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What We Suck Besides Blood (Veronica Divine)

What We Suck Besides Blood by Veronica Divine

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A tale of vampires who are sustained as much by obsession as they are blood, the story of Eve Delacroix is filled with sex, art, sex intrigue from her distant past, sex, goth worshippers, sex, and, of course, some sex.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Burping Frog Publishing    Published: 9 / 2016

No. words: 27000

Style: Supernatural Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


What We Suck Besides Blood
Copyright © 2015 Veronica Divine
Published by Burping Frog eBooks
Detroit, Michigan

The streets of Seattle were surprisingly warm, and I walked them with a little worry: I was vulnerable right now. Without mortal Sanguinir I was barely stronger than a normal man, barely faster than a cat, and totally unable to fuel any of my Talents. I’d have to take care. As I passed a few groups of people laughing or talking loudly I became keenly aware of how much fashion had changed.

Boobs were on display! I couldn’t believe how much skin most of the women were showing, or the frequency with which the men were bare-armed. There were definitely less hats than I remembered. My eyes drifted over the object of my Obsession (all of our kind have one, more than blood or the night it is true obsession that drives immortality) and I saw bulges that ranged in size and orientation deliciously.

Time to do some displaying of my own. I stepped into a narrow ally, walking halfway down I undid about half the buttons of my shirt, pulling it open into a lewd “V” that made no secret of the stupendous breasts beneath. Some of my sisters in the immortal life have Talents that allow them to enhance their appearance, but I’m proud that even in my mortal life my breasts were famous. At an awe-inspiring W-Cup that was no surprise, though before the invention of bras I just told people they were roughly the size of pumpkins, which satisfied most.

I hadn’t even made it all the way through the alley when I got what I wanted.

“Hey sweetheart, where are you going?” He was heavy-set, some muscles layered with a bit of fat and a stubbly crew-cut gave him a sort of menacing look.

“Wherever the fuck I want,” I shot back.

“I think you want the fucking to be with me,” he was clumsy at language clearly, but that was fine, it wasn’t his tongue I needed. Well, not for talking anyway.

He moved to stand in my way, casting the butt of a cigarette against the wall. By the time the sparks had hit the ground my hand was around his Adam’s apple, his body was bent painfully backwards over my knee, and his arms were pin-wheeling for a strike at my but couldn’t find an angle to reach for all his frantic motion.

“THE FUCK!?” I ignored his cries, baring my fangs with a hiss.

“Let me go!” he begged as I sank my teeth in his wrist, drinking the sweet Sanguinir from him, swallowing a few rich gulps before pulling back with a satisfied sigh. I could feel the essence of it fill me, making my muscled and mind feel electric, not to mention the warmth of that place somehow not quite inside myself where my Talents live.

“Are you some kind of vampire?!” Lord but he was pathetic now.

“Yup. Now give me your wallet.”


“Wallet. Imbecile.” He struggled to reach it a few moments before handing me a simple brown affair. I fished out the cash and took his Driver’s License for good measure.

“Randolph Quaid,” I said. “You don’t look like a Randolph.” He paused a long moment “Folks call me Randy.”

“Ah. And tell me, are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Randy. Do you wanna fuck?”

He blinked, a little war between his fear and confusion and horniness all fighting a little battle across his face. Then his eyes drifted down, lost in the endless expanse of cleavage he was mere inches from.

“Yeah okay,” he finally managed.

“Drop your pants,” I said as I dropped him gently to the ground, taking a step back to let the man work. As I he undid his belt and dropped the rather ratty boxers beneath I took a seat on a wooden crate behind him, fishing the panties from beneath my skirt, casting them immediately to the ground.

There was a clink as his belt buckle hit the ground and I looked up to assess his manhood. Well, they clearly hadn’t invented some kind of working dick-grow-powder since I’d last walked awake.

“Get down and lick,” I commanded.

He hesitated just a moment before dropping to his knees before me, leaning in to lick some pleasant nasty circles all over my permanently hairless labia, his slobber mingling with my juices as I stroked his hair. I wasn’t fond of Randolph, but I would at least tolerate him for the moment. You might think I had some sort of magical Talent that allowed me to compel mortals to do what I wanted, and in truth some do have such gifts, but you’d be surprised how far a willingness to tell people what you want and a massive rack will get you in this life and the next, oh yes.

Author Information

Veronica is an East Coast gal now living on the West Coast. When she is not blistering the monitors of her many readers with the riveting words in her obscene stories, she enjoys candle-length dinners, long men on the beach, and the company of well endowed men who she makes dance for her amusement and edification.

Veronica is testing her quavering yet unstuttering voice on a few out-loud readings of her fiction, and has a few other projects besides. She invites your e-mails at VeronicaDivineFF@gmail.com.


Publisher Information

Burping Frog Publishing brings you the hottest new authors to erotica fiction, with a growing collection of titles to keep our readers wet and hard with a variety of spicy themes, from bondage to incest to anal and interracial. Look for our newest ebook releases in mystery and erotica at burpingfrogebooks.blogspot.com.

If you have a story you would like to publish, please contact Burping Frog Publishing at burpingfrogbooks@yahoo.com.

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