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Out of Control (Stella Fyre)

Out of Control by Stella Fyre


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Kevin had an affaire. It was probably inevitable, with his wife working nights as a nurse, but equally inevitably he was caught.

His problem was that he really did love his wife Rosslyn, and she claimed that she really loved him, but she was determined that he was punished and that he should pass rigorous tests that would confirm his absolute loyalty and devotion.

The answer was straightforward, and Rosslyn’s dominatrix friend would help her implement it. Kevin would, for a period of six months, suffer as her submissive and endure numerous kinky trials and tests without complaint, while Rosslyn was free to experiment in any way she wanted with him or with anyone else.

It was entirely voluntary, of course, and Kevin could walk away from her any time he wanted, but did Rosslyn or Olga, her Russian friend, have a hidden agenda? Was there something she was not telling him, and how much could he suffer to prove to her that he was prepared to accept any pain, frustration or indignity to keep her love?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Strict Publishing Intl.    Published: 08 / 2016

No. words: 38200

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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When she entered his room, Kevin was sitting on the bed, but seeing Olga he jumped up nervously.
“Today, slave, I am going to take you basement and introduce you to the flogger. There is no point in getting into a panic because you signed up for it in your contract. You will feel pain, but not in the way you think it will come, and at the same time you must remember that you are as much my slave as Mistress Rosslyn’s, and neither of us will hurt you.
“You will call me Mistress Olga on the first greeting of the day, and after that ‘Mistress’ will be enough. If you want to ask me a question, then first ask me if you are allowed to ask it. These two golden rules apply to your true and personal Mistress, Mistress Rosslyn as well. It is a strange world you now live in, but there are as many treats as there is punishment. I will talk to you more as I take you through your first initiation into the world of a slave. Before we go, do you wish to ask me anything? You may ask freely as you have my permission.”
“Will I ever get clothes to wear, Mistress Olga?”
“Yes, at some point you will be given clothes, but what type of clothes you are given will be a decision for Mistress Rosslyn. It is she that is setting your rehabilitation into her faithful lover and mate for life. I am a Mistress of correction and discipline, and have been for over six years both in Moscow and here in the UK, and I can assure you, slave, that you are in very safe hands. I will be talking to you during your sessions with me down in our domain. You are looking tense and I understand why, but there is nothing to be afraid of, and after today you will feel more comfortable. Now, follow me and we will get started.”
To Kevin’s surprise she walked out the door leaving it open, and he rushed to catch up with her. As he entered the basement room and saw the implements and the furnishings he stopped dead and froze to the spot. Olga saw it and took hold of his arm. “Do not be afraid of what you see, slave. You will never come in contact with most of the instruments. They are there for others in the future, others that enjoy a little pain and suffering.”
The first thing she did was fit leather cuffs on Kevin’s ankles and wrists. Then she pointed him to the middle of the room and said, “Stand in the centre of the room and I will fix your bonds.”
As he walked forward, she followed him and suddenly said, “Stop.” She quickly attached his wrists to two wires that were hanging down, and his ankles to two anchors on the floor that held his legs widely apart. She picked up a remote control unit and pressed a button, and a motor started pulling the wires attached to his wrist up and out, until his body was held taut.
Olga dropped a ball gag down in front of his face and attached the straps behind his head to hold it in place. He had to open his mouth very widely. When she walked around in front of him again, she could see the nervous trembling in his body.
Olga gently placed her hand on his chest and said, “You have just realised what a vulnerable position you are in, and you are in fear of what is about to happen. I can see by the movement of your eyes that you are looking at all the implements of pain in the room. You must forget about them because they are not for you but for others that are in need of the sensation.”
Olga walked to his side and picked up a fibre flogger, then returned in front of him. She swung her arm a little as she moved, so that the fibres of the flogger swung like the pendulum of a clock. Kevin’s eyes were fixed on the flogger in her hand trying to figure what pain he would receive, and Olga could almost read his thoughts. Without warning, she flicked the flogger forward, striking his chest and giving him his first taste of pain.
His body jerked more in shock than pain, but his eyes were still fixed on her hand. He realised that it had not hurt as much as he thought it would and he relaxed a little, thinking, ‘That was not so bad, but was that deliberately a light one or did she misjudge the distance between us? How many of these strikes to the body will she give me, and how bad will I feel after I have received them? I only have her word that she will not hurt me, and Rosslyn is not here to keep an eye on her. I also have a gag in my mouth to stop me begging her to stop, and that was very clever of her and naïve of me allowing her to put it there.’
As if to answer these questions, Olga said, “That was a taste of more strokes to come, slave, and there will be a few heavier stokes in between the lighter ones. Most will be the same as you just felt, or lighter, and you will find these sessions easier as your body gets fitter and adjusts to the light punishment. I am not doing this to hurt or to punish you but to help put you back together in the way Mistress Rosslyn wants you to be. I can still hear you if you say the safety words through the ball gag, so if you are in great pain you must say those words and I will stop. If I think you have used the word too early then there will be another session as soon as I think you have rested enough. Do you trust me to look after you, slave?”
Kevin had not expected her to ask that question and he considered his answer carefully. He was going to get flogged, but how many times he was unsure although he knew it would be many. She had been a Mistress for six years, and Kevin knew from what he had read in the magazines Rosslyn had given him that she was most probably a professional and very experienced. He had to trust her, because he would be alone with her many times in this same position.
Olga could see that he was thinking about his answer and gave him time, and then she saw him nod and say, “Yes, Mistress,” through the gag.
“Good for you, slave. You are already serving your Mistresses well. I will be starting on the rear of your body where no part of your flesh will be missed.” Then she disappeared behind him and he waited for the first stroke. He did not have long to wait. He gave a little jerk on the initial stroke, but after feeling the impact of it, he settled down for those that followed. The strokes crisscrossed his back, some falling on his buttocks. He found that the flogger did not ever give him great pain but the tips of the strands stung his flesh.
Olga had been working on his back and buttocks for a while, knowing he would now be feeling the heat from the continued beating. She stopped, and asked him, “Are you in pain, slave?”
Kevin thought about the question and realised he was not in pain, but the heat was uncomfortable. He shook his head, and Olga gave another twenty strokes, watching him arch his back and grunt on the final five. “Are you now in pain, slave? There are no treats for being hurt or for bravado.” Kevin heard her words, and he realised she knew he was in discomfort and nodded his head.
“Do you want me to stop?”
Once again he thought about the question, and tried to carefully consider how he really felt.
‘How much more of this can I take? My back is burning, so should I say the word and get a rest? How long does she expect me to go on for, and will I be classed as weak if I say the words? Surely she must have been in this position in the last six years.’
Olga knew he would think about the question, and she would give him all the time he needed. She saw him shake his head, and she smiled. She sent four more strokes his way before she stopped.
Walking close to his back, she placed her hand on his shoulder and said, “Remember my words, Slave. You are as precious to me as you are to Mistress Rosslyn, and I will never hurt you. You have nothing to be ashamed of, because you serve both of your Mistresses well. Rest, and we will have another session later after lunch.”
Olga turned to leave the basement domain and saw Rosslyn standing in the doorway, and smiled. They walked up the stairs together and into the kitchen. After sitting down to a cup of tea and a sandwich, Rosslyn asked, “I saw the end of the session, but how has he done so far? I could see that he was hurting, but was that his macho image stopping him say stop?”
“No, he was testing me without knowing he was doing it, and I gave him mercy for his trust.”
“What do you mean he was testing you? How?”
“He was allowing me to know when enough was enough and to say stop for him. He wanted to say stop, but was unsure if he had done enough for him to stop without doing extra for stopping too early. He is unfit, and he needs to build up his strength. I am going to allow him an hour after his next session in the domain to use any of the equipment to exercise. It will take his mind off the mountain he has to climb to get out of the hole he has dug for himself.”
“Is it wise to allow him that much freedom, Olga?”
“I know what you are thinking, but at some point you will be using him in your cuckold games, and a willing slave is better than one who needs looking after all day. He is a slave, so use him as one with all menial tasks that he will hate at first until he realises that he is free to roam the house doing them. If he has no clothes he will not escape, but I do not think he would try. He has too much to lose by doing so, and there is so much more to gain.
“Give him treats by letting him sleep at the bottom of your bed if he serves you well. You are his Mistress; collar him and chain him to the bottom of your bed. There are many ways you can use him for sex, so have some fun with him, because at the end of the day your goal is no different to his. You have four months to try various permutations, and you must start finding his faults and good points, along with his strengths and weakness. I can look after him during the day and help you torment his mind or console his already tormented mind. You have every night to teach him to be a better lover and mate.”

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Stella Fyre writes Femdom novels, often with the touch of the occult or supernatural. Her powerful scenarios are chilling and exciting, keeping the reader guessing at the next twist of the story right to the end.


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Publishers of erotic and mainstream literature.

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