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Hell Road (Kim Hardwick)

Hell Road by Kim Hardwick


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He promised her money; he told her she would love it. HE LIED!

Kim was a young girl who danced in order to pay bills. Cory was her last customer for the night. He was kind; gentle, even. He promised her wealth and attention. Kim should haven known better. She should have trusted her guts. She didn't and now, she MUST PAY!

Will poor Kim make it? Will Kim's friends ever find out the truth? Most important of all, will Cory ever find his appetite?

Yet another gruesome story of innocent girls coming face to face with the savage reality of men who can't say no to their inner beasts! From the author of SQUEAL PIG and NO HOPE, NO ESCAPE, comes a tale of innocent strippers and out of control customers. Lord have mercy!

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 11 / 2016

No. words: 9826

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Horror, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Make yourselves comfortable girls, my house is your house!” Mario Guitierrez, aka fatso, patted me on the butt and squeezed Kathy’s tits and left us alone in his huge living room. Well, not really alone; Cory was standing next to the giant TV, cuffed and with a huge horse dildo in his mouth. Oh, and one of Mario’s henchmen was staring at us with his finger on the trigger of his AK.
“You girls are really hot! Do you do anal?” Nothing like a wetback and an assault rifle to make a girl feel appreciated.
“The real question is, can your dick handle my tight ass, chico?” Good old Maggie, always knowing what to say.
“You want to find out, little girl?”
Turning her back to him, Maggie giggled, “I’m waiting Peedro!”
The sight of Maggie’s big, soft butt, combined with her really skimpy yellow panties was too much for ‘Peedro’. He laid the rifle down next to the TV, unzipped his fly and grabbed Maggie by her hair. He dragged her over to the large sofa, pushing a few of the girls out the way.
“You got a big mouth for such a small white girl! I’m going to teach you some manners, puta!”
Pulling down her panties, the lust crazed wetback pushed Maggie face forward and spread her butt cheeks. He spit on his hand and then smeared his cock with the spit and rammed his brown Mexican cock up Maggie’s tight little butt.
Grunting like the sex crazed animal all wetbacks are, ‘Peedro’ started to pound Maggie’s defenseless white ass while she arched her back and slammed her butt back onto him.
“Good for nothing slut! I’m going to teach you to respect Mexican cock!”
The sounds of hard fucking alerted others and soon, there were ten other wetbacks, all carrying guns, witnessing Maggie getting her ass pounded good and hard. After a few minutes, all the guys put their guns down and took a girl and started doing all sorts of nasty things to us.
A grinning, older Mexican with a huge mustache and smelling of garlic, took me by my elbow and dragged me to an adjoining room. Almost as large as the living room, there was another sofa and a pool table and my soon to be rapist picked me up and slammed me down on the pool table. Spreading my legs, he took out a knife and cut my panties and then discarded my undies.
The reality of this brown tide criminal raping me got me so wet; getting taken by force was something I’ve always liked but most guys were too shy or worried about using force. Lucky for me, this member of some sleazy Mexican cartel in the middle of Canada believed in tradition and started to show my white pussy why Hispanics are so hot.
“Good for nothing slut! I’m going to teach you to respect my burrito!”
“RAMON! STOP IT!” Fatso, aka ‘The Boss’ boomed out his order. Ramon, or whatever the fuck he was called, stopped on a dime. His hard cock was only an inch or so from penetrating my unprotected pussy. Saved by the taco.
“Ramon, you know these white girls need stimulation; what is wrong with you, vato?”
Putting his donkey like cock back into his pants, Ramon sheepishly stepped away from the edge of the pool table, leaving me to my own devices. Talk about a letdown.
“Girl, what is your name?”
“Me? my name is Kim.”
“Kim, being the prettiest of the sluts Cory purchased for me, you shall have the pleasure of seeing what I do to people who cheat me. It’s bad enough dealing with cheaters, but when they turn out to be cock loving horse fuckers, there can be no mercy!”
Turning to his side, he called out for one of his men. “Jose, bring me the homosexual horse fucker! Si, the pendejo with the giant cock.”
Giant cock? Horse fucker? Oh shit!

Author Information


My stories deal with how all women love PAIN AND DOMINANCE. We embrace it; we welcome it. I personally want second helpings.

The more I sample life's simple pleasures, the more convinced I am that all us women are HARD WIRED to being DOMINATED. Some of the more sophisticated and adventurous add a touch of PAIN and then add EVEN MORE PAIN, but for the majority of us, the simple act of being HOG TIED, TRUSSED UP and then TOLD WHAT TO DO BY A DOMINEERING MAN, is the ultimate expression of what being a woman is.

Growing up as a plain Jane type, in Northern New Jersey, I lost my virginity at the ripe old age of 23 and have been making up for lost opportunities since.

One lover, multiple lovers, cross species partners, anal hooks, blow torches, nipple clamps, extreme nipple torture, I've tasted all that life has to offer. And now, writing about my experiences allows me to share with readers, my future friends, the joys of SCREAMING, CRYING OUT FOR MERCY, and the nuanced concept called MERCY.

If you enjoy reading about the depravity that exists in all of us, then I invite you to read my stories. Please note, I do not provide Kleenex, nor pain killers.

Post Script: To fully mire yourself in total and unmitigated smut, please visit my personal webpage where I frequently post musing concerning forbidden subjects too risque for Amazon. You have been warned dear.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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