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O.P.P.: It's In The Sauce (S Guyy)

O.P.P.: It

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An entrepreneur visiting his brother brings with him a sexy pair of friends and a special barbecue sauce that brings out the sexual being living deep inside his brother, his sister-in-law, nephew, and niece.

Everyone, including the stuck up sister-in-law gets more than they cater for in this share all epic. The sauce also promises to make them rich.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 11 / 2016

No. words: 16664

Style: General Erotica, Open Minded - Gay or Lesbian

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“TROY!!!! BOY YOU NEED TO GET GOING!!!” Steven Phillips yelled down the stairs into the rec room of his house in Clinton Maryland. He was hollering at his 18 year old son Troy, who was supposed to be going to pick up Steven’s brother Cedric from Dulles Airport. Cedric was flying in from Birmingham, Alabama for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.
Troy was watching basketball on the big screen TV in the rec room and sighed. He wearily hit the power button on the remote and turned off the TV. Damn, he thought, just as this was getting good I gotta leave. He got up from the couch and headed up the stairs.
“Your uncle hates to wait for people,” Steven said as Troy passed him.
“I know Pops. I’m headed out. See ya,” Troy said.
Steven watched his son left the house and he thought about his brother. It had been years since he’d had seen Cedric. Cedric didn’t normally come around the rest of the family. He was always the odd duck out, the black sheep of the family, and didn’t get along with everyone. But last week he had called Steven and told him he needed to talk to him about something urgent and he’d be attending the family BBQ for Memorial Day. He didn’t elaborate and that was that. Well, he’d be here soon and all would be told. 
Troy Phillips smiled as he pulled off from the sidewalk in his 2014 Pearl Black Dodge Charger. He gunned the engine a few times and was thrilled at the deep growl of the engine. The car was a graduation present from his dad for doing so well in school. He took off down the street and headed towards MD-5 and the Beltway where he could really open up.
Troy was an excellent student and had scholarships coming in out the ying-yang. His father was hoping that Troy would follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer and Troy thought about that, too. But he knew what he wanted to do after high school and that was to join the Army. He wanted to become an Airborne Ranger and serve in the 1st Battalion 75th Regiment like his grandfather. Steven and his mother Sandra tried their best to talk him out of this but Troy held fast. Finally, a compromise was worked out. Troy applied to West Point, and with a little help from some of his father’s friends, secured an appointment. Once he graduated and became an Army Officer, he could go to Airborne and Ranger School.
The traffic was light and Troy had no trouble getting to Dulles. His uncle should’ve already landed and gotten his luggage. The man might be mad having to wait a bit but he’d be alright.
As he came around to the Arrivals and was trying to get closer to the side where the passengers waited, he saw how everything was slow but there was hardly anyone standing around waiting to be picked up. The few cars there seemed to be just sitting around. Frustrated, he maneuvered his way around the cars to se if he could see Uncle Cedric. It had been a very long time since Troy had seen his uncle but he was sure he’d recognize him.
Finally, Troy saw an older dude standing there on the curb in a red track suit. And Troy also finally saw why the traffic was so slow. The man was accompanied by two voluptuous black women. They were both dressed for the hot weather and all Troy saw were men gawking at the two women as they slithered past.
One was taller with dark vanilla skin and long braids down her back. She wore a checkered buttoned up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the shirt tail tied around her midriff. The other was more of a chocolate complexion with shorter hair done up in a curly do. She wore the same kind of checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the shirt tail tied off just below her bouncy bosom. Both women had cut off shorts that were barely able to contain their rounded asses. They also wore Chuck Taylors All Stars. All Troy could do was stare like everyone else. They were chocolate and vanilla versions of Daisy Duke.
Troy pulled up beside the trio and got out of the Charger. He came around and smiled at Cedric. “Hi Uncle Cedric,” he said, holding out his hand for a shake. Cedric frowned and slapped the hand away.
“Fuck that handshake shit, boy we family!!! C’mere!!!” he said and pulled Troy to him, crushing him with a hug.
Cedric laughed and let Troy go. He turned to his two companions. “These are my friends,” he said. “That’s Sincere.” He pointed to the taller one. “And this is Karess… with a K.” He motioned towards the shorter chocolate one. “Ladies, this is my nephew Troy.”
“Hi Troy,” both ladies said in unison and they both came over and gave Troy a hug. Troy closed his eyes as he caught whiffs of their essences. They smelled as sweet as they looked.
“Uhh, let’s get your things in the trunk,” Troy said. They only had three suitcases amongst them and Troy had no trouble getting their things in the trunk of the car.
“This is a nice ride,” Karess said in admiration as they all got into the Charger and took off.
“It sure is, Nephew,” Uncle Cedric chimed in.
“Graduation present from my Pops,” Troy said proudly.
“Ahhhh. Life must be good at that law firm, huh?” Cedric asked. Troy just smiled and kept on driving.
Steven watched as his son pulled up in the driveway in front of the house. He saw his brother get out of one side and his eyebrows rose as he saw two scantily clad women get out of the backseat. Troy helped them get their bags out of the trunk.
Steven quickly came around and went out the front door to greet them. He put on a big smile for his brother.
“Cedric…” he said, coming up and giving his brother a hug. “Been too long. You finally are deciding to come around the family more huh?” Cedric just laughed. Steven motioned to his companions. “And who may these lovely ladies be?” he asked.
“Pops, this is Karess… with a K, and Sincere,” Troy said with a cheesy grin. Steven shot him a disapproving look. Cedric laughed again. 
“It’s fine Troy. Steven, it’s good to see you too. These are my friends. I hope you don’t mind me brining them along. They travel everywhere with me,” Cedric said.
Steven and Troy’s eyebrows rose.
“Okay,” Steven said, looking around for Sandra. “Well, let’s get everyone inside.” They grabbed the bags and went into the house.
As they crossed the foyer area, Sandra Phillips was coming down the stairs. She saw the two women dressed like exotic dancers and she thought, What The Fuck. She made her way down the stairs to stop her husband, who was pretending he didn’t see her come down the stairs. 
“Hi Honey. Hi there Cedric. Long time no hear from,” Sandra said with a straight face. She nodded towards the two women. “Friends of yours?” she asked.
“They’re my travel partners,” Cedric said. “They go with me everywhere. This is Karess and Sincere.”
“Oh!” Sandra said in surprise. “Last I heard you were married. Where’s the wife?”
Cedric grinned. “Been there, done that, Sandra. I’m flying solo now,” he said.
Sandra frowned and turned to her husband. “May I have a word with you, please?” she said and walked towards the kitchen. Steven sighed and went after his wife. Troy and Cedric looked at each other and shrugged. Karess and Sincere snickered to themselves.
Out of earshot of everyone, Sandra turned to her husband. “What the hell is this? Who are those slutty looking women?” she asked.
“Baby, I don’t know. I’m in as much shock as you are,” Steven said. He shook his head.

Author Information

S. Guy is an underground erotica writer.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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