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Cowboy (Daisy Rose)

Cowboy by Daisy Rose


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After a disastrous love affair, the last thing Shaw wanted was a new relationship. His friends have other plans. Worried that he will be single forever, they find him the perfect girlfriend, Sally Fairweather. They think she's a pretty city girl who's sick of the hectic corporate life. They're only half right.

This short story features an alpha cowboy and a vivacious young woman discovering love.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 12 / 2016

No. words: 9567

Style: Spanking and Bondage, Bondage/BDSM and Romance

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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His lips tasted of warm cinnamon and honey. But there was nothing gentle about the way he touched me. His hands were on my breasts, massaging and kneading the soft flesh there as he pushed me against the gate that clanged loudly upon impact.

His kisses were bruising, devouring me without regard to past inhibitions.

A voice in the corner of my brain implored me to stop this insanity, but that was silenced by his fingers brushing over my sensitive nipples, bringing alive every nerve ending in my body.

For a moment, I didn't know how to react, stiffening slightly as my body caught up with my mind. Then, my arms came up to grip his back and I answered feverishly to his kiss.

We took off each other's clothes in a frenzy of lust and desire. My dress came off with the sound of cloth ripping and he shucked off his shirt and undid the buckle of his jeans with trembling fingers.

My eyes widened at the sight of him, naked and ready. A soft flush covered my cheeks.

"I'm not a gentle lover," he confessed abruptly, as if worried about my reaction. His eyes were searching, worried. I wondered who had rejected him before.

"I don't want a gentle lover," I said.

Suddenly, a hand gripped my hair too tightly and I was forced down until I had no choice but to fall on my knees. The soft grass cushioned my knees. It also reminded me how much out in the open we were and how anyone could drive by and see us.

"What if someone sees us?" I asked even as my fingers wrapped around his hard, throbbing erection.

My heart was pounding, racing, hammering in my chest so hard that I was afraid it would jump right out of my ribcage.

His erection was the biggest I have seen and was thick enough to be a solid mouthful. "This is my property. I can do on it what I want," he hissed as my fingers brushed across his slit. Precum leaked from his cock and the smell of musk, sweat and sex filled my nose.

"Now blow me," he growled and I complied without thought.

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