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Linda's Vacation (Joya Bay Bee)


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Linda needed a vacation badly. She goes on a getaway that turns out to be a wild, wet, intense erotic adventure that is way beyond her wildest expectations

Product type: EBook    Published by: Grown Folks Books    Published: 10 / 2016

No. words: 42591

Style: Erotic Short Stories, Young Adult Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Linda arrived at her uncle's villa. A splendid sun paved a golden pathway to the white stucco mansion gleaming like a clean sheet under a soft blue sky. The young girl's eyes sparkled in the yellow day that poured its transparent veil of gold over the rocks, the joyful pines and the dappled sea. One week of vacation; one long relaxing week, had just begun.
“Here we are,” Lola waved. She met the youngster at the station in her small sports car.
Linda had not yet met the blond woman, and she was not at all surprised. Her uncle Arthur changed his mistresses often, and this did not go without notice in the family. Despite their attempt at hiding their shock at his behavior, it managed to blurt out at the most unexpected moments. The family was composed of uncles and aunts. Their parents were dead, but an inheritance saw them through the more troubling aspects of their material existence. Even Linda was fortunate in being protected by a small annuity which gave her not only a college education, which she was now undergoing in a girl's school near London, but it also offered her independence and a certain ease of mind. She had been receiving the consoling sum of some £1200 since the age of ten. It was enough to permit her to expand her wings and yawn without a true worry in the world. If she needed more, there was always uncle Arthur and the others.
“Oh, I like this auto.” These were her first words opening the conversation which had to begin at one time or another. She smiled at Lola in an effort to win the woman's friendship.
Lola was the first to climb out of the late model two-seater. She moved with alacrity and pride. She was only wearing a pair of shorts, cut extremely short and showing a lovely pair of bronzed legs, long and shapely. A mere blouse which had been negligently buttoned could not hide her luscious solid breasts almost popping out of her opened sporty blouse.
Instinctively Linda compared her own 'quality' with that of her companion whom she estimated to be about twenty-five years old. She had been complimented on her beauty many times, although there were those horrible low whistles she loathed in the streets of London. After all, they were compliments in a way. Feeling appreciated by all, the significant and the insignificant, was a source of well-being and assurance for the young girl. Naively and a little fearful, she wondered whether she would not appear too thin in contrast to her uncle's favorite, especially when she put on a bathing suit. The idea was quickly dropped as Lola signaled her to follow. Valise in hand, she stumbled after Lola toward the house.
“You'll like it here. You'll see.” The young woman opened the door and continued to praise the merits of the locale. “There isn't a house around for miles. The beach on rocks are so deserted that you can go in bathing completely nude.”
Linda's eyes slipped to the floor on the last hanging words of the sentence. She felt that Lola had brought them out as a dig, but then she pinched herself for groping with her hypersensitive imagination.
She smiled back timidly. Her eyes caught the steel glance of the handsome woman. Linda was able to visualize Lola's superb body perfectly modeling the deserted beach with its bronze-golden tint.
Her mental picture was diluted when a boy rushed out of the house without a word or gest. He was clothed in scanty bathing trunks and a towel thrown over his left shoulder. His aspect was young, perhaps he was fifteen or so, and his body had a feline grace that was exhibited in his slightest movement.
Suddenly someone knocked on the door, and opened it without waiting for a response. It was Lola.
“Are you ready?” she asked. The bronzed-skin women was wearing a green beach robe which was slightly wrapped at the waist by a simply cord. Linda saw Lola's splendid muscular legs and noticed that she was wearing a tiny bikini that barely hid her pubic hair. The upper part resembled a thin mask and failed to conceal the round ample breasts. The points of her nipples brazenly stood firm in the small pockets of the meager bra.
“I'll be ready in a jiffy.” Linda reassured Lola.
“Good. Don't rush, we have time.” As she smoked, Lola stretched out on the bed and brought out a pack of cigarettes from her robe pocket as well as a gold-plated lighter. She lit her cigarette and inhaled deeply.
“Oh, excuse me. You don't smoke, do you?” Lola had forgotten that she was with an adolescent-adult.
“No, I don't smoke. Well, that is, I smoke in college once in a blue moon. You know how it is?”
Linda began to get undressed slowly. She was rather shy and not used to having another person in the same room when she stripped down. Even at school, where she had a private room, she locked the doors when she undressed.
It was true, however, that recently at school a sense of intimacy grew between her and her mates and she took more liberties than she had ever done before. Linda didn't want to give the impression of being a recluse. She decided to undress as though she had been doing it all her life in front of friends. Lola was a friend, or at least, she hoped she was going to be one.
All in all, Linda was intimidated. She might not have been, but the continual look that Lola gave her troubled her. The eyes of the lounging woman scrutinized her and they were filled with a glint of curiosity and mystery.
Just when Linda got down to her panties and bra, Lola leaned on her elbow and whispered, “You're remarkably well-built for your age. You're eighteen, aren't you?” Linda, without answering back, turned her head away timidly. It was a gest in the vague hope of not seeing would mean not being seen. A stupid illusion of course. But those eyes haunted her and she didn't know quite what to make of them.
She deliberately turned her back to hide her sex as she slid off her undies. Little did she guess that Lola had a perfect view of her tufty triangle, that mass of curly hair that shielded her sex. Lola took advantage of the mirror over the dressing cabinet. Linda feeling quite protected slipped off her bra and revealed two remarkable young breasts. They were vibrant and alive with their two rose buttons standing cutely up in the warm summer air. The young girl reached for her bathing suit still avoiding the glance of the intruder who she was sure telescoped her constantly.
She had just placed her hand on her bathing suit when a hand touched her shoulder. It rolled down her back trembling and the touch electrified her.
“What's wrong, Lola?” She asked in a troubled shrill voice with her heart beating quickly.
“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Lola's voice was low and hoarse.
She placed her arm around Linda's thin waist and brought her to the bed. The young girl was forced to give into the strange cajoling. Suddenly she found herself stretched on the bed besides the perfumed Lola.
The suddenness of this outrageous action, if that was what she could call it (it may have been a playful act and she would be sorry to be so prudish), caught Linda by surprise and knocked the wind out of her.
She was flat on her lovely back gazing into the large warm eyes of the brown-skinned hostess. Lola's hand wandered over the quivering torso and her fingers played with the belly button and skimmed down to the fuzzy bush that Linda had deemed as sacred territory.

Seeing that the young lass was paralyzed with apprehension and fear, Lola placed the same hand, that roving tinkling hand, on the girl's burning cheek. Linda was momentarily released from her sudden scare.
But Lola had not finished fumbling with the intricate and substantial sectors of the young torso. Her hand cupped a breast and her long painted finger nails tickled a nipple.
“We ought to be good friends, don't you think so?” she said softly, in the same low voice that had begun the interlude.
She lowered her face toward Linda's. The girl remained petrified, but managed to close her eyes in escape. A pair of mature lips brushed the side of her mouth and then found the ample dry trembling heart-shaped mouth. A warm tongue, sleek and humid, tried to invade the adolescent's oral interior. But Linda clinched her teeth, and Lola's impetuous tongue had to meet the obstacle of teeth.
Linda could no longer resist the strange sensation that afflicted her all at once. Her mouth opened and her warm breath was met by a seeking tongue which explored the interior of her fresh-rose mouth. The hapless girl felt a hand crawl down her back and grip one of her buttocks. Long fingers encircled her vagina and massaged the entrance. Linda sighed and the sound astonished her. It had been a long time since she had witnessed his odd sensual flame rise in her body. She was troubled, afraid, but happy. It would be impossible for her to resist this voracious woman who was taking possession of her as one captivates and tames a young animal.
It took her a couple of seconds to realize that she was alone on the bed. Lola had sprung up briskly, interrupting her caresses. Linda felt neglected. Perhaps another time, but she was being silly and loathsome.
Lola extended her arms and it was obvious that she had forgotten everything. She handed Linda her bikini.
“Come. Let's go. The sea is awaiting us.”
Walking side by side, Linda couldn't help thinking of what had just transpired a few seconds ago in her bedroom. The young girl had never had any sexual rapport. She was a virgin for man and woman. It was true that one night at college, a friend of hers playfully scrambled into her bed, and after some brief words interjected by guffaws and smiles and raw jokes, the friend began a series of caresses that went a little bit further than those of Lola's, but Linda forgot about it. Besides her friend had not made any real impression on her and she tired easily of the slobbering kisses and inept handling of her lower body. Of course, she never was really sure whether that was just a tickling game in fun or the beginning of a rude adventure. Anyway, it had nothing to do with Lola. Lola was different, and horribly dominating, and terribly attractive.
A swift shiver stimulated Linda's slender backbone.
“It's over there where we usually bathe,” Lola pointed to an obscure hidden cove. Linda felt her long handsome fingers once more on her shoulders, only this time they were not insisting, unfortunately.
The sea licked the red rocks with her white frothy tongue. The cove appeared deserted just as Lola described it. Linda was unable to resist the temptation of cooling her toes in the ocean. She threw down her large beach towel and ran to the brim of the water. Lola disrobed herself of her cumbersome apparel and followed the lithe graceful girl.
Linda watched the well-rounded muscular body plunge into the surf. She admired Lola whose marvelous body dripped with foam and cool sea. The woman came back to the water's edge and Linda saw how little she was covered by the scanty bikini. She appeared as a goddess coming from the sea with her long hair dripping and her svelte body outlined against the horizon. Oh, how she loved those buttocks, round and harmonious.
Instinctively Linda took Lola's hand.
“Let's take a dip together,” Lola proposed.
Lola looked at her with the same fire that she had in the bedroom. A bizarre laughter crept over her lips and resounded in her superb chest as she brushed her long hair aside.
“You're still a virgin, isn't that so?” She didn't give Linda a chance to respond, but with one scope of her hand she sprinkled the youngster with salt spray.
Linda was bewildered by the audacious question and she turned away to get a breath of air for another blast of sea water got her on the face and neck.
Finally she plunged and the two swam together for a few yards. They gurgled and plopped around like to playful dolphins. They tickled each other and laughed and shouted like two happy children.
Lola had a powerful crawl stroke and she practically swam circles around little Linda. It was quite natural for Lola to be a good swimmer, Linda thought, hadn't she the privilege of living by the sea eight months of the year. Linda showed her sportive best and managed to do fairly well alongside the husky tanned siren.
They swam softly and evenly for about fifteen minutes. Lola noticed that Linda was tiring and she headed for shore. They reached another small inlet bordered by shrubs and deep-green pines. Lola waded ashore.
Linda staggered after her, completely out of breath, puffing happily.
“Say, you swim quickly.”
“Not so badly,” Lola responded modestly stretching her body from side to side to attain some warmth from the slightly cool air. The sun peeked out from a white passing cloud and appeared in the azure blue.
“How about some sun for awhile?”
Linda was already face down in the warm white sand. She watched her companion take off her bikini. Then shedding off the two briefs revealed a torso completely browned with health giving color.
The adolescent couldn't take her eyes off the dark tanned nipples that extended at the end of the ample breasts.
Once her eyes did leave that fine massive proportion of bodily splendor it roamed down to the mass of hair that covered Lola's lower body. It was light-brown and frizzled due to the sharp rays of the sun.
The tuft of hair gave her a marvelous animal quality. It demonstrated her vigor. Yes, the superb nest was her animal fur and it dripped with the last drops of the sea that melted on her warm delicious torso.
The two woman remained in the sun quietly. Not a word was spoken and they listened to the lapping sound of the surf.
Linda lay on her belly scanning the marvels of sun-worshipping Lola who was stretched on her back in all her nude glory.
The young girl was surprised to see her own hand, as though guided by an unknown sorcerer, rubbed leisurely up against Lola's thigh.
Linda held her breath, but Lola didn't move. She wasn't sure if she was suffering from sunstroke or a rash impulse, but her hand kept moving along the thigh until it reached the border line of Lola's pubic hair. She felt as though a wonderful current were passing through her fingers into the very veins of her body.
Boldly Linda moved in on her friend who received her in her arms with a wide sensual smile. Suddenly the two women were startled by some voices coming from the brush.
Linda sprung to her feet her face red with shame. Had someone seen them together? She still was festered with her bourgeois education. Lola merely looked around tranquilly while seated on her famous rear and two elbows.
“That's probably Kert and Aleece. They are really like two overheated dogs the way they go at it.” She seemed to visualize the young couple as an engaging smile formed around her mouth.
“What are they doing back there?” Linda suspected what they may be doing, but she wanted to hear it from Lola's own lips.
“But, my dear, it's quite simple. Kert is only fornicating with our adorable maid. I must say that for a boy of his age he isn't lacking in certain qualities. As for that matter, Aleece isn't either.” She giggled and smiled as she listened to the muffled voices with their effortless moans behind the bush.
Linda was dumbstruck and she couldn't find the courage to return to the outstretched position she had taken on the warm, form-fitting sand. Lola jerked her head up at once and concluded.
“Come along, we'll surprise them. The naughty children. For shame.” She sprung to her legs with a teasing expression on her face.
She took Linda by the hand and practically dragged her by force to the wooded area. Linda followed like someone in a lethargic state, who vaguely has the sensation that something strange is going to happen.
At the brink of the pines, Lola pointed to a spot that was encircled by brush. She put her finger to her lips in signification that she wished the utmost silence. They two tip-toed cautiously, moving in on their objective.
All at once Lola threw herself to the ground as though she were performing a military maneuver. Linda imitated her even though she was startled and fed up with the total aurora of secrecy.
Then through a clump of thinned-out bushes, she managed to see Kert and a winsome young girl in an odd position for two youngsters such as they. Lola was right. They were behaving in a most obscene fashion. Kert was straddling the girl as though she were a dog or something. Linda was surprised to see her on all fours.
Kert was merciless in his push-pull, cork-snapping movements. The young maid emitted several cries. It was difficult for Linda to distinguish whether those cries were of pain or of pleasure.
Linda was transfixed to the spot. She was positively excited by these new erotic scenes. She said to herself that they were devastating to say the least. With her right hand she brushed some drool away from her lips.
Lola noticed her guest and almost began to laugh.
“But he's putting it...” Lola covered her mouth to keep her voice under control.
“No, my pet. He isn't buggering her, as your boyfriends in London probably use the term, he's making love to her Roman fashion. Of course, you don't know what that is?”
Lola gingerly stripped Linda of her bikini. Linda was perplexed. It was impossible for her to cry out for fear of disturbing the others. Oh, what a ridiculous situation she was. in. But the adept hands of the undulating Lola brought about a new perspective to her limited horizons. When Linda turned to reproach her friend, she remarked that Lola's eyes were almost blood-shot. It had come about all of sudden as though she were stricken by some unknown condition or… passion.
Her hand went straight to Linda's pussy and the tips of her long supple fingers worked miracles in that region of love. Soon she had Linda panting and straining to keep from being found out by Kert and Aleece. Anyway they were humming their own tune and it is a hundred to one that they would have heard.
Linda let herself be masturbated while looking on to the magnificent show in front of her. Good-naturedly she thought of Lola. Poor Lola was being left out. So Linda, thoughtful and courteous, placed her trembling hand down on the curly blossom that thinned out at the tummy. The two women began to masturbate each other while regarding a pair of minors screw with the rhythm of perfect professionals.
It was not long before Linda felt a wave of pleasure descend upon her. She sensed a multitude of warm prickly thrills invade her sex which was carefully being explored by diligent Lola.
She started to groan, but held back as best she good. Her teeth were sealed together. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) The proverb took life and Linda fingered her impetuous companion.
Lola's thighs were divine. They were the thighs of a woman who was voluptuous and mighty. Linda did not feel disgusted by the act which surprised her no end. Abstractly, if she had thought it over when alone, she would have berated herself a thousand times for being so low and uncouth, but this very real performance delighted her. She clutched at the thighs.
Lola licked the adolescent's tummy and then a big mouth hovered in the region of the breasts. The lips nipped at the left teat and then opened wide and engulfed the defenseless breast.
The husky woman sucked on one and fingered the other. Then she switched and this excited Linda to the point where she thought, well she didn't think, she just drifted into the vague emulsion of sensations.
She could not say where she was or why, or what she was doing. The young girl's eyes rolled in her head like two agates would in a pinball machine. The teats were being licked, sucked and massaged frenetically, while on the other side of the bush Kert and his little waif ignored the nearby presence of the passionate intruders.
The two teenagers were well on their way to reaching a paroxysm stemming from their rife and energetic gestures. They were coupled together like two little puppies that have just learned to screw and are highly delighted with their find.
To and fro they looked and Aleece got wetter and wetter and Kert, the active one, got hotter and bigger. It was just a matter of seconds now. The cataclysm broke forth. Kert felt the veins in his stiff cock shake with panic.
His loins swelled and the head of his penis dribbled its first throbs of white liquid. Aleece felt heat in the region of her vagina. A heat that stirred a melting pot of vigorous sensations. She was building up to the explosion.

Author Information

Joya Bay Bee is a young, bright, sexual erotica writer.


Publisher Information

Grown Folks Books started in January 2005. We started compiling erotica in Word and PDF formats and started looking for publishing venues. This is a union of unknown and very little known writers who want to express their sexual desires and dreams for the world to enjoy.

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