, she is approved... so if you want to come along to a party or two to try out the scene, you have the green light.”
“Elle got us approved?” Lance wasn't particularly naive but he was sadly missing the point.
“Fuck man, do I have to spell it out?” Clive laughed and drained his own pint glass before calling for another beer, “Elle is hot, all the wives there are hot, no-one wants to end up at the end of the night with a dog... so the organisers have a standard, fuckable or not... and Elle passed easily.”
Lance grinned, he finally understood and the fact that his own wife had passed easily was a little pat on the ego, he had always thought that she was gorgeous but beauty is subjective, so to have third party approval too felt good.
“Every couple is given a number, and on arranged nights they have a system that picks numbers at random, so say me and Linda are number 20, and you and Elle are say 34, if we draw those numbers, I take Elle home with me, and you take Linda... then in the morning we take them back home... it's a really good system, and it guarantees variety... otherwise some couples start getting exclusive and that usually leads to problems.” He paid for his second pint before continuing, “With this system, I might have Elle tonight, but not get her again this year.”
“And when you get some other guys wife... what can you do?”
Clive laughed. “Fuck them, that's a given, it's one of the conditions of membership, they can't refuse sex, just like we can't refuse to fuck any woman we draw. Other stuff is by prior agreement or negotiation. To be honest, all the wives I've taken home have been real sluts, fuck em in the ass, the mouth, fisting, piss on them... most have been really keen and willing, but it's best to discuss it first.”
Lance felt a stirring in his groin, he imagined Elle on her back, legs spread wide while some random guy shoved his hand up her tight pussy, it was something that he would have loved to watch. And if I can convince her to go, I can always quietly suggest fisting to the guy who gets her!
A small grin formed on his lips. “So what are the conditions with Linda... just in case I draw her number?”
“All of the above,” Clive chuckled, “Pretty much anything goes... what about Elle?”
“Same,” Lance nodded, “But with the emphasis on fisting, hard and rough... really fucking deep.”
“Damn,” Clive set his glass down and shook his head, “I never would have guessed it, she always looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth... fuck, I hope I do get her soon... I'll make her squeal!”
Fuck, I really hope so! thought Lance, as the stirring in his pants grew so hard it was almost painful... Now all I have to do is convince her.
Elle Truman was as happy as any married young woman trapped within a small and predominantly elderly community could be. The apartment that she shared with her husband Lance was spacious, well appointed, expensive... and incredibly boring.
She was a trophy wife, eye candy, a pampered creature of beauty... but she had stopped feeling like his trophy quite some months before, his attention was waning, he spent more and more time in the office, or the club... when he did get home he claimed to be tired or stressed, many evenings he fell asleep in his chair rather than climb into the bed they shared. Sex felt as though it had become a chore, one of those jobs that he knew needed doing eventually... but if he could put it off for a few more days... or weeks!!
“So leave him.” had been the advice given by her oldest friend.
“I couldn't do that.” she had replied with a hint of finality. I couldn't, because I love him. And I will find a way to work this out, I'll find a way to bring him back to me... I'll do anything to make things right!”
It was perfect timing for Lance, it just happened that as Elle talked to her friend on the telephone, he sat at the bar with Clive and tried to devise a plan to get her to say yes.
Yes to swinging, yes to fucking a stranger... and more importantly, yes to a very rough and potentially painful fisting.”

Author Information

30 something married nymph with a very dirty mind!
WARNING: You will find nothing vanilla in any of the books that I write, I don't even like vanilla ice-cream!
Taboo, taboo and more taboo, so be warned before sampling the products of my filthy mind.


Publisher Information

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