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TORN ASUNDER  (Lindsey Rae LaVanway)

TORN ASUNDER  by Lindsey Rae LaVanway

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Reese Dennings is unusual even among shapeshifters: she's part vampire and part werewolf.

She's already had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with the master vampire known as Giapetto. Now, poor Reese is the only one who can take him down before he follows through with his sinister plot to expose all the shapeshifting creatures to the human world. If his plans come to fruition, Giapetto won't stop until he's the leader of a new world order.

Fortunately, Reese is not alone; having made a close circle of preternatural friends, she has every intention of calling upon them and forming a powerful alliance which—she hopes—will match Giapetto in cunning and strength.

Even in the midst of this crucial battle, Reese needs to pay a visit to her old home—and to the life she lived prior to being Brought Over. But her visit won't just be a simple matter of stitching together past and present, for her new life has already begun to crossover into the old. Luckily, she's brought a friend along; Echo, a fellow shapeshifter, will be by her side the whole time.

With sexual tension between herself and Echo filling the air, Reese is stuck wondering if their perilous adventures will bring their relationship to the next level...or will she end up pushing Echo away?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 7 / 2016

No. words: 74000

Style: Erotic Fantasy, Open Minded - ShapeShifters

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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It was a bright, beautiful afternoon outside, and I was inside of the castle in Hungary where I currently was staying, enjoying a fulfilling snack. I was in one of the humans' rooms, getting my fill on some of their blood. I had eaten real food with Echo just a few short hours ago, but it just wasn't as sufficient as I would have liked it to be, so here I was, getting a little blood in my system.
Echo, who has been my friend for over a year now, wasn't too keen on the fact that I was a bloodsucker, at least partially. She had informed me on more than one occasion that she wasn't so fond of the vampire side of me, at least in that aspect, but she had started growing accustomed to it, knowing that human food sometimes didn't quite satiate my needs, since I seemed to be more powerful when I did have blood within me. She is a shape shifter, as am I, but she is only a shape shifter. I am part shape shifter, part Werewolf and part vampire. Echo and I could communicate telepathically, however only she and I knew of this little talent. Niko Banyai, the vampire that had a part in my turning, knew that I could hear other people's thoughts while I was in animal form, but not in human form. Maximus Loxley, the Were that had the other part in my turning, knew that I could hear thoughts too, but he only knew that I could hear the thoughts when the other party was in animal form. He didn't know that I could hear them, whenever and in whatever, shape or form they or I was in. Oh, what a tangled web I've weaved.
I was now just about finished with Eliza. I finally had gotten around to asking the human donors what their names were. When I had first woke in this castle--which was Niko's--all of the human donors were down in the dungeons, caged like cattle. I didn't like that one little bit and asked Niko if he could make their stay a little more comfortable, which he obligingly did. He made it so they would get their own living quarters, (there were twelve of them in all); they got to eat whenever they felt the desire and they got to wander the grounds when they were not needed for their blood. They actually ended up having an okay life, after Niko changed the nature of their living conditions.
As soon as I had had my fill--which wasn't as much as one might think--I closed up the four holes that were on Eliza's neck. Niko and I weren't quite sure as to why I had four fangs (two on top, two on bottom) instead of the normal two that all other vampires had, but we thought that it may have been the Were side of me that made me like this.
I made sure that Eliza had enjoyed herself too. While feeding, I must use my mind to penetrate theirs, letting them know everything is going to be all right and instill pictures in their minds of a 'good time.' Whatever their heart desires, I make it possible for them in their thoughts.
Eliza came back from her mind orgasm, and looked me in my eyes, then said, "That was marvelous! I enjoy our little visits. Don't take too long getting back to me, you hear?" She had a southern twang in her voice, but I didn't mind. I actually really seemed to like accents, they somehow made the person that much sexier than they would have been without one. I smiled as I departed her room, leaving the door open. The little things in life that were worth 'living' for.
I made my way through the corridors of the castle, down to the recreation room where I found Echo waiting patiently for me. She was in fighting stance, wearing only a sports bra and some shorts, in a bright orange hue, of course, to match the bright, fiery, color of her hair. She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She had bright, fire orange/red hair, with slightly noticeable streaks of blonde. She was about five foot ten, slim, with voluptuous breasts, about the same size as my own. Her eyes were an orange color that were just an inkling away from matching her hair.
"Hey Echo! You want to brawl?" I said playfully, with a wide smile plastered across my face.
She gave me a wily smile and said, "You know I wouldn't have it any other way." Then she motioned me towards her, using her pointer and middle fingers on her right hand, almost in an upside down, backward wave; like she was egging me on.
"Huh ho! Shouldn't have done that, my dear." When I first walked into the room, I was about thirty feet away from her, but as soon as I changed into my animal of choice--which happened to be a tigress this time--I made the distance in less than three seconds. I was on her like a flea on a dog, without any hesitation.
I stopped almost as soon as I was on her, sitting down on my hindquarters, allowing her sufficient time to change into her animal of choice. But I had to do so with a small amount of attitude, I thought we were brawling Echo, how long you planning on taking?
She gave me a wicked smile, then said, "Oh ye of little faith." Then within seconds, she turned into a tigress also. Had to make it a fair fight.
Right . . . okay.
Without further vacillation, we jumped to each other at the same time, claws protracted and teeth bared. She got the first swipe of her claws on me, slicing into my chest, which hurt to a small extent. I chose to ignore this irritation and collecting myself quickly, I went for her tail. I bit down, once I felt that it was in my mouth, sending her front going up and her butt going down. That one hurt.
Ow! Reese, what are you doing?
I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about dear. I was in a rascally mood today.
You know exactly what I am talking about dear. You want to play rough? I can bring it.
Without any ambivalence, she whipped around and started swiping this way and that at me--thankful for the vampire side of me--I was able to swiftly dodge with ease. We started circling each other, then as soon as she jumped at me, I crouched down and aimed my teeth for her jugular. I had a good hold on it, but didn't bite down. I didn't want to really hurt her, after all. Give up?
She didn't respond right away. She struggled, trying to break free of my hold, but to no avail. Not long after, she grudgingly thought, Yes.
I let go and laid down on the floor. She did the same. We could have turned back into our human selves, but with our clothes being shredded on the floor from transforming without undressing first, there was no need. We could just walk back to our rooms as the tigresses and change later. I had a bad habit of not taking my clothes off prior to shifting, especially when I was being encouraged to fight, as I had just been. We started communicating after we were all settled, and the most wonderful thing about it (other than our privacy of course), was that if Maximus or Niko came in, they would think that we were just resting.
That was a good match, Echo.
Yeah, it was . . . where did all the extra exuberance come from though? You usually give me some warning when you want to fight harder.
I don't know. It just felt like the time to do it. We haven't had a fight like that in a while after all.
Well, I'll give you that. She waited a moment before adding, Have you given any thought to the Giapetto situation?
Giapetto was a master vampire that wanted me for his own bidding. I was a hybrid shape shifter that was saved by a vampire and a Were. Since both changed me, now I was a little of all three creatures. I tried to take Giapetto down last year, having gone into his compound underneath a rock quarry in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I took down a human that was a Giapetto look-alike and we were able to get his right hand man, Artimous Arjone . . . which was who I went into the quarry as, because I am able to shift into other people, vampires or Were's too--I am hoping that I will be able to change into even more than that as well, but haven't come across anything else to try. I had been able to take out a couple of guards that were also human, but that was it. We have not been able to find anything out concerning Giapetto. It almost seemed like he vanished, which made us all the more worried, since we didn't know when he was going to come out of his hiding and attack. He could be stocking up more vampires and werewolves and forming an allegiance with them to continue his mutinous ways, once he got his hands on me.
No. I am trying not to think of it as much as possible. It will happen when it happens.
She bolted upright like a rocket from her lying position and thought, How can you think like that? What if he attacked here tomorrow night and we weren't ready for him? He would take you away--to do only lord knows what--and we may never see you again!
I remained laying and thought, Echo, re-e-e-la-a-ax. There is no reason that we need to be thinking like that. I always seem to have a dream or premonition--or whatever you want to call it--of some kind, letting us know a little of what is going on . . . at least a brief glance at the situation at hand. I haven't had any dreams at all since last year, have I? She slowly shook her head. I have had other things on my mind anyways . . . .
She was on full alert now. What things have you had on your mind, Reese? Are you alright?
I could hear the concern in her thoughts. I'm fine. I have just been wanting to know about my past is all. Maximus told me last year that they still had the clothes which they found me in, but he wouldn't show me last year, for fear that I would--I don't know, freak out or something . . . I just, want to know I guess . . . .
She jumped up onto all fours at this explanation. Well know you shall! Who are they to keep something like this from you? You deserve to know what your origin is. I would want to know as well, if I were you. Come on . . . she thought, as she started nudging me off the floor with her head. We will get to the bottom of this, if it's the last thing I do.
She gave me a sly smile, even in the form of the tigress I knew that she was excited to be doing something. I smiled back at her as we made our way out of the recreation room. We continued our way towards my room, since hers was right next door to mine.
Once we reached them, she went into hers and I into mine. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I changed back into my human form and found some clothes to wear. I decided on a pair of black spandex pants that hugged my form ever so delicately and a light pink camisole that did the same. I grabbed some socks out of the dresser and threw them on quickly. I was excited to be able to finally find out where I came from. Echo was such a good friend to help me with this endeavor.
As soon as I was dressed, I opened my door and Echo stood there wearing nearly the same thing as I, just instead of a light pink camisole, she had on a bright orange tank top.
"Are you stalking me?" I said with a little giggle.
"How did you know?" She said back, also laughing about it. We always seemed to pick out the same kind of outfits, with just a hint of difference to show that we were two different people.
"Shall we?" She asked.
I didn't need a moment to think about it. I had been ready to see the clothes I came here in for almost a year now, so I said, "We shall." We made our way through the long corridors and hallways up to where Maximus and Niko were. It was nearly sunset, so Niko would be up within a few minutes and feeding on one of the donors, and Maximus liked food just as much as Echo did, so Echo decided to go pull Maximus from the kitchen. I went up to get Niko from his feeding session and we were going to all meet in the den.

Author Information

Lindsey LaVanway's lifelong enjoyment of all things vampire made writing Super Beast a natural extension of her passion for these blood sucking "monsters".

She lives in Cheyenne, WY with her wonderful and supportive family where she is working on her next novel in the series.


Publisher Information

Renaissance E Books publishes the best in classic and contemporary popular fiction and nonfiction through its PageTurner imprint, and the best in classic and contemporary erotica through its Sizzler imprint.

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