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With the evil master vampire Giapetto still working on his mutinous schemes against the humans, Reese Dennings is worried for herself and her comrades; but she must keep pushing forward—even with no idea of what to do next, and even with new dangers waiting around every corner.

Plus, three of the most powerful beings in her new world have somehow discovered Reese's ‘talents’, and plan to exile her from this world even as she finally learns to navigate it. Niko is summoned to Rome, where he must attempt to save Reese from her possible exile and convince there Powers that Be that Reese isn’t as dangerous as the stories say. Reese accompanies him to defend herself as well—that is, hoping it doesn’t upset the Ménage too much.

In the midst of all the chaos, Reese comes across a few unanticipated acquaintances, one of whom will cast doubt upon her loyalty to Echo—and stir up some unexpected sexual desires...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 7 / 2016

No. words: 66000

Style: Erotic Fantasy, Open Minded - ShapeShifters

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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What a crazy life I have come to find myself living in. Just a little over a year ago I was a mere mortal; just living life like any other human. Now, however, I had been turned into what many called a ‘super beast,’ since I was part vampire (thanks to my part maker, Niko Banyai); part werewolf (not-so-much thanks to a backstabbing no-good son-of-a-bastard Maximus Loxley, who betrayed me to my arch nemesis Giapetto, a master older-than-dirt vampire); and part shape shifter (the party responsible for that aspect being my father—sort of). The very Giapetto that Maximus sold me out to managed to get to my father when I was a very young girl and made him do experiments on me in his lab. Giapetto had apparently given him an ultimatum; either he could experiment on me, or Giapetto would kill me anyway. He had already killed my mother (right in front of my father no less) so my father had no other option but the obvious, which was to work on me like Giapetto wanted. Although I was angry at my father soon after I learned about the experimentations on me, I realized that he was just trying to save me one way or another.
One of the perks, and drawbacks, of being what I am is that I cannot sleep during the daylight hours—or really anytime—unless I am so utterly drained that I fall into a deep slumber that shows me things, like a type of premonition, and from which it is brutally difficult for anyone to wake me up. Due to my inability to sleep in the day, I was lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling, waiting for Echo to wake from her midday slumber so I would have someone to do something with. Niko was also sleeping since it was daytime and he was a vampire; and since Maximus had betrayed us, he no longer dwelled in the castle. Even if it were nighttime right now, I didn’t really want to find Niko. He had been very distant with me the last week or so, and I had a bad feeling that something was coming my way; I just hadn’t figured out what that was yet.
As I was lost in my thoughts, the phone rang. I looked at it, not really wanting to get up to answer it, as it was on the other end of the couch. It rang three times, and since I possessed vampiric speed, I decided not to be lazy and got to the far end of the couch within milliseconds. I picked up the receiver, held it up to my ear, and said a simple, yet cautious, “Hello?”
“Reese! How are you?” the voice on the other end of the phone said. I knew right away who it was, so I put my caution on hold.
“Hey dad. How are you?”
“I’m doing okay. And yourself?”
“I’m fine. Just sitting here by myself while the other two sleep.”
He sounded slightly distant and maybe a little distracted, “Oh. That’s good. Er…boring I guess.” He was talking really fast.
I went back on alert. “Da-a-ad? Are you okay? What’s going on?”
This seemed to bring his attention right back to our conversation. “What? Nothing. Nothing’s wrong. I-I’m fine. Are you okay?”
“Yes dad, we have established that I’m doing okay. Why are you being so jumpy?”
“Shhhh…” his voice dropped down to a murmur, “Someone’s here.”
I listened, hoping that with my vampiric senses I would be able to hear what he was hearing, but I got nothing. “Dad who’s there?”
He sounded very alert and scared all at the same time. He whispered as softly as he could into the phone, knowing that I would hear him, “I don’t know… I can tell they are trying to be quiet, but I don’t know where they are…”
The phone went silent once more. “Dad?” I began cautiously. “Hello? What’s going on?”
Silence. I couldn’t even make out his breathing. It was as though he had put the phone down and was walking around without it or something. I shot up from my resting place on the couch and stood ready to fight. Then, realizing how silly I must look since he was on the other side of the globe, I tried to relax a skosh and sat back down. There was nothing I could do here in Hungary, when my father was in New York. Then I realized that it had to be very late night over there in order for it to be so bright out here. Why was he calling me so late? What was going on?
I was up on my feet again instantly. “Dad? Answer me!”
Another moment of silence, then, “I’m here. I think whoever it was may have gone.”
“Are you at the office?”
“No, I’m at home.”
Well it was good to know that he was at least thinking about possibly getting some sleep that night, since he was at home and not the office—he had seemed like he was always at that damned office trying to come up with some sort of medical breakthrough. There was a first for everything.
Neither of us spoke again for a few moments. I could hear his breathing now; it was labored and tired. It seemed to be coming out in pants instead of in a nice even flow. He was scared shitless, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it! UGH!
Something broke the silence. I heard a soft gurgling sound, then what sounded like my father trying desperately to say my name. All I was able to make out was a faint, drawn out and strangled, “Re-e-e-se…” And then there was no more.
This pushed me over the edge and I started shouting into the phone irrationally. “What are you doing?! Let him go! Who are you?!! You better let him go or so help me, I will find out…” but I didn’t get the opportunity to finish the sentence, because someone had cut me off.
“Don’t worry dear. We aren’t going to kill him yet.” The voice was very strained, yet crackly, it also had a mix of light and airy. I had no recognition of this voice, nothing. I strained to hear it better, hoping that something might give the fiend away and I could learn who it was.
“We will take good care of your father, you needn’t worry about that.”
“Who are you?” I inquired. Though I was frightened for my father, I didn’t want them to know they had gotten the better of me in any form.
“Everyone refers to my comrades and me as the Ménage. You should be hearing about us soon enough.” With that, the phone went dead.
I stood there, completely torn apart, unsure of what exactly had just transpired. Whatever this Ménage was, they had my father, alive—for now. How much longer that was going to be the case was certainly unknown. I had to find Niko as soon as he woke up from his daily slumber. I had to see if he knew who these fiends were and what was going to happen to my father. I was just starting to get to know him; I didn’t want us to be torn apart—permanently. I glanced up at the clock, and saw that the sun was going to be setting soon. I swiftly made my way up the rounded staircase up to Niko’s room.
As I was passing the humans’ corridor that was on the way to his room, I must have let the barriers around my mind down, unintentionally of course, because I was able to hear everyone’s thoughts. My mind was bombarded by vulgar thoughts about me, about Echo and about Niko as well. I could hear so many thoughts swirling through my head that I became a little dizzy. I took a few deep breaths, replaced the barriers around my mind so I could have peace and quiet, but had to stop in my tracks my own thoughts were by themselves once more. As soon as I was content and ready, I finished the stretch of hallway and made it to the end where there was yet another staircase leading up to Niko’s room.
I quickly started ascending the steps, three at a time, and made it to the top within moments. I didn’t bother knocking, but just barged into his room unannounced. I looked at his bed, where he was still lying naked on top of the bedspread, just now emerging from his slumber.
I glided over to the right side of the bed, and leaned over him. I looked into his eyes as he was waking up, and he was suddenly quite awake. He shot up from his resting place, and was standing on the floor on the other side of the bed, trying to hide his naked body.
I gave him a confused look, since I had seen him naked on more than one occasion. I scoffed at his embarrassment and said, “Really? After all we’ve been through? Whatever. That’s not why I came up here anyway.” He seemed a little more at ease as he waltzed over to his closet and grabbed the midnight-blue silk robe that was hanging on one of the doors, and carefully put it on.
He gestured for me to continue talking as he made his way into his immaculate bathroom. I had been in that bathroom a few times before, when Niko and I had been lovers, and I did certainly miss the wonderful shower that was in it, but now that we weren’t the way we used to be, I was no longer permitted in there. Being in his room at all was even a stretch and to be quite frank, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure why he hadn’t thrown me out yet; I was hoping it was because I looked desperate and stressed.
I followed him into the bathroom, though I didn’t know why; he would have been able to hear me with ease if I stayed out in his room, but I felt like the conversation was one of those that needed to be spoken face-to-face.
I watched as he started his mundane routine of washing his face and hands and doing his hair. I didn’t have time for this, so I cut straight to the chase. “Who the hell is the Ménage?!”
He abruptly halted from his tedious activities, and looked at me through the mirror. The expression on his face was one of astonishment. He quickly turned around to face me, then was within inches of my face within moments.
“Vhere did you ‘ear zat da-a-aling?” His Hungarian accent coming on thicker than normal.
I could tell that I had his full attention now. I looked into his eyes and said without faltering, “My father called me. He was scared. I couldn’t figure out why. There was a lot of silence, which was soon replaced by gurgled choking. Someone then picked up the phone and said that my father would live for now and that they would take good care of him. They knew who I was. He said that everyone referred to him and his comrades as the ‘Ménage’ and that I would be hearing about them soon enough.” I was getting angrier with every passing moment. “Now that I’ve brought you up to speed, care to share your Intel on the matter?”
He gave me a grave look, like he didn’t know how to answer me getting me more pissed off than I already was. I folded my arms across my chest, holding in as much anger as I could.
“Please, answer me. My father’s life is on the line, and the longer you wait to tell me, the more time the ‘Ménage’ have to do whatever it is they plan on doing to him.” My voice had come out in a low growl. I hated when people wouldn’t tell me what I wanted to know, but held it in because they were afraid of getting me angry. What they don’t realize is that I get angrier than I most likely would have if they had told me outright. Irritating!
I let my arms fall to my sides, and my hands were starting to turn into fists. I felt the need to punch something soon if he didn’t start talking. Hell, maybe his face would be the thing that got pummeled.
He must have seen my hands getting ready to hit something, since he started talking not long after. “Alvight. You may vant to sit down for zis. Eet iz kind of a long story.”
I gave him a skeptical look, then left the bathroom and sat down on the foot of his bed. He followed me out, seemingly searching for the right words to say and how to say them. He stood in front of me, still not speaking.
My irritation levels were nearly at an all-time high, so I thought I would persuade him a little. “I need you to tell me now, before I rip off your nut sack and shove it so far down your throat it will come out of your ass. What part of my father’s life is on the line did you not understand?”
He knew that I meant business one hundred percent after that. He looked down at me, and looked me directly in my eyes and said, “I ‘ate to ve ze vone to tell you zis Veese, vut your fauzer may not leeve. Ve ‘ave a velly serious problem on our ‘ands.”


What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” I asked outraged.
“You need to velax. You may as vell go get Echo. She vill vant to know zat zis iz going on.”
“She’s sleeping right now, I will wait until she wakes. She needs the rest.”
“And vut about you da-a-aling? You do not need ze vest?”
“You know what happens to me nearly every time I fall asleep.” I shook my head. “I can’t risk that.”
“Zis iz true… vut, maybe your dreams or premonitions vill lead you to zome answers.”
He made a valid point, but the only way I was able to wake up from those dream-things, was by someone shaking me and yelling my name repeatedly. Not really the way I wanted to spend my time when I could be learning other things about the Ménage now. Sometimes I would be out in that dream-like premonition thing for a while, like days. I dismissed the idea before it could burrow its way into my mind for too long. “No. That’s what I have you for. I am asking you as my maker and my friend—please help me. I have to find my father. I just started getting to know him, for real, and I just can’t begin to fathom losing him now, not with the progress he and I have made together.”
Niko nodded at this, acknowledging my honesty. He must have seen the hopeful desperation in my face. He paused for a long moment before answering me. I chose to sit and wait for him to answer me instead of delving into his mind and searching for the answers that I so badly wanted to know. I sometimes had to force myself into letting others have their privacy, though it is very difficult even at the best of times.
Finally he answered, “I vill ’elp you. I feel like I owe you zat at ze velly least.” I nodded at this, because it was true. He had helped bring me over to this new world as part vampire, showed me what it was like to love, then betrayed the trust that I had in him by sleeping with one of the human blood donors that lived in the castle. I tried as much as possible not to let it get to me, since I now had Echo for such licentious activities, but somewhere deep within my heart, it still ached. “Ze vest vay to tell you about ze Ménage iz to start from ze velly beginning… ze Ménage are vell known, but ze tend to lurk in ze shadows. I do not know eef you know ze saying, ‘zings zat go bump in ze night?’” I shook my head, since I only remembered bits and pieces of my former life before being turned over. He continued, “Vell, zey are ze zings zat go bump in ze night. Zere iz vone vampire, vone verevolf, and vone shape shifter in zis group. Ze tend to live togezer, ‘ence zere name, but zey are vut keeps zis preternatural vorld togezer.”
“I guess I don’t understand. If they are these all powerful beings that keep things together, why don’t they take care of the things that really matter? Like taking care of Giapetto and his crap? What the hell?”
“Zey do not vork like zat da-a-aling. Zey—vell zey do not look at ze politics zo much as ze vorkings of ze super naturals. Zey are like…” he sighed a little as he thought of an analogy for me, “zey are like ze police. Ze take care of ozers if need be, but make sure zat zose zat need to be taken care of are, in fact taken care of.”
This confused me even more, as I felt my brow furrow. If they were like the police, as he so delicately put it, then wouldn’t they want to take care of Giapetto as soon as possible before he ruins the supernatural world as we knew it? “I’m sorry, but I still don’t get it. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. If they know what was going on with Giapetto, wouldn’t they be able to stop him from doing what he plans on doing?”
“I’m sure zey could, but zey must not see Giapetto as a zreat.”
“How is he not?!” I was infuriated. How could someone, or someones rather, be so blind and ignorant of such things!? “What do you mean they don’t see him as a threat?! He plans on taking control of the humans and making them bend to his will! How is that okay?!”
He didn’t answer for a moment, as if he was mulling it over. He then sat down next to me on the foot of the bed, and looked straight forward, instead of at me. He had a very confused expression on his face, then finally answered, “I do not know. You are vight zo, eet does not veally make zense at all…you vould zink zat zey vould vant to extingvish ‘im as soon as possible…vhich makes me vonder,” he then glanced over at me, “do you zink zat zey even know about Giapetto?”
“Well it’s either that they do know, and don’t want to do anything about it because they agree with him or somehow Giapetto has been able to keep it under wraps and not let them find out, no matter what the cost. All I can say is that we have some serious investigating to do. Do you know a way to get into any kind of contact with them?”
He slowly shook his head in a silent no. This discouraged me slightly, but I refused to give up. I sat there for a moment pondering what our options could possibly be, when suddenly I heard something not far away. I glanced over at the door, knowing whatever it was I heard wouldn’t be waltzing through the door, so I then quickly got up and was at the door peering out, very stealth-like. Niko asked me, “Vut are you doing da-a-aling?”
“Shhhh…” is all I said to him, very low and quiet. I let down the walls around my mind to see if I could hear the buzzing that Echo exerts off her mind when she has her walls up. She couldn’t hear everyone’s thoughts like I could, but she could hear another shape shifter’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the buzzing that I had been listening for. I hadn’t thought that it was Echo from the get go, but I thought that I might as well give it a try.
All I could hear were the humans’ thoughts and I just about gave up on the listening-in idea, but then suddenly I did hear someone else’s thoughts. I didn’t recognize the voice inside of their head, so it was definitely someone I didn’t know. I chose to listen in on what the person was thinking to see if I could hone in on their location.
‘Ah, I hate snooping. Where could he be? I haven’t been here in so long; I don’t remember where he sleeps…’
Not a vampire, I thought. There was no way I could have heard him if he had been, vampires are much too swift to be heard like that. Whoever it was, I could tell that it was a man by the voice inside of his head. And I could tell that he was getting closer. From the sound of it, he had just about reached the place where the first staircase met the landing at the top, just a little way away from the humans’ corridors.
I glanced back at Niko, not knowing why he hadn’t heard the sound that I heard. Niko gave me an inquiring look, and I said in a hushed voice, “Somebody is here. And it’s not Echo.” I couldn’t tell him that I was listening to the person’s thoughts, and knew it was a man, because then he would know that I could hear the thoughts of everyone, not just vampires. With everything that had happened between us, I just couldn’t trust him with that information. He had hurt me once, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again, intentionally or not?
Niko gave me a questioning look, but said nothing. He was on his feet and standing within inches of me at the next moment, though. He must have been trying to hear some sort of giveaway that there was really someone else in the castle, so I let him, without interrupting.
He listened for just a few moments, before he looked over at me. “I zink I know who eet iz. Follow me.” Without further hesitation, he swiftly exited his room, with me right at his heels.
It didn’t take us long to get down the flight of stairs that led from Niko’s room. When we had reached the landing that was on the floor where the humans’ corridor was located, Niko stopped dead in his tracks, causing me to nearly run into his backside. I caught myself, but I could have kicked myself for not being as attentive as I should have been.
“Long time no zee my friend.” Niko said, with a strange underlying tone that I just couldn’t quite make out.
I peered around Niko just in time to watch the man that I had heard jump just a bit from being startled. Who was this man?
I watched as the man gave a little bow and said, “Master Banyai, it has been a long time.” Master Banyai? Now I really had to know who this man was.
“Leukas, I ‘ave told you vefore, you need not call me master. Vut are you doing ‘ere een my home?” That same weird underlying tone that I had heard before was still present, though I couldn’t figure out what it meant.
The man looked scared out of his wits at having to be in Niko’s presence, though I couldn’t figure out why. I had seen Niko do some pretty nasty and terrifying things, but I don’t think that I would be frightened of him at any given time. It made me wonder if Niko had done something awful to this Leukas fellow. He looked to be maybe in his late twenties, early thirties, with long, almost bleach-blonde, hair that looked like it came down to his mid-back; it was even long around his face, nearly covering his ears. He had bright blue eyes, but I noticed there were wrinkles around their edges. I couldn’t figure this out, since he looked so young. Even with the wrinkles, he was beautiful. There was a radiant glow about him that seemed to draw me to him. He was a little taller than Niko, and so just about five or six inches taller than myself. I wanted to know more about this man and what his intentions were.
Leukas looked down like he had been scorned, then said towards the floor, “I’m sorry sir—I mean, sorry N-Niko. I was sent here by…” he then looked up at Niko again, but stopped speaking when he noticed me out of the corner of his eye. I watched as he peered at me with his wrinkled eyes. I felt like an animal being watched under glass. There wasn’t much I could do, but wait for him to speak once more. “It’s you. You’re real.” The way he said it came out in complete awe. It was like I was a unicorn that was actually real and that no one had ever seen before.
I came out from behind Niko, feeling a little confident, since Leukas was still at the far end of the corridor. I stood just about a foot in front of Niko, and he didn’t try to stop me. Leukas must not be much of a threat, though Niko had to have known by now that I could take care of myself if given the chance.
I watched him curiously from afar, not really knowing what to say. He didn’t say anything either, which left a long awkward silence. Finally I spoke up, “Who’s me? And what do you mean ‘I’m real.’?”
He didn’t answer right away, but looked at me for a moment more and said, “You’re Reese Dennings. Calvin’s daughter… you’re the…the…the super beast. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen you with my own eyes.”
Comforting. He knew who I was, down to a T. This made me wonder who else knew of my supernatural existence. He had mentioned my father though… what could he possibly know about him? “Have you seen my father?”
“No, but I can assure you he is safe, at least for now.”
I tried to keep my cool, and not lash out on him, but I knew that my voice rang with tension, even though it came out in a low growl, “Where?”
Leukas’ eyes went wide with horror. I figured he knew I meant business when I said it. He didn’t answer me directly, but said to Niko instead, “They wish to meet with you.” I could feel his uncertainty and terror trembling throughout his entire body. He didn’t want to be here, not one little bit. I slowly started walking closer to him. I watched as his heartbeats began racing even more rapidly, causing his veins and arteries to show a lot of movement.
I looked back at Niko then, waiting for him to respond to this, before I went off the deep end and attacked this Leukas guy. I couldn’t believe that he completely blew my question off and starting speaking to Niko like I wasn’t even there. The nerve!
Niko just stood there for a moment, like he was weighing his options (though I didn’t really know if he had options weigh, but I said nothing). Finally, after what seemed like ages he said, “Do you know vat zey vant, Leukas?”
I looked back over to Leukas, just in time to see him shake his head fervently. He then said cautiously, “No. They just sent me here to deliver the message.” He was still terrified. I knew this, not because I could see him shaking in his boots, but because I could smell the fear on him. He was sweating, which made me wonder even further what this man was. He wasn’t a vampire, for more than the obvious reasons; he couldn’t have been a werewolf, I would have been able to smell it on him; and if he were a shape shifter, I would have never have known. I needed Echo to wake up so she could tell me. Shape shifters didn’t have a special smell like vampires and werewolves did, but I have come to find out that she can tell one a mile away. The man standing before me did have a strange smell to him, though I couldn’t make out what he was.
Niko nodded his head slightly, then said to the intruder, “Have dinner vith us. Ve ‘ave many zings ve need to discuss.” Niko then strolled towards Leukas, grabbed his arm firmly, and started nearly dragging him down the next flight of stairs. I followed, since I didn’t know what else I should have done.
As soon as we reached the landing of the last flight of stairs, I said to Niko, “I’m going to go get Echo up, we’ll meet you in there.”
He stopped, to watch me go down another corridor. Then he said, “‘urry along da-a-aling. Our little friends’ life ‘ere zepends on it.”

Author Information

Lindsey LaVanway's lifelong enjoyment of all things vampire made writing Super Beast a natural extension of her passion for these blood sucking "monsters".

She lives in Cheyenne, WY with her wonderful and supportive family where she is working on her next novel in the series.


Publisher Information

Renaissance E Books publishes the best in classic and contemporary popular fiction and nonfiction through its PageTurner imprint, and the best in classic and contemporary erotica through its Sizzler imprint.

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