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The Sissy Brothel (Complete Series) & The Sissy Clutch (Complete Series) (J.S. Lee)

The Sissy Brothel (Complete Series) & The Sissy Clutch (Complete Series) by J.S. Lee


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Two complete series in one package!

The Sissy Brothel:
Edward and his wife have long since grown cold to one another. He's been screwing the secretary at work almost every day for months, but late at night, he can't help put slip on some pink panties and tuck himself in. His sissy fantasy becomes all too real when he receives an email inviting him to go a brothel where all the women are actually sissy boys. Trying to fight it at first, Edward finally caves into his feminization and longs for the humiliation, torture, and small allowances of pleasure he's given from his mistress.

The Sissy Clutch:
When his wife finds out that he's really just a sissy deep down inside, our anti-hero is put through punishment and humiliation to remind him that he's not good for anything besides his holes. As a train of men come through his wife's bed and he's left restrained, he's incapable of denying that he enjoys every moment of it... when a mysterious man or tranny shows up to take his holes, he admits to himself, however difficult it is, that he really is just a sissy girl! Finding his sissy clutch in his room, he can either resist or admit what he already knows is true!

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 10 / 2016

No. words: 30000

Style: Feminization, Open Minded BDSM Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The girl on the bed was pleading, her pink, painted mouth open wide as she cried for more. Legs parted and up in the air, she was naked and her tiny breasts bobbed with every thrust of the long, black cock she was taking. When the Mistress would yank hard on the chain, the girl would shiver and her legs would shake involuntarily, her hips moving quickly to keep time with the dick that impaled her.

“Is that how you like it, cum-bucket?” the Mistress asked, driving her cock home.

“Yes, it's what I deserve, Mistress,” the girl moaned. Edward took a step closer to peer at the girl's naked form and saw that although she was completely feminine, her tiny penis was locked in a steel cage, limp and leaking down the girl's hip.

“That's right sissy, ride my cock,” the Mistress growled, ramming the huge dick to its destination again and again, the girl almost gagging now, breathless, she could no longer even plead.

Edward backed up, out of the room, and shook his head no to the maid. “What's happening in there?” his voice came out in a pathetic squeak.

“The sissy is pleasuring her Mistress, sir,” the maid smiled as if it were the only obvious answer. “Please follow me,” and she continued down the hall, bottom rolling under the short, ruffled uniform until she stopped again at another door, repeating the question she had asked at the first.

“Come in,” the male voice replied.

The man on the bed was sitting up, legs splayed, his thick fingers were wrapped in the brunette's hair as he pushed her face down and pulled her back up, his dick between her lips. “Are you stroking your wet, little clittie, sissy?” he murmured, his pleasure obvious and his orgasm all over the girl's face would be eminent. Edward saw the girl move her arm and strained to get a better view.

Author Information

Mistress J.S. Lee runs a sissy-centric blog and writes sissy stories with lots of BDSM, cuckold, and big black buck, and hot wife action!


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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