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Look to The Wild Side (Jack Brighton)

Look to The Wild Side by Jack Brighton


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Jack Brighton's most ambitious book to date - told in three parts by three different Scotsmen, with three very different outlooks on life.

Book nine in The Wild Side series saw Gangster Gaz tamed through devious means, thanks to the help of Angus MacLeod, the owner of The Wild Side, the raunchiest gay club known to fiction. Gaz was left a very angry man, with his head in a tormented mess. He found a friend in Nab McAlister, who helped in a way, but in other respects compounded the problem. Gaz realises he's gay, but can't reconcile his sexuality to the life of a hard man gangster. It's tearing him apart. But having discovered MacLeod's involvement, perhaps Gaz can get some satisfaction for the trouble the man helped to bring about.

So armed with a gun and a lot of anger, Gaz and Nab head to London, intent on going to The Wild Side to find the owner. But a new employee will do his best to avert disaster. Jaxon Marshall is the recently appointed technology expert, but he isn't a geek. He's a man of many talents, and devious to the core. But is he devious enough to match a gangster with a grudge who's gunning for his boss?

Look to The Wild Side, and see for yourself.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Firm Hand Books    Published: 11 / 2016

No. words: 57000

Style: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM, Male Dom - M/M

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“This isn’t what should be happening. But you made a mistake, and this is the result. A result that Mr MacLeod will have to be informed of.”
One hard thrust and Adam was stuffed with nine good inches of prime Scottish beef. There was a hissed in breath, then teeth were clenched along with agonised rectal muscles as Adam tried to deal with the blast of pain that had ripped through his sizable body.
Jaxon silently moaned, savouring the reaction - the pulsating chute a delight to his dick which was rooted deep in the violated flesh. Pushing Adam’s hands away so he could enjoy the scorched buns, Jaxon wallowed for a moment, writhing against them, thrilled by the heat. Then he withdrew his dick as far as the knob before slamming it back in with all the force he could muster. He made a few deep stabs while reaching round with both hands: one grasping an erection that was the equal of his own; the other clutching a pec that beat his for mass. The flesh was squeezed and thoroughly groped, Jaxon revelling in the manliness that it all represented and the fact the he could do this to such a brute of a man. The aphrodisiac that is power energised his body, making him feel wonderfully alive.
Jaxon embraced his life and held Adam tight, shuddering in their union before offering some words. “As you may have noticed, I like a good entry… And don’t worry about the first one catching you out. It amused me to find you fooling around like that, sprawled out on a chair with your body being worshipped. Add it to the brief so that other visitors find the same. Have your cock out, though, and make sure that it’s hard.”
“Yes, sir,” said Adam. “I get the idea… And thank you again.”
“For what? Not screwing you in front of one of your underlings?”
Adam threw a glance over his shoulder to take in the splendour of Jaxon’s individual look: a set of fleshy features that were ruggedly handsome, underneath a Mohawk mane of light brown hair that spilled down his back and over his shoulders, the scalp shaven on both sides to reveal tattooed bands that ran parallel to the mane, and further bands that radiated outwards towards the ears. “There is that, sir. And I do appreciate it. But I was referring to the second entry you made. It hurt like hell, and the pain’s still lingering. But anything else would have felt wrong after the thrashing you gave me. I admire you for it, sir. I admire you for it all. It takes a rare breed of man to act so assertively with me.”
Staring into his eyes, Jaxon thrust again and bottomed out. He grinded at the flogged buttocks while grinning at Adam, seeing the pleasure written on his face, and feeling it as well in the cock that he held. It was throbbing like crazy and spewing out juice. “Surely the breed’s not so rare here at Bears Den,” he said.
Adam returned the grin in a sheepish way. “That would be true, sir. Especially at the moment.”
Intrigued by the answer, and wanting it extended without betraying his own reaction, Jaxon returned Adam’s head to face the bars. “Really! And is there a guest in particular who has impressed of late?”
It was technically tittle-tattle, and could land him in more trouble. But Adam didn’t hesitate in giving his answer. “Mr McGuire, sir. I had the pleasure of being fucked by him a couple of days ago. He can be very assertive as well.”
Free of judging eyes, Jaxon allowed for a smile as he considered this.
Mr McGuire. That would be the big Irishman, Paddy McGuire – a ride and a half if ever there was one, being an even finer specimen of masculinity than Adam. He was officially a slave – although a slave who outranked everyone in their organization, except for his master of course: Angus MacLeod, who happened to be Jaxon’s new boss. In the four weeks of his employ, Jaxon had sussed this out. He knew the pecking order, and the reason behind some of the preparations currently being made at Bears Den – a slave training camp in Kent where Jaxon was based. Nothing had ever been explicitly explained. But you didn’t need to spoon-feed Jaxon Marshall – a few snippets were all he ever required to see the big picture. That’s why he was there, living the life of his dreams – having his way with men like Adam, one of the many perks that Bears Den had to offer. Seeing Paddy McGuire in action was one of the others – the man being something of an exhibitionist, with a talent for sex that matched his stunning body.
“So he rammed it right up you, did he?”
“Just like you did, sir.”
“And did Mr McGuire favour you with some of his seed at the end of this memorable shagging he gave you?”
“He did indeed, sir. He drenched me in sperm, both inside and out.”
Jaxon smirked again as he imagined the climax. A new wave of excitement flooded his body, hardening his dick to a painful degree and setting him off on some serious rutting. He lowered his mouth to devour Adam’s neck, while continuing to shaft him with considerable vigour. To the sound of lusty groans and the slapping of flesh, Jaxon plunged his dick repeatedly into Adam’s guts – powerfully thrusting as he ploughed him real deep. Wanting every part of the horny big brute, an eager pair of hands ravaged the man’s body, running his fingers thought the hair on the chest, mauling the burly flesh beneath, groping the hard cock and churning balls. With Adam gripping the bars he was leaning against, Jaxon fucked him hard with no care for technique, soaring to the heavens on the delicious physicality, the mental buzz of buggering such a big butch man, and the vision of a climax that was helping to bring another.

Author Information

Jack Brighton is a British author who enjoys extending his literary skills to the wilder side of sex.
Understanding the human condition is paramount to his work. In his mainstream writing, which he naturally pens under a different name, critics praise him for his perception of the human psyche, both male and female.
In his erotic writing, Jack likes to explore the full range of experience.
"I'm a liberal minded sexual extremist - I like to try it all; understand it all from every perspective; and then the sex can really take off."
And that is what Jack Brighton brings to his erotic writing. He can put himself into different roles and write convincingly from all angles, yet appeal to the full spectrum of readers.
"You want some BDSM? Well anybody can do that. You want to hear the soul of a novice submissive - then read my books. I've been there, I know him (or her for that matter). You want to get inside the head of a master - then hold my hand; because that's what I am - and I'm not afraid to share, even the doubts that so many others pretend don't exist."
Nothing is black and white.
That's Jack Brighton!


Publisher Information

Firm Hand Books specialises in erotica, both straight and gay, with a strong dominant male theme.

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