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Season's Beatings (Randi Holiday)


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Jane wasn’t looking forward to a lonely Christmas but a decorating accident had her waking at the North Pole. The muscular viking called Nick wasn’t what she’d expected Santa to look like, but she had no complaints about his rough treatment of her body. As for him, a voluptuously curvy woman with an ass made for spanking and lips made for sucking was just what he needed before his big night.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 12 / 2016

No. words: 5717

Style: General Erotica, MILF Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


It was nearly Christmas, and Jane thought that having no money to buy gifts was a real joy killer. It didn't help that her son, Zack, was leaving for his dad's house and wouldn't return until New Year's Eve.
She didn't have a lot to look forward to, and tried not to think about the remainder of the year. Spending the last part of December alone and working at the library in her spare time just plain sucked. She was a lusty woman, but fighting off her lecherous boss was always a real bummer.
"There goes my new hobby," she complained, watching Zack pack away the game system with the enchanted controller. Now she'd have to wait until after Christmas to get any sexual gratification. "Did you ever get Damien's game back from your friend?" she asked, looking at the man's framed photo on her nightstand.
Zack grabbed his suitcase and headed out the door, frowning back at his mom. "Why do you keep calling it that? It's weird. You act like he's a real person, mom."
Jane couldn't tell him, because the answer was simply that the man in question had screwed her senseless about a week ago. He’d used his cyborg enhanced body to bring her to extreme orgasms and she’d used her natural curves on him, and now she couldn't get him off her mind.
After Zack drove away, she got out their Christmas decorations. There were still a few hours of daylight left and Jane hoped to get the front of the house done as she dragged the ladder through the deep snow then grabbed the big plastic Santa.
She climbed up onto the treacherous roof, making her way to the chimney. For once, she was actually missing Zack's dad, because this had always been his job. Usually she didn't miss him at all, because the jerk hadn't given her one orgasm during their entire marriage.
When she made it to the chimney, the snow on the sloped roof was up to the top of her winter boots. The arctic wind blasted her, diligently trying to knock her off the roof to her death.
Jane slammed the plastic Santa down and used a strand of lights to sloppily tie him to the chimney. She smiled, picturing the exact opposite in her head. "Oh, God. I'm truly demented, thinking about Santa tying me to a chimney," she muttered, already knowing that her dirty mind knew no bounds.
The Santa flickered briefly, and Jane let go of the chimney in surprise, because the darn thing wasn't plugged in yet. "What the heck?" she said, looking for the end of the cable, just to be sure. Confirming it was unplugged, she hesitated then slapped Santa's plastic face a few times, but it remained unlit. Feeling incredibly creeped out, she tossed the cord toward the ladder and turned to make her way down.
As she took her first step, it felt like she'd been pushed and she screamed, falling forward into a tumbling roll down the steep roof. Her horny and way too brief life flashed before her eyes as she went over the edge. When she landed flat on her back in a huge drift, the wind was knocked out of her and she squeezed her eyes closed as she assessed the damage.
A burly arm reached into the drift, catching her hand and hauling her free easily. The leather of the fur mitten was rough on her palm as she opened her eyes. Her helper was a tall man, well over six feet and built like a rugby player. Ice blue eyes glinted from under a fur lined hat of burgundy leather, matching his sleeveless jerkin perfectly.
“Up you get, Jane,” he commented, “no harm done. I'm Nick.” A grin blazed from his thick blond beard, the hair so pale it was nearly as white as his teeth. “Work to be done though, come inside and keep me company until I'm free?”
He turned and gestured at a long, low, Nordic style hall made of whole tree trunks and garlanded with fresh holly and mistletoe. The roof, what could be seen of it under the snow, was thatched with deep green fir branches and a lantern burnt cheerily over the wide door. Nick stepped into its shelter, kicking the snow from his heavy leather boots as he impatiently waited for Jane to move.
The man was perfectly gorgeous but Jane had no idea where he'd come from. "Hi, Nick. Thank you for helping me. Your house looks really warm and welcoming, but where'd it come from?”
She looked around in confusion, turning to take in the winter wonderland. There wasn't another house in sight, not even her own. It looked like there'd been a blizzard, because huge drifts of snow were everywhere.
Jane squinted against the glare. "Um, where's my house? And, how do you know my name? Wait, I'm dreaming, right?"
“I know everyone's name,” he laughed, a deep rumbling sound filled with good humor. “You mean you can't guess where we are?” He slapped her full rear before passing over a steaming mug of hot chocolate, “Drink up. There's a decent amount of brandy in it.”
He lifted a huge wooden tankard, draining it in one hearty swig then headed inside to work on a sleigh in the centre of the room. The orange glow of the braziers lit the ancient carvings on the wood frame, making them appear to move in the flickering light. Nick secured a huge leather sack in place behind the seat then fitted a harness studded with gold rivets and hung with dissonant bells. Eight empty loops dangled from the long shaft that ran down the centre of the harness, ready for the sleigh pullers. He hung a reindeer skin from each one, bundled up around some hard objects before he was finished.
Jane followed him in and closed the heavy door behind her, sipping the delicious chocolate. As he prepared his sleigh, she couldn't take her eyes off him. She was a huge fan of strong men with bulging muscles, and he definitely fell into that category...and then some. Sex was foremost in her mind, as usual, and she fought the urge to show him her breasts.
As she took it all in, she realized that somehow she was in the North Pole. That was ridiculous, but she decided to play along because she desperately wanted to be pressed against his naked body.
Once finished, he turned back to Jane, his grin even wider. “Well? Do I have an answer yet, and have you been naughty or nice?” He winked as he pulled her closer, both hands grabbing her ass hard, “Or both?”
A thrill of excitement rushed straight between her legs and she tried to focus on what he'd just asked. "Oh, I've been very good this year, Nick," she lied, noticing the 'Naughty' and 'Nice' scrolls glowing on the enormous table beside them.
Brushing aside the fact that her name just might be near the top of the naughty list, she imagined him bending her over the sturdy table. With those tree stumps for legs, it would definitely be a good one for that. Heck, the thing probably wouldn't scoot at all if the big guy rammed into her with all his strength.
Her arms went around his neck and she smiled up at him. "That's a nice sturdy table you have there, Nick," she said, giving it a bump with her hip and grinning when it went nowhere.
“You do know I've read the lists?” the man teased between kisses. “There's no malice in you though, and I don't do puritanical beliefs. You're way up on the nice list. Let's make sure of it, while you're here!” He pulled a small present from his jerkin, passing it to Jane then stepping back.
Revealed was a small doll, curvy and nude apart from a set of minuscule harness that resembled the ones on the sleigh. Nick winked at Jane and drew her attention to the fact that her own clothing now matched the doll exactly, having shifted imperceptibly. The leather straps encircled her breasts and forced them to stand even prouder than usual, a small bell dangled by a loop of thread from each nipple, and the harness split in two at her crotch to leave her fully exposed. The big man stepped closer, catching her arms before she could move and securing them behind her back. “Now then, how do you want to ask me for another present?” he chuckled, opening his trousers to reveal an intimidating erection.
A thrill ran through her at the sight of him. It wasn't just the size of his cock, it was the entire package. Nick was completely ripped. Besides having orgasms, her favorite activity on the planet was having a big, sexy man use her mouth for his pleasure. Clearly, Nick qualified as both manly and sexy, and she couldn’t wait to get a taste of him. Jane knew exactly what to do, and the bells attached to her nipples jingled as she leaned forward, bending at the waist to eagerly get her mouth closer, smelling the musky aroma of his glistening precum. A big part of her enjoyment was seeing what happened next, and she especially loved it when men got forceful with her; and the way Nick held her arms behind her qualified perfectly.
Even so, she was a bit distracted by what she was suddenly wearing. The tight harness pulled at her moist folds as she bent over, and the leather dug into her skin harshly. However, the way it spread her pussy open and exposed her clit was driving her crazy. She could hardly stand it and wanted the use of one of her hands to get started on that amazing orgasm that was just out of her reach.
As she admired his large cock that bounced slightly in front of her mouth, she licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip with a long, slow swipe of her tongue. The flavor was amazing, and it reminded her of a frosted sugar cookie. “Yum. You’re delicious,” she said, her eyes wide with surprise.
“Should be, the amount of cookies I eat,” Nick joked, tugging her hands to pull her forward suddenly. He thrust simultaneously, his cock sliding straight into her throat as he began pumping. “Get my sack emptied first then I'll stuff your stockings and give you that orgasm you're dripping for.”
He drove into her firmly, long slow strokes that gave her time to catch a quick breath at the end of each one. “There's a good girl, keep sucking and you'll get your treat.” He smiled down at her, one hand moving to take a handful of hair and help her balance during the movements.

Author Information

Randi Holiday believes that in relationships, a man should really put his foot down...right on the woman's head, pin her there and spank her ass until she submits and behaves herself.

Please check out my books and excerpts.


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