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The Unique Proposition (Stella Fyre)

The Unique Proposition by Stella Fyre


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Wendy was everything Danny could possibly want. She was beautiful, intelligent and rich, and he felt attracted to her from the moment they met. Surely she could not really be interested in him?

The attraction seemed mutual, but Wendy had been hurt so many times before. This time, she wanted to be sure she had found the right man for her. The only way to be certain, she decided, was to test his devotion to her. She proposed a year of testing for Danny, a year in which he would undergo trials and hardships, punishment and humiliation.

Wendy had been trained by a professional dominatrix…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 10 / 2016

No. words: 29500

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM and Romance

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Put all your clothes in here,” she ordered, “and if there is anything else in your car then go and get it. I will expect you to have completed this task in one hour. There is a pair of shorts on the bed along with slip-on sandals, and once you are ready put them on and only them. I will be in the lounge, and it will be there that you get further instructions and rules for your daily routine.”
Danny was about to answer, but she left the room and closed the door. It was almost exactly an hour before he had completed moving in. He stripped off his clothes and put on the shorts and sandals, still feeling naked. He walked down the stairs with no idea of what was about to happen and very self-conscious of the way he was dressed.
He reached the door to the lounge and reached for the doorknob, then let go of it as if it were a red-hot coal. He knocked politely on the door.
Wendy heard the knock and looked towards the door. She had not been expecting him to get into the role from the off, and she was delighted. By knocking, he had demonstrated that he understood at least a little of what was required of him.
The door opened and Danny walked in, closing the door behind him before walking forward. He reached the centre of the room and then she told him to stop. She watched him as he stood there with his legs slightly apart, his hands behind his back and looking straight ahead. Wendy liked the way things were going already, and was thankful to Danny for remembering what he had read in the magazines.
Wendy rose from her chair and went over to where he was standing. As she stepped closer, his eyes moved to look at her. “Don’t look at me. Look ahead.” She saw him avert his eyes and stare straight at the wall in front of him.
Wendy inspected his chest, noting there were very few hairs and that the few she saw were very soft and fair. Her hand touched his flesh and she heard him catch his breath. Then she moved her hand in a circle from his man breasts to his belly. She deliberately allowed two of her fingers to slip under the waistband of the shorts, noting once more that he caught his breath.
She smiled as she moved around to his rear to inspect his back, and again noted that it was devoid of all hair. He had a good healthy physique, showing that he looked after his body. She took hold of his hands and moved them so that each held the other wrist. She was about to walk around to the front when she stopped sharply.
“Close your legs,” and she watched as he complied. Once his legs were closed, she put her thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, and this time she heard him hold his breath. Then, as he gave a steady release of air, she pushed the shorts down to the floor.
Wendy was getting one hell of a buzz from having so much power over a far stronger person than she. She could feel her heart racing and short bursts of adrenalin rushing through her body. She looked down at Danny’s buttocks and smiled once more. “Open your legs again and get your balance.”
As soon as he had done as she instructed, she squatted down and examined his anus, noting that it was clean. Hygiene was a must and she would remind him of that point. She also noted that she still could not see any hair growth, and again she was pleased.
Standing up, she stepped around in front of him and looked down at his manhood. It was erect, and when she looked at his face she could see that he was flushed with embarrassment. Once again she smiled. It emphasised the reality of the power she had over him.
When Wendy had been with the Mistress for all those months, she heard about power transfer, but to see it actually working was something else. In no more than three full days she had gone from meeting a man in a club to having him stand in front of her naked, with her in control.
She looked at his manhood again. It was a formidable size and she had a devilish idea. She knelt on one knee and looked up at him. His eyes had followed her down and she said sharply, “Look up. Don’t look at me.” She saw his gaze go back to the wall in front, and she looked at his genitals once more.
She gripped his penis with her thumb and forefinger and moved it about as she examined the growth of hair in his pubic area. Then, she placed her hand between his legs with the palm up and slowly raised her hand. His sack was heavy and the glands were large, and she enclosed the sack in the palm of her hand, holding firmly but gently for a short time before she let go. She then ran her fingers through his pubic hair, noting that it too was sparse and very fine. She rose to her feet, and looked directly into his face. She smiled as she turned her back on him and went back to her seat.
Once she had sat down and was looking in his direction once more, she asked, “Do you always get excited when you are standing naked in a room with a female present, Danny?”
Danny was still gazing straight at the wall as he answered, “I have never been in this position before, Mistress.”
“Then let me ask the question another way. I am sure that you have most probably slept with a woman at some time. So, tell me, when walking about the room with her, was your sex in a state of arousal?
There was a short delay before Danny answered. “I have never been in a room naked with a woman before, and I have never slept with anyone.”
This was a shock to Wendy. She had not expected that, and looking at his flushed face she realised he was telling her the truth. She was about to ask him if he was a virgin, but decided that she did not want to bring him to his knees this early. She had no intentions of breaking his spirit, because in the end he would be her mate for life.
“Then I will have to teach you that it is bad manners to do such a thing in front of your Mistress.

Author Information

Stella Fyre writes Femdom novels, often with the touch of the occult or supernatural. Her powerful scenarios are chilling and exciting, keeping the reader guessing at the next twist of the story right to the end.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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